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Chats with Corey – June 24, 2023

Chats with Corey (Live Q&A)

Due to the sensitive nature of the topics discussed in this video (Corey’s recent “Earth alliance” briefings), the full recording of this livestream update is only available to paid subscribers at this time. We may release portions onto YouTube soon.

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  1. As was said just the tip of the iceberg (wide general public), in general Corey your more the other end of that iceberg watching all your shows for long time, yet much more as time passes as we explore the rabbit holes. When I first started exploring this stuff was limited info 57 years ago, had to read a whole book for a juicy morsel. In my whole life only seen with my eyes one UFO. Personally I believe Universe is like a black lake in a much bigger set of 10 heavens above and around it. Life is everywhere, life comes from Yahuah/ Yahusha HA Mashiach (Messiah) where one vision He stands with a staff over this lake and his living energy flows into it and out, till there is a new earth, later a new Universe, cleansed of corruption. Everything alive lifted up but different wheels spin at different speeds. Each level has different time and size, and properties, where higher levels can do things that lower levels can only imagine if even that. The staff/ rod has galaxies swirling around the rod, astrophysics called it the rod of hell. I cannot find the article, was a long time ago I read it. Are you aware of Nessara/ Gesara?? It is banging on the door. White Hats vs Black Hats? Got to look at the whole picture even if like looking thru a glass darkly, lot of squinting when looking at the future, prophecy and dreams and research helps. Take care, blessings.

  2. Gentlemen, thank you once again! I love the Corey Goode REALITY CHECK and I need it as well. Corey says go do your best in community and I am giving that a shot…and like he updates here…it ain’t easy and I prefer to be a hermit. Everybody crazy everywhere. I do manage to stay in my spiritual work and studies and working toward a better inner me; it was nice to hear, though, that I am not crazy just cause I prefer to be inside my home and avoid the “normies”.

    I realize too that this is a super long haul and it is the journey more than the destination that matters. It’s taken a long time (lots of years) to get myself to this place of peace and even funnier that I managed it during war time.

    Thank you again for the updates…they continue to serve. 🙏🏼

  3. Am very sorry that this is only available to paid members. Hope you realize that the fact that some members pay for their privileges does not mean that they are not spying or that they aren’t abusing the intel. So, this is not a good policy in my opinion. And of course we do not have to agree on all matters regarding methods of posting news.
    However, may I remind all of you that Corey Goode agreed to be a liaison person between Humanity and the Sphere Being Alliance – in service to ALL. Not just for those who can afford to pay for the information.