Chats with Corey - November 2023

Chats with Corey (Live Q&A)

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  1. Corey, if the GGLN and their ET allies are going to enter our solar system towards the end of 2025, does that mean the Aldebaran system will be liberated before the end of 2025?

    The Aldebaran star system is another major stronghold of the Orion Group and the Dark Fleet.

  2. To Michael
    Thanks you, your dedication and all your work is appreciated by someone who knows how much it takes to put all of this together. Every hour we see I bet you have put in ten to twenty hours.

  3. I wonder if by way of being confused regarding ET projections fooling us-if this is a calling for us to stop relying on our 5 senses and start to practice using our intuition to gauge if that which we are seeing/smelling etc is real or what the intent of it is mostly to recognize if we are dealing with a threat and how to go forward with dealing with it or just simply calling it out as Im sure they will detect your calling it out