Chats with Corey – Q&A Sept 23, 2023

Chats with Corey (Live Q&A)


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  1. this sounds good. about games. me and my brother brought a playstation 4 years back. the more i awaken the more darkness -symbalism–etc–etc i see in them . probably goes much, much deeper . games with the right frequency music——-etc–etc–etc. could help deprogram kids and help expand the mind…

  2. Thanks!

    In case this might help anyone;)
    I am personally finding extremely useful to commit myself to a daily connection-to-self practice. To follow a school of profound spiritual path that resonates with me. To dive deep into myself and my karma/attachments to heal. To develop my will for introspective review and self-consiousness. To use the time as a personal growth and evolutionary tool. To use my actions/reacions as the measurement of my love/hate…

    Love to all my friends:)

  3. Your information is the most in line with what I suspect, believe and have analyzed through my life and experiences, hence, I listen and take it in.

    I have followed you for a longehile since you came onto the scene, and of course many others in the community.. 

    I contacted an extensive list of individuals, known as Elder Dragon or Fates by alias, despite the negativity I have had in response in some cases my objective I consider fulfilled; unity

    1. Yet, things fall apart, and people change, now compared to then I have been less active, really only living my personal life and being here watching the material Corey has put out.  

      There is a change since 2020+ which… feels like somewhat defeat yet we must rise from the ashes like the Phoenix.

      You’re involved, I’m involved, we share this planet, and furthermore share this timeline.

      1. It’s time for us to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix & share what we know with the world 🌍 become activists I believe I read somewhere that Corey wrote …”be an orator, content creator, blog, whatever …just share !” as I can’t believe I’m just now hearing about all this but I was busy like most people just watching Netflix or entertaining Stuff versus educational or in school FULLTIME & working FT or single mom etc. Let life stuff keep me from even bothering to search this type of content & got off all social media after being hacked. When I first learned about ‘Kilary’, Adrenochrome, pizza (hates) etc. I felt God telling me to take a break as it was so overwhelming & I felt so disappointed & saddened & angry all at one time and so powerless to do anything about it & whenever I DID share i was censored across big tech. This is the only social media I’m on rn but want to get out there and share all this amazing stuff cause I didn’t know about it ! I’m sure there’s many more to awaken that aren’t so far gone with hope of decalcifying the pineal gland, reversing their cognitive dissonance etc. So we can learn & use “collective consciousness” and turn this shit around !! And I mean some trials of persecuting for “crimes against humanity …” unless these elitists have truly repented & changed their vibrations, I personally, don’t trust them no matter what “Agreements” they’ve made, whatever they’ve said etc. Jesus said “you’ll know them by their fruit so : “peace joy love patience kindness goodness. Self control …u know …all that! 😊😉 I think they need to be imprinted this time and there they can be rehabilitated or left behind or whatever planet those who don’t ascend go to (just started reading “Law of One” so no spoilers please 🤣 now I’m rambling lol …time for bed 😴

        Did u see the post about the collective meditation coming up ?