Chats with Corey - October 2023

Chats with Corey (Live Q&A)

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  1. According to The Ra Material, both the right-hand (service-to-others) path and the left-hand (service-to-self) path are allowed by the Infinite Creator. Thus, a negative entity can evolve or graduate into higher densities by serving to self. It seems that even if they manipulate or even kill lots of people just for self-serving purposes, they can still go on enjoying more light and power without being punished by the Law of Karma. I just wonder how the Law of Karma works for negative entities.

  2. Guys, Thank you for this space that you are holding for us. Does either of you “know” Huna Flash? He is on YouTube. I think he can he get this happening a little quicker that sitting watching. I would love to hear you perspectives.

    1. On Apple

      Products it’s under settings but Idk if u have to adjust apps in their own settings but should be on Yt – that’s where I learned to be an Apple expert after being hacked by an engineer at the beginning of the plan Demic 🤪 bless u❣️🙏🏻💖🌈🌍

  3. Hi Corey! Thanks for the great presentations! I recently finished the book Seeders by Elena Danaan (2022). Let me quote from this book: “On August 8, 2022 , I received this transmission from Oona in response to a question concerning the threat of a potential solar flash that would cause an extinction event on Earth: “Your star is undergoing a transformation but not as you conceive. It is adjusting to the area of Nataru (another name of our Milky Way Galaxy, my comment A.G.) your star system has recently entered. This is a galactic zone with a higher frequency. Because the frequency of your star system was lowered down by the previous invaders, and then unlocked by the excellent work of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, it needs adjustment to avoid the frequency shock. Your star however responds to the resonance of this higher frequency and it has started shifting. This solar shifting has no devastating effect but it will be felt in many different ways. The shift of a star system always originates first from the star, this is a natural law. Many times in the past, evacuation occurred. It was always due to wars. An evacuation plan was always in reserve, in case if necessary, but I can assure you that no extinction event will happen. We create stars, worlds, we seed life, we fractalize the very consciousness of Source and embed it into planetary matrices. If your star, Sol, would naturally become a sudden threat to all life on Terra, one of our proudest achievements, we would prevent it. We have the power to do this. We cannot stop wars to ignite and to extinguish empires, but we have the power to ignite and extinguish the stars. You are safe. Oona.”
    Danaan, Elena. THE SEEDERS: The Return Of The Gods. Kindle Edition.

  4. I have a ? … if by chance that the Dark have a means via Technology or Chemical to have been able to induce some kinda of spell on the masses to the point that these folks seems hypnotized and latched to insane narratives and actions — to me gives Service to Self beings an unfair advantage – unless in someway those effected individuals where allowing of this and its up to them to break free of this as it seems out of our control to wake them up as they are not responding to our signalling — any input on this?

  5. He is saying don’t be afraid of death, get use to it happening sooner or later. It may sound harsh but it’s truth. I think when your at a certain level and been through some heavy stuff you realize its not the complete end but a new beginning.

  6. Always appriciating Coreys perspective on things 🙏 Though hard to take in and contemplate on.. Regarding deaths in solar flash… Like myself, i bet there are other parents not actually afraid of their own lives but worrying about the survival of their children and wanting to do anything they can to prevent their children (also feks need of special care family members and old parents) die a violent death with alot of suffering. I don’t want my pets to go thru that either, wondering wether i should put the animals down before the event..
    Can you give some insights of safe zones in Scandinavia /Norway? How far away from the coast are we talking about?
    Love from Norway

    1. Remember that all things are catalyst and souls know what they want to experience before they choose these lives. Including animals. By definition, Negativity is the desire to control, so for one to attempt to alter the experience of another soul, that is by definition, Negative, whereas the positive path is one of acceptance.

      1. I understand that consept, but how far should we stretch it? If we should let that rule in all cases, there would be even more suffering. Humans are divine beings with a responsibility to take action to prevent suffering, yes sometimes by easening an animals death. As an activist and one who aids animals, i have both tried keep many animals alive by assisting them in hopeless situations but also sitting by their side and help them to the other side when death is knocking on the door. It always feels horrible to take a life but i know when it is the right thing to do. I am glad that we are the guardians over animals in such a way.
        On the other hand, watching my grandmother die was not at all peaceful and fast, she was screaming and houling, she seemed absolutely terrified. For many days. As she quit taking in food and liquid, her eyes dried up like raisins and her lips couldn’t even close around the mouth. We tried talking to her and comfort her in every way but even the drugs couldn’t calm her efficiently. I can’t imagine that that is asked of me regarding all the animals i’ve helped in my life. Animals don’t need to suffer like that, and i could not have used my life to help animals if i had to just stand by and do nothing. Like the deer crushed by cars on the highway, but still alive and trying to raise up on broken legs, i cant describe the level of damage. Of course it had to be put down even though it was fighting to get away. I prayed and i cried my eye balls out. And many other situations. Another situation is birth Control, both in animals and humans. Could that not be benefical and benevolent aswell? I can not imagine how even more horrible our life would be if i had more children with my narssisstic abusive ex husband. I got “fixed” against my husbands will during a c-section. And what about abortion? As awful as it may be, sometimes it is for the better. I contemplated ALOT about that.
        And spay and neuter animals so that kittens and puppies not having to be born into cold, hunger and early horrible deaths. Domesticated animals have been moved across the world, breed and raised so that they dont have a natural way of making it on their own.
        Under a nature catastrophy, wild animals will know in before hand and feel guided where to go.
        As long as humans create un-natural circumstances for animals and themselves, unfortunately un-natural solutions are needed.
        These hard choices, personally i see that as a responsibility, not control.

  7. Carley Simon sang it – “I feel the eARTh move”. The shifting is always goin’ on, its the nature of reality. It’s like when horses “stamp!” the ground.
    they’re sounding shock waves to mother. It’s cosmic signaling, cosmic surfin’ -&- rock’n’roll.