Chats with Corey – Q&A July 22, 2023

Chats with Corey (Live Q&A)

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  1. I see a lot of questions being asked. Thank you both very much.
    But hopefully the questions will be clearer, like some souls are kidnapped to Earth, and what about the guardians of these souls? It seems that effective measures can not be taken to prevent such things?

  2. “One aspect of his plan was to incarnate in 4th density as a reptilian who was to become king of the ancient Draconian Empire, which spanned much of the galaxy. The empire’s headquarters was on a 4th density planet that orbited the star Thuban (also known as Alpha Draconis), in the Draco constellation. Upon assuming the throne as King Lingarak, he convinced his people that the prospering galactic humans posed a threat and needed to be wiped from existence. Many of the fallen angels had incarnated into the same race”

  3. This is probably a form of confirmation bias on my part, but I always liked that Corey and David didn’t blow smoke about the medbeds. I remember seeing a Wilcock live stream where someone kept posting the live chat, “talk about medbeds” like hearing that there’s a magic pill that will cure whatever ills you is totally necessary. Hearing about those things always annoyed the crap out of me. I guess if you have some serious illness or health problems, its great to hear about having something that can fix all of that. However, I never saw the point of having a medbed versus just curing the illness in more conventional ways. Then there is the concept that some infirmities are there to learn from and help to balance your karma. It always seemed like the opposite of what we are supposed to believe as “enlightened” like working on yourself. How are you working on yourself if you are hoping for some outside piece of technology to fix things for you. Plus, it seems like people who are smart enough to discern that UFO’s may be real could probably also discern that things like cancer cures are also likely suppressed by the same groups.

  4. How looking forward to having a text version, the situation is different around the world, here you need to connect to the VPN, has spent several days to connect, has not been able to open the video。。。。😂

  5. disculpen hay alguna razón para que no se pueda traducir al español los subtítulos, permite opción pero no genera la traducción para poder seguir su información


    1. It’s not ideal but you can use the View Transcript button and translate the text to your language. We’re working on other options and appreciate your patience.

  6. I hope you will speak on the Solar Event again soon. I’ve unfortunately been unable to listen in as much as I used to. Maybe you’ve spoke on it and I missed the updates?? Anyway…Hope to hear news soon. Thank you for your honesty and clarity. Not much of that goin’ ’round lately.
    ~Holly xo

  7. for two days I can no longer have access to the French translation as usual on your two youtube channels exclusively ; is this due to a setting on your side ?
    thank you for your answer and thank you for your work

    1. Ra said that “the larger [Egyptian] pyramids were built by our ability using the forces of One” [Ra Contact 2.4] and it is speculated that the migration of Pre-Adamite / Atlantean knowledge was partly responsible for the building of many other pyramids around the world.

  8. Another interesting Q n A. Didn’t go for very long though unfortunately.

    Have been missing this type of information coming in.

    The latest ssp update (ep15) seems to be behind a pay wall which is a little disappointing.