Chats with Corey – Q&A August 2023

Chats with Corey (Live Q&A)

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  1. Why is it no one ever mentions the Ascended Masters, Jesus, Archangels at any of these off world meetings? surely they would have some imput in shaping our future, or have they all left for their own advancement. Am fed up of hearing the likes of Megan Rose and Elena Daanan talk about off world Galatic Federation and *never mention* these important iconic beings. Really really sad

  2. I have recently visited ECETI Ranch, and have witnessed the UFO highway. They travelled at a distance, but could not be denied. I stayed for about 6 days, and viewing through military grade night vision goggles, witnessed at least 25 to 35 craft per night. In actuality, I only attended Skywatch from 10pm to 12am, so I only viewed a very small portion of the activity that continued throughout the night. The Ranch is much more than a UFO experience. It is a sacred space that allows for one to feel safe, warm, and welcome; as a part of a small Loving community. James is a plethora of spiritual wisdom that has a deep understanding of the true reality surrounding our existence, as a race. As well, all of the volunteers are beautiful people that treat all visitors like a part of the family. If you are interested in a little reality check, I would definitely recommend a visit.

  3. If our star is responsible for our (rapid) aging, then what about all those old biblical dudes who lived for hundreds of years? Should I say, “I WANT TO BE UNDER THE BIBLICAL SUN” to slow down the process?

  4. I love you buddy I absolutely cannot wait to meet you and give you a hug I know you guys have been through a lot and I am grateful that we have all made it as far as we have I love you and I thank you for all of the honest information

  5. Why is Corey claiming Grush is trustworthy?
    David Grush is represented by Charles McCullough III who was the first ICIG appointed by the Obama administration and partnered with Andrew Bakaj’s Compass Rose Legal Group which has strong connections to the CIA and the Clintons.
    One can naturally guess he is a part of the Rockefeller initiative that supposedly Corey has been against and warned about and most likely that is the narrative misleading the mass to believe GGLN as invading force and accepting Orion Group as the savior.
    We need more explanation based on fact than just “I say yes, he is trustworthy.” or “He is neither the Cabal nor the Alliance.”

    1. Lol tbh your comment smells fishy as hell. Are you trying to dissuade people from watching the video?

      You even know the details about who appointed who. By your logic, *all of us* also paid and continue to pay our rent & bills to the system and enriched the Cabal, why should anyone of us be trusted ???? Huh?? Anyway. That Whistleblower bill is going to pass whether you like it or not. Disclosure will happen. Corey already did his part on disclosure lol sorry. We already know what we need to know

      Count your days.

      1. FYI, I have been an associate translator on the official SBA site since 2017. I’ve watched every single interview and episode of Corey’s and translated them into Japanese word for word. I’ve dedicated so many days and hours of my life to spreading Corey’s messages. I hold accountabilities to my Japanese readers and followers. My question is a quite decent one if anyone sincerely has listened to his messages and warnings to humanity. Don’t let your own cognitive dissonance make you defensive and hostile. My question to you is “Then, who do you think has the influence to mislead the masses to believe the Orion group and blond hair blue eyes ETs as saviors and to fight against GGLN”? I don’t think Elena and a bunch of clowns in the UFO community have that influence on the masses.

        1. You gave away your intention 🙂

          He already did cover why “David Grusch” in the video, yet you are asking as if Corey ever told viewers that they should be part of David Gursch’s fanclub lol. He never told anyone to get behind that guy. He was just stating events around it. And you’re tryna derail important info so people won’t pay attention to it. So I’ll outline it here: More people will come forward when David Gursch further succeeds which is GOOD + he’s independent (as well know the earth alliance has been undependable and scared to come out) + lots of people are working behind the scene to isolate him esp from the UFO community so UFO community won’t listen to him + David Gursch info will get him killed yet he’s still coming forward + Whistleblower Bill will encourage others to come out + David Gursch info will corroborate Corey’s info

          I love how the spelling of his name is off yet others name are spelled oh so perfectly w/ perfectly curated sentences too. You don’t want it to come up on search? 🙂 Don’t worry, I made sure I spelled them right in quotation too <3

          They gotta send someone savvier than you because some of us out here come from diverse backgrounds who can connect the dots way easier… than white people 😉 so this whole white ET saviorship is not a surprise to some of us (it's HELLA obvious LOL per the propaganda *everywhere* ever since ever since), and good amount of us were also warned in the dreamworld before even getting to know Corey's testaments.

          Ya think you're the only one who went deep into his material? I didn't come from ufology community lmao which is great because I came from a place w/ HIGH amount of skepticism. I didn't even believe in God LOL. I was a community organizer for 7 years doing activism work 😉 and connected to lots of local groups in U.S. & networks with guerrilla groups lololol including my home country. I did good amount of activism before I learned any of this, and encountered LOTS of infiltration in that world before all this. So in a way, I've been trained prior to disclosure to identify trolls + infiltrators + psyops whether the perpetrators are aware or not. I also happen to be intuitive, get messages from my dreams + in the waking life via life synchronicities, and I'm also on Medical Medium lifestyle heheh 🙂

          You guys can infiltrate all you want. There's too many of us who know.

          How about share what you're sharing to Japanese speakers? I wanna check it out. I can show you my work as well where my facebook was becoming an obituary posting from doing activism work. I can show you statements my group has released, and pictures of me where I helped in organizing to protest at embassies — 300 of us showed up. I've be part of good of protest but imo, they weren't enough. I can show you the questions I created when I asked my cooperative how many properties do their families have because we were (and majority of it was due to my work) transitioning the house in a highly gentrified area in Oakland, CA to become people of color majority. You wanna talk about backgrounds & credentials in accountabilities we hold? Lmao, let's go.

          1. Wow, your a paranoid racist too. I’m “white” and I refuse to self-depreciate. Critical thinking doesn’t mean lack of unity. In fact, unity comes from transcendence of our diverse backgrounds, beliefs and experiences. I think it’s a valid ask why David Grusch is trustworthy? In the nexus of misinformation (intelligence community X UAP community), please keep asking questions and thinking critically! Don’t let paranoia run your thoughts and emotions. Please don’t take these comments seriously. It’s a big red flag for someone’s psychological stability when you speak of things “above classified” as if you have first hand knowledge, rather than 2nd hand, third hand and beyond, obviously.. this is. It an attack, but rather accountability for logic.

  6. Thank You for your message today…
    FYI, Corey, as I watched your production, above: As a disabled Firefighter, I noticed that the Light in the ceiling behind you, may be wired wrong. I say this, as I can see discoloration, where the wires may be oxidizing, and causing those dark spots, actually caused by smoke, because the lines in the Light are getting too hot, and the insulation could be off gassing, and may ultimately cause a fire…
    I may be over reacting, but better safe than sorry…
    Love You Friend…
    Be Brave | Love One Another | Educate Yourself | In Love and Light
    Giant Healing Hugs<3<3<3

  7. There can be no unity as long as people get away with slandering others. Unity has to be based on universal laws (which Megan Rose explains very well). Arkheim Ra put it this way: I only talk about what I experienced. If someone is expressing an opinion about what someone else experienced, he’s probably a bad actor. (Not his words exactly, but that’s how I interpret them.)
    If someone’s memory is different from someone else’s memory, maybe he was on a different world-line or a different time-line in this world. There are several people (Nusken, Al Bielek) who lived through horrible events that haven’t happened yet, and which ARE NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Time-lines change.

  8. Again Corey contradicts himself. Our star – the Sun, together with our planet, with their vibrations, influences the vibrations of our collective consciousness and at the same time completely directs our evolution. How can we go “against the wind” and raise our vibrations and our consciousness, if we constantly run into the threshold that limits our Sun and Earth to us. Remember the civilization of the Zulus and their planet. They evolved (their consciousness) under the pressure of the high vibrations of the core of their home planet. Thus, we cannot jump over our heads. We will not be able to evolve above the threshold that our Sun and our Earth have created for us with their vibrations. And their vibrations are not high enough. But now the Sun and the Earth are on the threshold of the transition to 5D (micronova). And they will push us to the next stage of evolution. We, like blind kittens, walk only on a leash.

    1. You should watch the six interviews done by Merrily Milmoe with Apollymi Mandylion. My understanding is that the solar system is ascending as a unit.

      However, the world does not limit your soul evolution. Many are here because the world offers an opportunity for accelerated evolution. The Buddha did it: so can you (unless you’re AI).

      1. Yes, the Buddha did it. He escaped from the cycle of reincarnations and did not incarnate here again. But here comes an interesting point. Before incarnation, together with our spiritual guides (they can be gray or reptilians under the mask of guides and guides (see Calogero Grifasi)) we draw up a program for our future incarnation and the main events of our life are spelled out in it. If you have not programmed your enlightenment in your future life, you will not achieve it, even though you will beat your head against the wall. The Buddha obviously prescribed this in advance and achieved it during his lifetime. But you can try. All this does not mean that we should sit idly by. It remains for us to be content with the Olympic principle: the main thing is not victory, the main thing is participation 😀

        1. Yes, that’s true: you can only work on yourself. I have nothing to offer others except my thoughts.
          Personally, I’ve found Lester Levenson to be very helpful: he attained self-realization in three months. Meister Eckhart and Hui-neng are also wonderful teachers.

          1. So I think the most important thing for anyone who wishes to leave the matrix is to practice. The Buddha has set an example for us, as long as we practice, we can not only save ourselves, but also benefit others. You don’t need to wait for anything else to change the state of the Earth. Nowadays, it is clearly difficult to inspire public awareness and get people onto the streets.

      1. Saddens me to hear this type of thinking: “If they have no memories of who they were, then they can’t harbor old grudges against each other.”

        It was not hijack, it was preventing a very severe injustice: “But this experiment with decent intentions got hijacked very quickly throughout the timeline.”

    2. Wow, that is deep and makes so much sense. We are being tugged along by the sun, our star, and we go where it goes and until its vibration changes ours cannot as a pllanet, but I think that consciously humanity can keep creating more timelines here.

  9. Hello Corey, in your movie Cosmic Secret you said there were basically two similar types of builder races that shared Earth. How did present religions spawn since there wasn’t religion in the beginning when the builder race began to share the planet.

      1. That wasn’t my question. I wanted Corey to help me understand where did it come from. To clarify if these beings gave us rules to live by and we just ignored them for centuries or were they created by man to simply make sense of what they could not explain…..And your Creator statement offers no help since the question wasn’t for you.

        1. All religions are created by Man to maintain control over the population. All religions come from the 4 undistorted original descendants who incarnated to help man overcome the distortion of the mind and gave us perfect Knowledge and Understanding and Love. We in our own distorted minds have manipulated all Knowledge Understand of Knowledge and the reality of Love.
          The 4 original undistorted descendants keep appearing as different people throughout time. Their original names are, Ra, Vis, Tarik, Hak. We know them as Assended Masters and names like Thoth Hermies Jesus ect…they also come with their partners of the opposite sex, just as Jesus Mary, Jesus got married again after Mary died to the reincarnation of his Mother who was also called Mary. There are 10 blood lines of Jesus, 4 are negatively and 6 are positive.
          See El SER UNO for a complete understanding.

      1. I think the most important and central way to improve judgment is through practice, as the Buddha taught, practice helps people to have their own judgment and not rely on information from Dr. Sara or Kory. It is precisely because Dr. Sala did not practice, so he contacted many people, did many interviews, but could not distinguish the information brought by these people. If Corey just tells people that Dr. Sarah has distortions, people will ask why is Corey trustworthy and Sarah isn’t? People get into conflicts or arguments. Therefore, I think we can tell people to improve their judgment through practice and thus evolve.

    1. Wow, I knew Dr Salla had fallen short of interviewees and was scraping the bottom of the barrel to fill in the gaps here and there. He is backward appearing forward. I stopped watching him when he got so involved with the channel. whose eyes constantly shift with small insincere pauses, then shift again. I had no idea she was a druid!