Chats with Corey - Q&A Jan 15th, 2023

Chats with Corey (Live Q&A)

Corey answers questions from recent updates. What can we do to be prepared, more self-sufficient, for the changes coming? What might we expect? New intel on what the Orion Group has been attempting to do on the Moon and counter measures from the GGLN that created a setback for the Orion Group. ET contacts through our dreams, karmic entanglements from benevolent beings trying to help. New Guardians here to participate in galactic trials. Trauma through abductions, hypnotherapy with caution. Safe how far from coastlines, safer zones? Nibiru, Planet X. Starseeds and incarnation cycles, distortions of reality.

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  1. If this cycle of nature has been here long before we all came along, then why is it also said that we, as a collective, are choosing to go through our ascension this way, and that many other star systems have chosen to go through theirs gently?

    1. In Preparing for Contact, by Leissa Royale, the channeling from Shasha, who is a contact expert for her job among the stars, we, as humans compartmentalize things. Conscious is the ego, and our day to day awareness. Subconscious is where many traumatic events are stored, as they are too hard for our conscious/ego to handle. Unconscious is where we are more connected to Source, and very hard events and traumas are stored there. We need to integrate all of these into one. That means discovering what we have hidden within our subconscious and unconscious, face them, deal with them, and integrate them into one united consciousness. She also stated that E.T.s are contacting almost all of earth humans all the time. Our conscious/ego mind (beta) is of very dense, low vibrational energy, so it is too hard for them to lower their vibrations down to that degree, so they are mostly doing contact through the subconscious (alpha) and unconscious (theta) states. These would be in dream time, or meditation. These are higher vibrational states, which they are more suited to reaching us, as a mutual meeting energy level.

      1. When I hear all these things you’re telling us, Corey, I think I’d rather be asleep. It sounds like you keep saying this is how it is, and the solar event is coming, and you can’t get out of going through all these hardships and the negative issues from the elites, or you have to come back and repeat this type of cycle. It’s not a pleasant cycle. It was, back when we were asleep and having fun. But awakeness just isn’t pleasant. When we’ve passed through all this, we can more consciously and easily create the beautiful incarnations we want, but until then, we’ll just have to go through these painful, harsh lives, for eons of time (or timelessness) – is that what you are telling us?

  2. I hope the timeline Corey described in is not that catastrophic (chaos, social unrest, end times madness, cataslysmic earth changes) before the solar event. I have been researching ways to prepare for emergency situations (storing dry frozen foods, canned foods, goods with long shelf life, drinking water etc.). My main concern was alternative water supply (from a bore hole and/ or deep well). A friend of mine a physicist recommended to me polymer materials (mylar, metglas and permalloy together with long copper rods for grounding the Faraday cage) capable of protecting disel-powered water pumps (diesel is safe, gasolie is not safe) against intense solar radiation. More time and research is needed on 2 additional aspects of critical importance: magnetostatic shielding and Eddy current shielding. Hollow flat conainers (coated in the above mentioned polymers) filled with liquid nitrogen can be also be good as additional layer of protection. I know this is a long comment but I felt like sharing. I still have 10 years time until the shift to save some money, move back to my home town or to the village where my grandparents live and prepare for the shift. I keep asking myself is: will it be worth the struggle? I am 35 y.o and my family aggressively pushes me to get married and start a family of my own. I dont want this. Life will become difficult over the next decade. I might barely survive the shift. If I have a wife and a child it would be even more difficult. I would appreciate your thoughts on it.

  3. When someone asks how do you deal with violence that might hurt you or your family? From the perspective of my experience, I can also refer to Mapeng Rinpoche’s nine observations about benefiting all beings in the Buddha’s Dharma, or the Mahayana Dharma, which does not harm all beings even if it endangers their lives. This can also help you avoid karma.

  4. My kingdom for a horse… Yeah I think it’s bleak. It’s not that it isn’t theoretically possible, it’s just that the system has deliberately blocked it at every turn for the vast majority of people. Land is bought with money. Money comes from a jobs. No jobs in the wilderness. Most People don’t make enough money to save up. Those who have large tracts of land aren’t keen on selling sizable portions of it, until it’s an entire agrarian village. In a famine food is more valuable than gold. And the have nots will turn their bullets on the haves. Those who are prepared will be in more danger than anyone. And why would anything come back online… Who’s going to fix it? All we can do is try, but…yeah.

  5. Everything is natural change, animals will die in disasters, so will humans, it has nothing to do with karma, the world is so impermanent no matter what we do, whether humans raise awareness or not, it has nothing to do with these disasters?
    I was really confused when Corey said that. I used to think that human consciousness could affect solar flares.
    In this regard, the Dharma tells people that their disasters are related to the human mind, such as the wind disaster caused by foolishness.

  6. I would like to ask if in past reports there have been many references to the duty of human beings on Earth to overthrow the regime of slavery and take to the streets, but will doing so lead to karma?
    As the teachings of the Buddha and the evolution of some planets have shown, people through practice uplift themselves, transcend samsara and increase their frequency of vibration, so that lower frequency beings naturally cannot invade human beings. This approach does not cause karma with lower frequency beings. Isn’t that better?

  7. I’m surprised that practicaly nothing was mentionned about the induction of metals even if Michael Waskosky asked Corey Goode about the Carrington event of 1859. All that was said was that coins melted in people’s pockets.
    What about the graphene in people’s bodies? From these experiments, nickels melting by induction in people’s pockets pales in comparisons of what graphene does when in presence of magnetic fields.

    1. Electromagnetic induction can occur in a graphene wire.

      Definition (source 1)

      Electromagnetic induction is the process of generating electric current with a magnetic field. It occurs whenever a magnetic field and an electric conductor, such as a coil of wire, move relative to one another.

      Graphene Under Strain Creates Gigantic Pseudo-Magnetic Fields (source 2)

      Graphene, the extraordinary form of carbon that consists of a single layer of carbon atoms, has produced another in a long list of experimental surprises. In the July 30, 2010 issue of the journal Science, a multi-institutional team of researchers headed by Michael Crommie, a faculty senior scientist in the Materials Sciences Division at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a professor of physics at the University of California at Berkeley, reports the creation of pseudo-magnetic fields far stronger than the strongest magnetic fields ever sustained in a laboratory – just by putting the right kind of strain onto a patch of graphene.

      “We have shown experimentally that when graphene is stretched to form nanobubbles on a platinum substrate, electrons behave as if they were subject to magnetic fields in excess of 300 tesla, even though no magnetic field has actually been applied,” says Crommie. “This is a completely new physical effect that has no counterpart in any other condensed matter system.”

      Crommie notes that “for over 100 years people have been sticking materials into magnetic fields to see how the electrons behave, but it’s impossible to sustain tremendously strong magnetic fields in a laboratory setting.” The current record is 85 tesla for a field that lasts only thousandths of a second. When stronger fields are created, the magnets blow themselves apart.


      electromagnetic induction

  8. Good work, Corey. Maybe sometimes its better to do the show on a weekly basis than to worry about how long it goes? I’m not an expert on the demand for these things, but it seems like everyone has shows that are 2 hours long, and I tend to shy away from those instead of something under an hour because I don’t feel like I have that kind of time to invest often. Not going as long might be better for you too, and might take less out of you.

  9. After the Solar Event, At what Point are Our Cosmic Cousins Going to Come Down from the Sky like Falling Stars and help a Devastated Earth..? 1 Day? 1 Month? 1Year???

    Just Curious, that would be Nice to Know.

  10. The ego is too attached to this existence! Thank you. That does help me understand the “sleepers” more and to be a bit more forgiving because I do remember being like that. The thought that I was something other than human and other than a female was at one time out of the question. Today I’m ok with having been everything imaginable from good to not so good and from this solar system or another. Now the thought of eternity as just one version of myself is…well, boring.
    Great Q&A!

  11. A lot of this questions could be answered if people would read and study the law of one. And then Corey can focus on the more practical questions that have to do with the here and now.

  12. in regard to the cause of the sinking of the island of Mu; being advanced just means that more harm can be potentially done. the cataclysm that sank mu was certainly cyclic but the actual sinking of the land mass itself could possibly have been avoided. story goes that they had a massive crystal device called the star of lemuria and that device was deeply connected to the magnetic field and other fields of the earth and their manipulation of genetics became increasingly nefarious (likely due to the manipulation of the “Ai god”) and so the degradation of the collective field caused a catastrophic chain of events which in conjunction with the solar event lead to the lemurian stars collapse into the earth at hyper-orbital speeds and seemingly itself caused the sinking of the land mass. though obviously theres not much in the way of evidence as to the legitimacy of that story.

    1. There are always things Ra does not state but this is my citations: 10.15 “It was an helpful and harmless place which was washed beneath the ocean during a readjustment of your sphere’s tectonic plates through no action of their own.”
      21.27 Questioner: ..did the ending of this first major cycle have something to do with the destruction of Lemuria, or did this destruction just happen to occur at the end of that cycle?
      Ra: I am Ra. There is a confluence of energies at the ending of a major cycle. This encouraged what was already an inevitable adjustment in the movement of the surfaces of your planetary sphere.

  13. Darnit! I missed it! And I have a question. It’s about telling people about what’s coming and E.T,s. Do we infringe on people’s free will by telling them about the event and the S.S.P.,E.T.s,,ECT?

    1. easy answer: offering information is not a violation of ones free will unless they explicitly state otherwise. for example i told my mom of the coming cataclysm and she straight up told me she didnt want to know because it stresses her out XD

  14. for the record there are alternatives for electric power generation like magnet turbines and my favorite, human power turbines which just needs large battery bank and careful consumption.