Chats with Corey – Q&A April 22, 2023

Chats with Corey (Live Q&A)

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  1. It’s all getting rather discouraging. Makes me want to just leave this mess and reincarnate on a much more advanced, all peaceful planet in another star system. These things can’t be talked about with family or friends, as they don’t/won’t see it, and the algorythms show them the oposite of this info, so it hurts relationships to talk about it, so it is not done. I do recognize that there are many people stealing, cheating, fighting in families, separated by ideas and feelings put out in the media and religions, rich corporations taking advantage of people in poor countries and the separation that causes between people, frustration and anger in people, etc. But I don’t want to throw mass blame toward all the people, as I hear Corey doing here. I prefer to say ‘I see the pain and struggle going on in the planet, and the manipulation and control systems, and I see why many feel these actions are the only ways one can cope with and/or survive it all. Yet when the masses learn to be the perfectly loving beings we want to be experiencing, then we will flip our timeline to that.’
    That’s even more discouraging, though, as we look around and see how small the chances of that happening appear to be. We really could use a lot of help giving the masses the positive propaganda, to counter balance all the negative propaganda being poured out onto us. And not get as much blame toward all of us, without being given the pictures for us to comprehend how we are all somehow participating, and how we can really overcome the negative.

  2. Is it safe to say that this platform is “safe” place according to the what I have come to know as Corey Goode. Who has shared of his own beliefs and experiences. I mean nobody wants to be attacked. I will share this in Corey’s case his life has taken a huge leap forward to the person he is today, and he is still in it going stronger than before says a lot and spiritually he has expanded huge as well. Imagine if you had stayed in trench where would you be spiritually?
    Not everyone can take what I say as my personal experiences differ, I never even seen a craft, don’t need too to know they are real, I know it is limited without exception but expanding as is everyone’s, but it may be shared by others or even understood by the person hearing it or not. But to be attacked for it, rejected, opposed indirectly, or even killed for sharing the truth is completely opposite to even the idea of unity consciousness. If some disagrees with what is said can we have an open discussion about it?

    My question is this are we capable of group video discussions. I can’t type to save my live, in person is best for communications, video the next best, interactive video is better to help deepen discussions as we explore our true nature? My preferred way to communicate directly to know if someone is upset to allow them time to express their different beliefs of understanding to our shared journey that we are all creating together. The ability to express ones self freely is paramount. Without anger or malice towards anyone. There are many people who together we can bring more pieces of the puzzle together.

    Thank you again Corey and family, sorry when they throwed you out of the trench, thank you for continuing the charge. I think you know by now the only way to sharpen steel it to rub it against something harder. Without our past we would not be here today but that does not mean we want to keep up with the hard ways of learning.

    I would like to be able to invite more of my truth warriors from the trenches to such a platform that the energies are supported.

    This can not be about money, only about the ability to speak your truth. Not everyone will agree with each persons perspective but to deny the person their truth denies you yours.
    For me another thousand years of darkness sucks ass, but from the perspective of the live span of a star it is a morning dump.
    To those who are worried, I ask them. who is driving this rock through space, being dragged through space by a burning ball of gas at millions a mile an hour with other burn balls and rocks and shouldn’t everyone be wearing seat belts?
    If it takes two weeks or a thousand years it will happen. The energies in our system we are moving into can not maintain those patterns, and will change one way or another, easy way or the hard way, but not all the same. There are forces at play that even the ets don’t understand completely. If they don’t then they have potential for fear as well as we do. We are both taking back our power and surrendering it, but not to some person or et but to a higher level of control of self, we call faith, some call who know call trust. All I know is to walk around with a helmet on isn’t going to help if this rock we are on hits something. So at some level we must trust something beyond our understanding. So do whatever you feel you can as we have all been in the trenches for a long time, and nobody anywhere or anytime say to you, it’s easy to be human. Know this too, you would not have come here if you were capable of this, take that to heart of knowing.

  3. Please kindly allow me to share the following humbly. God is the power, the force that control the growth and character of all things. All that happen is to cultivate the beingness of all things according to their divine blueprint and God’s plan/Will for the highest good of all. All creations attract their lessons according to the Universal Laws for their own growth and evolution. It is not about what is going to happen, it is about the evolution and growth of the beingness of all. A planet is only a playground for providing the growth and evolution for a subset of creations, and all that happen is tailored made according to what the subset of creations needed as catalysts for growth and evolution for the highest good of all within the Will of God according to the Universal Laws of the Universe at work.

      1. Personally, I very much enjoyed reading on other people’s beliefs, ideas, experiences, researches, speculations, thoughts, writings etc, and generate my own thoughts/discernment/etc, but of course it is only my vision and beliefs. I am very much interested in the topic about Dimensions while there are so many people talking about ascension into the 5th dimension. I guess I can see it both spiritually and scientifically, and there must be many other ways to understand it. I always believe that we should study Science together with Spirituality, how the frequencies and patterns of our Light can transform us in the atomic level throughout all our bodily systems. When talking just about one aspect of God, like Love, I believe there are many different levels/quality/alignment/strength/combinations/balance/attributes/types/etc of it, polished by our experiences/consciousness/energies/Will/wisdom/etc, our integration of Light through the Sun/invoking the God rays ourselves and many other ways. I believe when our ego is more dominant, our desires are driven more by sensationalism, survival skills, environmental customs, physical needs etc. But when we grow more spiritually, and with the understanding of the Universal Laws, our desire, perception, and “Will” changes, we begin to manifest with the combination of the attributes of the individual God rays with more awareness of the strength or weakness, negative or positive aspects of the individual attributes of the God rays and other factors. We are beginning to align ourselves more towards divinity, and our discernment changes. There are so many different consciousness levels. When observing myself, I notice in the past, emotions generated can affect thoughts, then later you will think about the quality, logic, morality, or many other aspects of a thought. Emotions can be harnessed or transform, refine, replaced etc. All of these emotions and thoughts transformation can result in the transformation of our frequencies/vibrations and patterns of travel of our electrons around our atoms. Then with more integration of Lights containing different vibrational patterns and frequencies tailored made by our higher self and through the Sun (tailored made for a solar system), we evolute and ascend, changing our DNA and our bodily systems. The Divine God Rays help to develop all our bodily systems.
        I had read from somewhere that all the dimensions exist together at the same space, but we can’t see the 5th dimension, because we don’t vibrate at that dimension, like the 3D Venus is not habitable, but in the 5th dimensional Venus, there are a lot going on there. I had read books with People talking about multidimensionality, and I always can only try to understand the spiritual element/aspect of it, but with the physical element, it is beyond my consciousness, and it is difficult to find any material discussing this topic. I will be very interested if anyone had come across any writings describing the 5th dimension. Thank you so much for sharing my thoughts.