BREAKING NEWS! Lunar Operations Command Invaded by the Orion Group

SSP Alliance Updates

NOTE: Corey had issues with the livestream and was not able to do the live Q&A, but hopes to do one soon. Thanks for your patience & understanding!

Corey Goode’s SSP Update: Lunar Operations Command Invaded by the Orion Group

Next Episode: The Cosmic History of the ZULU ALIEN Civilization S2 E1


  1. Hey Corey, hope your doing good….hey I just saw a video on Dr Salla’s YT and he is saying that the Gal. Fed. of World and the 3 stooges(Musk,Bezos,Virgin guy) are all now going to help humanity….I don’t buy it for a minute, any thoughts ?

  2. Corey can you or someone please clarify the recent u tube uploads labeled Arcturian Council who state they are coming to visit us and wish us to come aboard their craft about to be uncloaked. They show samples of each type of being: the scary white Royal Draco, green Reptilians, Pleiaidians -Syrians hybrid grey, greys, Mantis-Beings, Air-Water elementals, Nordic types. Now these appear to be those non-friendly Galactics. If you have seen their recent shorts on youtube could you comment.

  3. Thanks Corey for inviting us into the intimacy of your home. You are brave. You mentioned that as humans we would soon have to take part in the struggle . Any clue the way we are expected to participate? Will it take the shape of a staightforward fight against the orion group or rebellion against our government or both…?

  4. MC – G
    Thank you for putting in writing my thoughts exactly…..I’m done with all the crap of updates from one spiritual leader or another. If there are truly divine beings who want to assist in the freeing of all Humans on this planet….then speak truth with all humans now….no more drip, drip

  5. Mind-blowing update, thanks! Am curious:

    What kind of sacred geometry do the Zulu and other positive forces use? Are there geometries that they found to be harmful?

    Another thought is that I Am presence is perhaps outside of geometry. When I become present, certain metaphysical abilities are more activated.

  6. Hi Corey, please clarify with The Guardians, what we seek is not to be saved, but for all of Creation to honor our Divine Right, our Divine Sovereignty to be free to exist and evolve independently of all external influences, especially from those with low vibrational intentions and actions. This is what we declare as a collective upon this world and it is the Divine Obligation of everyone across the Cosmos to honor this declaration.

    The Guardians doesn’t need to expose themselves to the unawakened nor to publicize their assistance in these matter but it is a Divine Obligation of a more evolved being or consciousness to assist voluntarily, especially, when external influences have severely harmed the evolution of a specie or race.

    Through this Divine Obligation, we declare and seek the complete removal of all that dominated and controlled the way of life of all that inhabits our world to our detriment, notwithstanding the manipulation, programming, exploitation, abuse and infiltration of one’s free will, consciousness and soul thru energetic or technological means, in all timelines all throughout the incarnation cycle of our world. Similar assistance should be extended to our world, Mother Gaia, Mother Earth and Mother Nature.

    These nefarious beings, entities, energies, consciousness, egregores or tulpas have harmed our world and the natural evolution of all its inhabitants, particularly Earth humans, for the longest time. Thru their complete removal, we as a specie could freely choose the path we wish to pursue as individuals, as a race or as a collective, to heal, awaken, expand in consciousness or ascend, without blockages, impediments or resistances from outside ‘forces’.

    Moreover, the self-appointed representatives of our world who met with and made countless accords with non-Terran civilizations, were not chosen by humanity to deal with these nefarious beings, they are not even competent to lead humanity and they further invalidate their ‘responsibility to the people’ when they put each and everyone of us and our way of life at risk.

    The Guardians need to look at their ‘intervention’ from a different perspective and should consider their assistance as a Divine Obligation.

  7. Corey, thank you for the update – the information was very compelling. You mentioned “soul harvesting” – could you please explain what will happen to these souls? Will they be reincarnated as slaves on some other planet?

    1. hi, i found a completely independent account of “soul manipulation” or “soul harvesting” technology from Alien Interview and more importantly the follow up, The Domain Expeditionary Force Rescue Mission. (the original Nurse McElroy transcripts – not the Lawrence Spencer ‘sci-fi” version. Airl, the Navigator from the crashed interdimensional craft in 47’ telepathically explained to Nurse Matilda the technology was trillions of years old and supposed to be forbidden everywhere, which is like gun control. the only ones who have AQERTS technologies are the ones that don’t follow the rules, mainly The Draco but others as well. One can find ones ISBE self inside an H. Mobius loop for thousands of years (me – I have been trapped here for 8500 years) or more…once you are here it matters not who or what you were, you are now tethered to the laws of karma attached to this place. It is a most clever trap. The technology is so large it requires things like Moons and artificial rings around planets like Saturn to generate enough frequencies and vibrations to hold us in place. OF course this could all be hogwash. I personally believe it. Our souls can not be destroyed, only manipulated, but if done properly we are the Ever ready battery that never needs re-charged, just manipulate us with the old come to the light BS and into another body. I also believe we don’t get old. We burn out these Biological Computer Suits. They toss us into another for all their own purposes.

  8. Love your updates. Thanks for explaining moon situation. Been shown Grandmother moon handcuffed for years. As for war between worlds, God showed me a soldier shooting towards sky. Unable to upload drawing, however, it correlates with your intel.

  9. And also may I say – I think it’s great that you are just doing your own updates working off some notes – it’s much more direct, rather than you being interviewed by someone and being taken off on slight tangents.
    It’s fantastic that you are finally at the END of this 3-year legal nightmare etc, I don’t know how you’ve done it.
    Re: problems with sharing the security footage – I suppose you’ve done the obvious thing of filming the monitor showing the footage with another device and uploading that instead of the original…? (so obvious you must have).

  10. Interesting Stuff 👍
    Appreciating this Awareness Corey brings
    Galactic Federation of Lidht is Mentioned in the book The Pleiadian Agenda by Barbara Hand Clow
    Fuubi Quantz ( A Real Unuversal Guide) is a member on the board 🗣 if i am wrong i will apologize
    The Solar Event sounds like the Photon Band that is Mentioned throughout the Pleiadian Agenda 🗣 This is going too Transform Humanity 🤔 it all point too something Major and Catastrophic🗣 Via The Book of Enoch / Thiaoouba Prophecy 🗣 Arcturians are here and are Playing a Massive roll ..check out Daniel Scranton and the Energetic Sound work he does on Utube too make Contact
    Michael Tellinger
    Dr Steven Greer
    David Wilcock
    Wes Penre
    Emery Smith
    🗣 Checkout what David KAAS puts out about a Catastrophic event
    Mark Passio on Whatonearthishappening

    Duane Heppner
    Duanethegreatwriter Adventure Series books 🗣 important info Very unknown

    Corey could use too Know about some things such as the REAL UNUVERSAL GUIDES 🗣 they are the Most Supreme Super Powers in All of Creation / also the Angelic Portal Doors openers

    Good Luck everyone 💙

    1. Many of those you’ve listed are disinfo. Steven Greer? Emery Smith? And Barbara Hand Clow’s an astrologer…not someone who’s had direct in-person experiences.
      We’re all here because Corey’s intel surpasses all that stuff.

  11. yo anyone watching this ismael perez guy he seems to say a lot of the same things as we hear from dw and cg. He says he was able to get educated by some books that Babaji and Kuthumi had a man provide to him and he is supposedly also working with blue avians and others in the higher realms to help awaken humanity and secure the planet away from negative regressive ET races and their AI god

  12. I know everyone is chomping at the bit to see Corey’s new update video and I’m sure he’s working as fast as he can.

    He had trouble with the live feed earlier so he had to re-record it for us according to a message he left below.

    I know it’s difficult when you really want to hear the new updates. I’m a patient guy BUT I gotta say, we ALL need some good news. It seems like the only news we get lately is bad news coming out of our crazy insane world.

    Just put the armor of God on and know that the end of this movie is so very close.

    As Q once said, it will seem like all is lost then everything will change. I don’t know if I got the exact wording right but you all know what I mean.

    God bless and protect us all 🙏

  13. FYI…the time is now 12:32 Central Time here in America on Thursday 9/22/22. The above post states that Corey is now RECORDING the update video & will post it by THURSDAY MORNING. Is there any update information that this platform can share regarding the episode that did not launch yesterday? Thank You!

    1. He had trouble with the live feed so he had to re-record it for us according to a message he left below.

      I know it’s difficult when you really want to hear the new updates. I’m a patient guy BUT I gotta say, we ALL need some good news. It seems like the only news we get lately is bad news coming out of our crazy insane world.

      Just put the armor of God on and know that the end of this movie is so very close.

      As Q once said, it will seem like all is lost then everything will change. I don’t know if I got the exact wording right but you all know what I mean.

      God bless and protect us all 🙏

    1. I think because he got sucked into Elena Danaan’s narrative (ie the ‘Galactic Federation’ blonde types Corey’s talking about posing as good guys but really working with the Orion group); and also Megan Rose’s narrative. I think Elena passed a message through MS that Corey should fall into line with their ‘narrative’ ie change his story to fall in with theirs…(which would be lying and making it into a story!)…so it seems according to Corey, Michael’s been misled / has fallen for some BS.

  14. I’m willing to bet he’s going to tell us that the NASA postponed the moon launch because of what happened at LOC. It was hit a day or so before the launch…I’ve been wanting to hear what’s really going on…

  15. YouTube is going to screw themselves right off the internet if they keep up their hoity-toity diva ways. They are charging more and more these days to keep themselves afloat. Greedy buzzards. 

  16. Corey I’m so very grateful that you came into our lives. We might not of seen the deception within the “disclosure” if not for your quiet truth, standing up for Ascension… its an honor sir.