Earth Liberation Battles Timeline and the Solar Micronova - S2 E2

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  1. It is fitting and proper that we should doubt any narrative that we cannot verify independently using our own psychic or mental abilities.

    Currently, much of this narrative remains unverified:

    The impending “solar micronova,” “4th density mass consciousness,” the various details of which groups humans are involved with, and what is actually happening on Earth are for the most part unverified at this time. I would not be too taken by any of these narratives until we can verify them independently.

    What has been independently verified so far that I am aware of includes: Our essential spiritual nature, which is creative and immortal; The existence of many off-world groups that are visiting Earth using spaceships or other methods; The existence of warfare between some of these groups; The existence of a spiritual entrapment network around Earth, forcing us to reincarnate here whether we want to or not; Our own ability to develop our psychic abilities and know more about all this, independent of the narratives being sold to us by the various off-world groups, including the possibility that we could free ourselves from the entrapment network.

  2. To be truly awake, you’ll understand none of this crap matters. Ascension will occur instantly for many who will find themselves on a paradise planet, the rest will reincarnate on a new 3D Earth. No solar ejection, no abductions, the Light is far more powerful than they make you believe, it’s not a contest. The only difference is the Light forces allow dark to proceed in many instances due to free will, not all though. But we don’t receive disclosures until AFTER the shift to Sheen. The problem with mainstream disclsoures is the have far too many hands in the pot.. aalong with charging ppl, be weary of this. Not all true, not all lies either.

  3. The “unknown “is just that unknown there is no way to Prepare for what is coming . Let alone know what to expect . how to survive what is about to happen . I say let’s get on with it. I’m so tired of waiting for this or that to happen . Enough is enough just bring it . We can pick the pieces from the smoking ash what is left then we can move on. Only then can we move on with our lives . So enough with all the crap “just do it “mankind will always survive and rebuild our Civilization just like in the past.

  4. If I can Add to my Wife’s Point… I agree the more Realistic prediction as to how the Solar Event will unfold does sound Devastating and even Scary… but this is also wrapped with a Lot of Unknowns and to be Fair We can Not Expect Corey to be in the Know to all that will Happen as I am sure he is not pervade to fully whats gonna happen… this information is from a Timeline that had happened… so really none of us are fully in the Know of how it will Go. But what I feel is that there is an Inner Power, some knowledge that has been locked away in all of us as we have been conditioned to live a life of Schedules and Routines via Distractions of the Day to Day life we have lived up to now. I Understood that after the Solar Flash our said to be Junk DNA will be repaired so then what does that mean… and how does that look in terms of our response to that… to me it means gradually we will be able to tune inward more and expect answers to come from seemingly nowhere and this means we are gonna Be Our Own Savior. Just think if this happens to all of us that means Co-Collectively We are gonna come up with Solutions that we may have not been able to via Our current situations, or maybe we can but again so practiced in our way of life now… So I say sure lets be more realistic about all this putting aside the Floaty Crap we hear from other people who seem to cant accept that this is not some Magical event but a cycle… but yet keep to the ideal that We really don’t Know our OWN TRUE POTENTIAL’s.. but also there is no such thing as Happenstance it is for a reason and there is a Reason each of us who are about to venture are here to face this… I am sure most of us will prevail and Solutions are gonna come much more easy as for the 1st time We are gonna have to Fully Depend on OurSELVES cuz We are SOURCE

  5. Remember this is about us standing up and getting off of our knees. We need to save ourselves, believing we can just wish everything away isn’t the answer either…The guardians told us that we must collectively address this. We can accomplish much buy coming together and finding answers.

  6. Hello from Brazil, I have been following your steps Mr. Goode for many years now, I sent you an email. I don’t know if it was you or someone on your staff who responded.
    My question: You have access to all these different races with different technologies, couldn’t we use some of these technologies to spread your message to more people?
    Regardless if it’s over the internet, or directly in people’s minds. Can’t we use technologies to spread all this urgent and important news to the people of Earth?
    I’m Brazilian and I speak a little bit of English, but millions of my fellow brazilians don’t.
    I wish I could help more. Thank you for the opportunity to speak here!

    1. Due to universal “law” advanced races of ETs do not share their technologies that are beyond that of our own on earth, or any other planet that has not advanced. There are malevolent beings that have agreements to “trade” some of their technology in exchange for access (abductions) to the human population for their experiments. Any technology that’s been acquired this way is not available to the general public, as I understand it.
      Corey does indeed have plans that are in the making to get this information out to a much wider audience via more graphic novels, video games, scripted TV shows, and documentaries.

  7. Really? The GGLN and SSP Alliance think millions of people around the world that have been waiting years for the Restored Republic Q Movement, White Hats and Galactic Alliance to rid us of the Orion influenced deep state in the US and worldwide plan to wait for you another ten years. The millions are already very tired of waiting since Trump brought the existence of the deep state to their attention in 2016. Their prayers may finally be answered next week with the complete abolition of the dark’s black magic money system making their fiat money worthless worldwide. There is much more to all of this since the movement started in earnest after JFK’S assassination but I won’t go into it. Let’s just say the dark’s influence on this planet is about to get a MOAB. There very well may be some ETs that have been fooled to think that all of humanity needs to share the karma of the few that have been doing atrocities in the galaxy but their are many who aren’t fooled. It might still take a little while to clear the 10,000 DUMBs around the world but 95% has already been destroyed in the US and we know that many of earthquakes around the world have been attributed to yet another DUMB destruction. We are also being helped by Angels and Archangels. Beings up to 25D that apparently the GGLT and SSP Alliance know nothing about but even the strongest beings of the dark do and they are scared. These Higher Light beings don’t need to spend years fighting the Orion group with old fashioned military tactics. Their mere presence will destroy the dark. The dark can run but they cannot hide.

    1. It’s…not work like that
      Don’t you see, my friend, that most of this information is just to make people wait, wait for others to do something for you to resist, and you just have to sit back and enjoy the benefits, the Earth Alliance itself is not reliable, has long been infiltrated by the Cabal, this is a process that all humans on the Earth need to go through by themselves, they must choose a better timeline, If you’re tired about these, that’s a revelation, because it’s an opportunity to stand up and take responsibility for yourself

    2. Archangel Michael says they were created to help humanity. It seems to me that if and when our Creator determines, in his divine insight, that we need help, we’ll get it!! Meanwhile, we’re to do all we can.

  8. Ok. Now a totally different direction I’m a comment. I don’t like the timeline outlined here. I choose NOW! I declare Earth/ Terra free NOW and for all higher light densities. I stand on the Devine sovereignty being creators to expunge the evil from our planet and galaxy NOW. Be gone all beings of darkness! I reject you and your agendas. I choose NOW for freedom, spiritual liberation, the end of galactic slavery perpetrated by the current puppeteers. Freedom for Earth, the moon, Mars, Ceres. All of it Now! Stand up NOW! Quit the “galactic circle-jerk” and let’s kick some dark side tail! I’m ready, whose with me?

    1. Well, we volunteered to incarnate into these bodies and live these lives so we’ll just continue to make the most of the cards we’re dealt, whether we like it or not. After all, we’re here for the experience and subsequent spiritual development. All seven Billion of us.

  9. Thank You Corey, I love you as a brother. I have followed your testimony since 2013. I’m in the Army and have a difficult time calculating how to apply this knowledge. I don’t have that many lingering questions. I’ve studied everything you shared.

    It’s inevitably weird for you to hear that.

    I will not reach a 20 year retirement status by the year 2033/34. I have no other great plan for obtaining the money needed to prepare for a solar event (fucking massive) like you describe, except that I save and spend all at once while believing that it is in the right place at the right time.

    In other words, I don’t have complete control over my duty assignment. Short of swallowing the cum of your testimony like a faithful cult follower would, I have to continue living in the “real” world. You understand this. It’s where most of us are, and it’s pretty god damned ironic, because if we bet on your words only too soon then we risk the loss of our limited bank accounts.

    Most of us don’t know how to live off the land. We aren’t prepared. We aren’t cult followers. We aren’t land owners. We aren’t…….

    We are aware.

    That’s all.

    As for me and my house. I am trusting that I will be stationed at Fort Carson along with all the other Soldiers that I want on my left and right when the solar flash hits.

    I heard on Suspicious Observers that it will be the Atlantic and that Pacific land masses will be greatly saved/safer than say Easter to middle eastern North Carolina / moving into the eastern rims of the great Smokey mountains/blue ridge mountains.

    Are you willing to address this directly? If so can you correct it with as specific a map as you currently understand for safe places. Honestly, the gravity of your words require it at this point.