The Cosmic History of the ZULU ALIEN Civilization S2 E1

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Season 2 Episode 1
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  1. I don’t believe in being unknowingly powerful AT ALL. True power is founded on awareness, conscious discernment, and integrity. Of knowing the laws and explorations of cause and effect, by a learning process starting from scratch, like in the 3rd dimension, where physicality offers experiences, and a learning curve towards discernment, and the choice of wisdom.

    The idea that these Zulu shamans created their demons externally, is preposterous to me. Only those who ignore to work on their shadow, privately and collectively, are made of such stuff, manifesting their demons. We’re witnessing this right now, isn’t it?
    Otherwise, life would’ve allowed toddlers to play with fire, predicting the end of something that hardly has had a beginning. It’s not done.

  2. Ok, I’ve listened to this 3x now. I’m curious about the part where it says certain races will be returning to collect their agents here on earth. And they will mysteriously die when in reality they are just leaving their earthly bodies behind. This reminds me of ‘Heavens Gate’ a few years ago. So was that a real thing or a cult thing? Thanks.

  3. I know you can only report to your viewers what the SSP want you to say but I want you to know they are wrong. About a month ago Archangel Gaia told everyone involved in the nwo’s 2030 agenda that if they don’t immediately stop what they are doing she will do a pole shift so violently that no living thing on her planet will survive. Since then the Orion and Andromeda groups have sent SOS signals to their home planets begging them to come get them because Gaia is going to kill them. A very high density group called the Galacom came to our planet because they were getting reports from people they have here that they better come see what’s going on on this planet. The Galacom said it can’t be that bad we’ll make a quick trip down there just to surmise the situation and tell you what you need to do and then we can get back to more important stuff. Before they even got here they were shocked to see the level of toxicity our planet was being subjected to and decided we needed their help immediately. They alerted their superiors The Higher Light Council and together with the Arcturians, Pleiadians and other Galactics they are actively engaged in solving our nwo problem. The Galacom were a bit perplexed when the Pleiadians didn’t offer to help right away but the Higher Light Council told them that it was indeed the Pleiadians who created the reptilians, archons and others and were reluctant to take part in what may need to be their destruction. Since then God Himself has ordered the Pleiadians to get their butts down here and clean up their mess. So yes there are going to be Galactics and Inner Earth Races that are going to save our butts and they are doing it right now. I just read a Pleiadian post that yes they are going to supply us with med beds, crystal light chambers, free energy, replicators, a living quantum computer abundance system and whatever else we need to hasten our ascension. No God is not going to put us through another 10 years of nwo bs. In 1975 the nwo nearly succeeded in setting off an explosion so powerful it would have knocked the earth out of orbit and sent us hurtling into space in a if we can’t have this world no one will scenario. Those that stopped this from happening promised God they would fix this situation by 2025. God has said finish this now. It has already gone on far too long and He has other matters elsewhere He wants His Angels to attend to.

    1. Oh boy, oh girl, the zealous and judgmental attitude of placing everything in good or bad, with punishment in tow for the bad guys, is penetrating here also.
      The naivety in such a commenter. in this case you, is an abomination. No punishment or any form of revenge has entered Gaia’s consciousness or other parties of densities above the 6th dimension. She deals with unbalances, yes, but not with threats.
      There’s no ignoring of Earth changes, before my eyes, and the going may be tough in the coming years. But no deliberate killing is intended by Gaia, she just acts in the interest of survival, while we’re near the end of a cosmic cycle. The old world is collapsing in slow motion, and we get to see what’s keeping us so long before liberation, with Gaia as the star in that celebration.

    2. Your received information may be true for you, but for me it isn´t. Any person who promises to initiate a violent shifting of poles, and a tsunami, is just a fantasy in your mind. No spiritually advanced being will choose such an action. When planet Earth is shifting her poles, it´s just part of her evolutionary cycle, in sync with the Sun´s company.

  4. I am so-o-o-o looking forward to someday meeting all these different, beautiful races. I want to know everything about them. Their history, their everyday life, how they learn, what are their children like, etc.

    1. You may be surprised, when that moment arrives, that all these different races are you, and many other human beings, in another evolutionary cycle. Don’t let the entertainment bug cover your sense of reality and use of common sense, okay?

  5. The portals opening up on the surface of the planet to various destinations can be desirable to some yet discernment is needed… as we reach further towards the solar event its time to make decisions, make informed ones.

  6. Hello Corey and Team, I just noticed is not on your hub website Might be a Goode 😅 idea to have it there. THANK YOU COREY, STACY AND TEAM FOR ALL YOU DO! RIGHT THERE WITH YOU!!! 😍🤗🤗🤗⚡

  7. Wow, fascinating update.  I appreciate finding out more information on the Eyosians, as well as more details regarding starseeds before the solar flash.  

    Thank you Corey.  For the updates as well as for all you are doing for humanity.