The Awakening of the Old gods in Antarctica - Atlantis

SSP Alliance Updates

Secret Space Program Alliance Updates, Part 8: The Awakening of the Old gods in Antarctica – Atlantis

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  1. Much confusion was caused by Cosmic Disclosure and the dots Corey left behind. Including the Super Scalar weapon known as Saturn. The ice field we call the Oort Cloud with an exposed SuperGate, and some of the very first experiments conducted by SSP Solar Warden on our Sun. The experiments discovered our Sol’s central star amitting steam. I’m wondering why Tiamat isn’t mentioned and the Scares of Earth events either. This video does explain lots of missing detail but it also seems to be still coving up events of the Galactic War. I obviously could be massively wrong and this is the total Truth. The vibrational frequency of truth seems a little off but I also feel there’s a massive amount of truth to this video. Thk Q very much

    1. Mars was a moon of the Giant Tiamat like Maldek was. In this super cosmic explosion Mars lost its atmosphere while Tiamat and Maldek are now the Asteroid Belt. Tiamat was approximately the size of Jupiter and Saturn and I’m led to believe that the Chinese race of people originated on Mars. The Chinese also created the Tartary Empire that ran long side the Atlantis Empire for 41,000 years. The Beings from Tiamat were the Atlantis Empire. The Beings from Maldek could possibly have set up the Guinea Empire.

  2. It blows my mind how everyone doesn’t want to know this ! We are few and im very worried that we are going to be able to pull this off ! Guess we will soon see im getting worn down trying to wake up others and its like talking to a wall never mind getting laughed at but im determined to fight till my last breathe for my family future relatives and all mankind! Thanks Corey Bless you brother & pray for your safety!!

  3. Thanks for your work Corey. I do resonate with you and am very positive that the positive Future for Humanity on the way. Is there any Info available about the Solar Flash Event Timing?

  4. Sorry i dont like the anunakis he Split the humanes he brings war  Kings  Gold Maschines and Pyramides That is Not Heartbeat That is Forcecontrolle sorry That is what i feel Heart is my Master is my Lord the Lord Looks with my 👀👂…fly a way leaf our  Planet only Humans bring Peace of Gaja No Star Worrior or halfgods or Aliens can do it …….we can do it better than extraterrestrisch Life….;))

    This ist the Great time of humans to Heal the World  Contect  Brain and Heart we are the Forces 

    Sorry for my terrible english 

  5. Claim: Earth’s current Moon originally orbited Maldek.

    Rebuttal: The Moon is obviously artificially built and placed as a sign to observers on Earth’s surface.

    Sasquatch Elder Kamooh gives the correct origin of our Moon in Sunbow’s book, “The Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Conversations with Elder Kamooh”. It and probably following books explain that the Moon was built by the Ant People as a refuge after they lost a war against the Lower Lords — the same Lower Lords who now wish to enslave humanity and transform us into cyborg servants of the AI God. The Moon is a warning, bone white.

    Lower Lords = Archons = Orion Group leaders.

    I am happy that Sasquatch and SSPA agree on the nature of the ultimate threat. However, I’m unhappy to find this inaccuracy in the SSPA’s reporting, at a time when it urges us to ignore other news sources.

    Some explanation as to how this error happened would be reassuring. One hopes there are not others.

    Sasquatch’s chronology of Earth’s moons is tricky, with a total count of four: the naturally formed moon, destroyed in the Ant People vs Archon wars; our current artificial eclipse moon; a “Death Star” metallic assault moon from Maldek that crashed, ending the dinosaurs; and the Bird People artificial moon, that was banished to a solar orbit, becoming Nibiru.

    Corey has also denied Nibiru; however it is supposed to be a stealthed military satellite built by an extremely advanced precursor race, so it is plausible he wouldn’t know about it yet.

    1. Nibiru isn’t a single planet its a wondering solar system that should, when it arrives here trigger Solar Flash. But rumors are, like Tiamat and Maldek, has been destroyed and the Anunnaki didn’t come from there either according to David Wilcock’s research .. Hope this helps