SSP Update: THE ANDROMEDA SYNDICATE - Beware Galactic Federations of Seductive Human ETs

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The Andromeda Syndicate disclosed: major updates from Corey & the SSP Alliance.

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Corey’s Notes:

  • The Zulu – representatives of the Sphere Being Alliance Guardians of our own Galaxy – whose planet is now the headquarters for the local confederation of star systems – were recently contacted by their counterparts from the Andromeda Galaxy. This group was introduced through their own Galactic Guardians through our own. More on the Zulu in our next video update
  • This new group called themselves the “Hue” or “Hew” and were 6.5 – 7.5 feet tall and had dark blue skin with dark black eyes and hair. They were dressed in tight-fitting silver garments that looked like they were Mummy wrapped onto their bodies and feet.
  • The Hew shared eons of Andromeda’s history that mirrored very closely what has gone on within our own Galaxy and many others from our local Galactic Neighborhood.
  • The Hew recounted how their own Galaxy has been fighting against their own AI prophets and groups like the Orion Group in ours. The Hew described how the outer rims of both Andromeda and the Milky Way have turned into the last remaining battlegrounds in these two Galaxies.
  • The Andromeda Galaxy had its own version of the Super Federation to oversee Cosmic Law and Inner-Stellar Agreements while protecting the natural evolution of emerging civilizations. As in our own Galactic Super Federation – The Andromedin Super Federation succumbed to corruption and began to rationalize their way around Cosmic Laws as they were more and more influenced by their version of the Orion Group who were Trojan Horse AI Prophets.
  • The Andromeda Super Federation was recently disbanded by their Galactic Guardians and a new system of Galactic Management is being introduced with the Guardians being in direct control.
  • The Guardians are higher density – almost angelic – beings that work directly on behalf of the LOGOS or personality of their Galaxy. Each Galaxy is similar to a fractal of the One Infinite Creator and has its own frequency and purpose. Each Galactic LOGOS creates its own flow of time, consciousness, and experience. Similarly, each Star in a Galaxy is its own LOGOS that acts like a replicator – Energy from the Cosmic Web feeds each Star through its center and then feeds out through the star and manifests as matter that is ejected and then begins to organize creating everything we experience in this physical reality. More on the Guardians and Galactic Trials in an upcoming video update
  • The Hew shared that the Andromeda Galaxy had not only been dealing with their own AI Prophet Groups but had also had several encounters with the bad guys from our Galaxy who have been collaborating with one another. They had run into several Orion Group, Reptilian, and Dark Fleet assets within their outer rim while battling their own bad guys.
  • The Hew named their bad guys “the Andromeda Syndicate” which was made up of dozens of ET groups that have been compromised by the AI god and its technology. The Hew reported that the Andromeda Syndicate had been largely defeated and had withdrawn to a hand full of star systems that they considered strongholds within the outer rims of their and our Galaxies.
  • The most cunning and ruthless member of the Andromeda Syndicate – A group of beings we call the Rogue Federation – has been infiltrating the star systems within our Galaxy for thousands of years under the guise of creating trade partnerships and supporting emerging civilizations with new technologies and religious beliefs to aid in their quality of life and advancement as a species.
  • These Rogue Federations had become AI Prophets long ago – adopted nanites into their bodies and surrendered their organic existence for one of servitude of their AI god. Their organic bodies were slowly replaced by inorganic matter that mimics the body functions of their once organic body. They appear and feel fully natural to the touch but are no longer flesh and blood beings like we are.
  • The Rogue Federation members can change their appearance but within our own Galaxy most often appear as very attractive tall Caucasians between the ages of 28 and 48 years old. This group has earned a reputation as the most cunning, deceitful, and dangerous member of the Andromeda Syndicate. They had misled countless star systems within their own Galaxy and our own and were able to contribute to the corruption of the Super Federations of both Galaxies – a system that had operated flawlessly as far back in time as even the Guardians can remember.
  • This Rogue Federation group has been isolated to a couple of dozen star systems along with their allies from two Galaxies. In our own local stellar neighborhood of 52 star systems – the Orion Group, Reptilians, Insectoids, and Mantids along with the Dark Fleet and numerous other AI Prophet Groups are trapped in two star systems that they consider strongholds. Aldebaran and our own Solar System are where these groups are planning to take their last stands. They have amassed large armadas in these two star systems in anticipation of the big battle to come and to somehow avoid the Cosmic Trials that are already beginning throughout our Galactic Cluster.
  • In our Galaxy – The Orion Group, Reptilians, Insectoids/Mantids, and their allies have been rooted out of star-system by star-system. These ET groups have tricked emerging civilizations on countless planets into creating religions that enslave their co-creative consciousness as these religions program them to look to the sky for gods to worship or to save them. These civilizations are tricked into using their co-creative abilities into creating versions of Hell that become alternate dimensions where souls are trapped and where demons and devils are conjured from the shadow side of their mass consciousness.
  • As each star system is liberated and goes through its own version of a solar flash – a natural cosmic cycle – the negative groups find themselves cast into the Hell they helped create until the cosmic level trials begin. Towards the center of both Galaxies, the more evolved civilization has been capturing the negative groups for eons and placing them in pocket dimensions that they have created to imprison them until the cosmic trials.
  • I will discuss the ET Group from our local stellar neighborhood that we call the ZULU. We will learn some of their over 2-billion-year history and how they evolved through solar eruptions in their solar system that drove them deep into their planet where they have thrived ever since. Their star shifted into a higher density and changed the energetics of their entire solar system. Their planet ended up being unique in our Galaxy and its internal crystalline structure ended up extending their life spans and giving them ascended abilities.

Next Episode: BREAKING NEWS! Lunar Operations Command Invaded by the Orion Group


  1. Well actually, Corey, about Thurs. morning maybe 4 AM (ish) I did have another astral attack that was sexual in nature. It was crazy, in that I could not even tell my husband. But I consider myself a very protected person. I’m 68 for God’s sake. Hoping that doesn’t happen ever again.

  2. Love ya stuff Corey!! The information you have given out some time back made me realise that we had to do this our selves and not depend on our galactic cousins.. Thankyou for your truth and wisdom! Love and hugz, Donna Northern NSW Australia!

  3. Our whole being, mind, body, soul, spirit, emotions, etc. is who we are and all have to be active since that is the whole being we are. Seven layers in the body and many more around that. I prefer to use the wait and see technique when time permits that process, and allow all insights from others to be added. The eternal now universe is so complicated and deep and rich that I have learned the hard way that I have been jumping to conclusions far too often in search for my questions of why, how, who, where, when. We are all in this to together, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and continue to ask why does the creator source create this way. It sure is a mess. Even baking a cake in the kitchen makes a mess, lol.

  4. I’ve listened to every word you’ve ever said , I could find , over many years now. Many times . Purely for information and any crumbs of truth out there . Corey , is Enoch . Messenger only . Very ancient soul , just my opinion . Corey . I just hope when all is said and done , earth humanity doesn’t just change hands and have new updated slave owners . “ guardians “ … “ harvest “ not words of freedom and love and soul expansion and freewill from the sounds of it. Nobody is talking about love . That’s all that matters . Why we are divine . Im gettting concerned , not excited . ✌🏻❤️☀️💨🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸

  5. Is Megan rose compromised? I know elaina denaan is… I can just feel it.. what about ismael Perez? I know everybody feels weird about speaking the truth about specific people. But now more than Ever- we need to not be afraid and call out this evil, we need to call them Out!!!

      1. I actually agree! I did a pendulum and Megan rose is compromised and ismael perez I’m in shock. Very saddening. I get the feeling that they were originally good people. But if you think about it. Elaina D and Megan rose both say they have a “chip implant”.

      2. When people say compromised, what does that mean? How long does this last? Can someone come back from that? I know I sound like a child. How can I believe anyone here as opposed to others elsewhere. I am only asking.

  6. Thank you!! I love the updates. I have seen the tall whites and yes they did have an angelic look about them, they kind of glowed, They reminded me of what the true elves looked like, and yes they have been around a very long time. At the same time they don’t feel quite right, on a deeper level at least to me.
    Thanks again and I can’t wait for the next update.

  7. Thank you Corey. I love that you bring awareness in the collective about fake messages.
    People really have to use their own discernment. I have a gut feeling that the messages coming from Blossom Goodchild (channeling White Cloud and the Federation of Light) is very sincere. Although you now say is otherwise. They bring Love and teach how to be Light and Love and how to use your discernment. That there is a knowing in your heart. I’ve read a lot of messages from a lot of people in the past and almost none have left. I do think there is a real ship by Sananda en the Ashtar command. But the is Ashtar channelings are probably 90% fake. Right now it’s better not follow anyone (if you’re not 100% sure) then everyone. I hope discernment comes from everybody’s heart. Lots of love from Amsterdam, the Netherlands🌈🙌🏻💓

  8. Hello, Corey! I see you believe everything you share is true. So I want to ask you the following:
    1. What is your understanding of the Key Military Intelligence System (KIMS)?
    2. Do you assume whatever artificial intelligence exists could have exhibited itself following natural law exactly and in completely positive properties towards us humans?
    3. If your answer to (2.) is “Yes”, then would you ever allow yourself to accepting it may be true too that its antipode – “dark artificial intelligence” has already been destroyed?

  9. Wow, lol Caucasion and most likely good looking, kind talking, very concerned, built like a brick house …. but are actually interfering, double crossing, two faced, lying, trouble making tricksters, impersonators and trojan tools of the dark side of the force. The cosmic force of positive, intense loving, always truthful, super kindness and deep caring for one another. Makes sense that many are being fooled. Look at Steven Greer and his false assumption that everything ebe must be good and positive. He forgets the ying and yang, the good and bad, the black and white, the positive and negative. As a survivor of a dark hybrid form of religious abuse i have seen the negative side of man made religion. The god of the Old Testament seems angry, homicidal, punishing and into animal sacrifice. The god of the new testament seems a little more improved but needs a human sacrifice to appease the original sin of Adam. hmmmm Eat my flesh and drink my blood seems a little metaphorical for human cannibalism. just sayin. My guess is the Jesus story originated as a super hero’s journey taught in Egyptian circles thousands of years predating modern Christianity. The Blue Avians have revealed that they have tried at least 3 times to share the Law of One with our earlier ancesters and we keep messing it up. Corrupting the deeper meanings of the truth that we are one with the Logos, one with the universal loving force and more importantly with each other as a collective galactic body of creatures sharing the same spirit of being. One and equal and of many important parts working together for the common good and serving one and another. Kind of like the “church” aka body of christ metaphor left uncensored, not deleted by the Roman literalist takeover in about the 3rd century led by Constantine a sun worshiper. The sun is awesome and provides us with so much, but she is not the logos but a conduit of glorious life giving light. Scriptures were altered, deleted, mistranslated and the golden truths were corrupted by the attempt to justify the Roman government’s takeover of the christos gnostic teachings. Whether Jesus aka Joshua was a literal historic rebel is not important to me. We need to be Christ. Be the active Rebel. Like Corey keeps hammering, get off your knees people !! Stop staring at the sky for the Second coming. Be the Second coming !! What would Jesus do ….. lol He would be brutally honest about the use of Religion to enslave us. He would be very angry about the Banksters and greedy bastards hogging all the wealth. He would be going after the ones hurting our children through cruel unspeakable horrors. He would be sharing the cosmic Truth about the family of the one true and life giving Mother of all Fathers. The holy spiritual force with in and around us all. Sophia the feminine wisdom. He would right the wrongs. He would remind us when you give a cup of water to a thirsty stranger you have given it to me. God is in each of us. Look in the mirror. That is what god looks like. It’s like God has multiple personalities and we are the incarnation of that presence. So the teachings that wherever two or three are gathered, there Am I. The Lord’s Prayer in the original translation is way different then the one recited in Churches on Sunday. I’m leaning towards a Cosmic Christos, the Logos that Corey is referring to. The Egyptians knew about reincarnation. It was removed from modern Christianity as a competition to the permanently in Hell narrative. When the Bible stories like the parables taught by Jesus are on Egyptian tomb walls that predate his story by thousands of years ….” Houston ..We have a problem !! ” lol I was once angered by the suggestion that Jesus could just be mythos. Now I’m ok. “You must be Born Again Brother !!” yes, but death is birth in to a new adventure and birth is death to the remembrance of our past lives and who we really are. Lots of us have risked it all in a dangerous, foolish but worth every second chance to incarnate here and now in this battle against the AI Empire and their little toys. To free all the prisoners and to protect the young and weak. To slay the dragons that threaten, to bring prosperity back and to celebrate life on this amazing blue Planet we call Earth. Thanks to the Guardians for buying us precious time, for standing up to our brutal bullies and leveling the balance of power among the galaxies. For standing on guard. For caring and being kind to us as we try to find our way and remember our mission. thanks Corey and Stacey time to prove actions speak louder than well meaning words …. game on !

    1. Nice summary! This to shall pass, or maybe it’s me that shall pass. Seems life in our galaxy is a sort of kindergarten. When will we, or more specifically, I, have learned all I need to know about life in this kindergarten? Is it a stretch to think everyone will at once? Hmm.

  10. I totally believe that a human-looking group has been creating religions and otherwise interfering with us here on Earth for a long long time. But this is because it is corroborated by other research, not because the Zulu told Corey.

    Life is full of stories and until we have research validating a story we should see it as just a story.

    Another story that has been validated by research is that Earth has been set up with some sort of system that keeps spiritual beings reincarnating here rather than returning to other places they once lived. Some call it a “prison planet.” Why is the “love and light” side of the disclosure movement unaware of this? Are their ET sources purposely keeping certain things secret?

    1. I got another one for you. If you’re a Star Trek fan, then you will remember “Hugh” in STNG. He was a BORG drone who became alienated from the rest of the “hive” and the crew gave him the name “Hugh”. If you’re not familiar with the Borg, they are AI that travels around the galaxy “assimilating” other cultures. BAM – right in our faces!

  11. Corey, I can NOT thank you ENOUGH. for calling out the GFofL❤️!! I’ve been waiting for years for someone like yourself (a highly respected person within the Truth Community) to disclose this!! For anyone interested, I highly recommend reading ETERNAL HUMANS AND THE FINITE GODS (3rd Edition 2021 update) by Theresa Talea **BTW – SHE IS NOT NEW AGE NOR DOES SHE CHANNEL**
    Here are a few excerpts from her book:

    “Sananda and Sanat Kumara work with another leading figure named Ashtar. Ashtar leads the Ashtar Command in which Sananda is an admiral. The Ashtar Command works closely with the GFofL, and they are essentially synonymous.” (p302 ebook)

    “Many are becoming aware that the earth is hollow and that we have a seventh inner continent named Agartha…The rise in consciousness is opening the minds of many to this truism….
    I will also place the facts before you that the GFL [GFofL] primary Earth base is located in the inner-Earth caverns, beneath Tibet’s spiritual city of Lhasa….
    From that vast base, many miles in diameter, there are cavern tunnels that lead out to various exits, including those in India….
    Something I would like to add about our primary GFL base, is that is is [sic] right next to Shamballah, 400 miles under Tibet’s capital city of Lhasa…Officially the base is described as the GFL Command Base and it is 50 miles in diameter, with five levels” (p442 ebook)

    “The predominantly phantom entities in the GFofL’s Jesus, Buddha, and Archangel group, and its affiliate groups (Ashtar Command etc.) give us channeled messages begging to enter into our bodies so they can “heal” us with their DNA techniques. As I stated in chapter 7, some of their techniques do somewhat heal certain people who would make excellent mouthpieces for the phantom cause; however, these mouthpieces and resultant energy workers rarely if ever reveal sufficient background knowledge to their gullible clients. I have seen unbelievable robbery and destruction in the New Age field of energy work where practitioners charge upward of one thousand dollars to open up people’s chakras to phantom entities who are eager to possess them.
    It is unnecessary and unwise to call upon entities to fix our DNA capacity when the current Human body cannot act outside of its reality. Now, if they would remove the NET fields that they implanted, that is another story, but that would happen only by their good conscience, not by our prayers and allegiance; the removal of the Nibiruian Electrostatic Transduction fields would improve our awareness of their controlling agendas. Based on the history of numerous entities adhering to phantom energies, I strongly advise against believing that one or a few entity buddies could reverse a concerted effort against us as a species. If it were that easy, the Krysthal River Host would have done it already.
    Do not forget that phantom entities know and understand death science. They know how to manipulate and reverse phantom components of the Human body, hence performing so-called healings and miracles. I argue that any technique that primarily uses phantom or semi-phantom energy-matter should be avoided if we want our bodies to be naturally restored. Any semi-phantom frequency should be minimal to connect to our dimensional reality while truly eternal energy must be the foundation.” (p483 ebook)

    This book has been my GOTO since 2014❤️. Anyone who truly desires Truth will love this book!

  12. Hi Corey, Do you think the Telos and St Germain groups in Mt Shasta are a part of the Rougue Federation group of which you speak, or any other malevolent ET-influenced group? I have always wondered avoy their strong causasian messiah-type messaging and appearace as they are depicted in art and social media, etc.

  13. I noticed a split in the community recently. The infiltration of phonies in our movement is clearly seen. I tend to lean on the side of this information being accurate to my discernment. Thank you for update and god bless.

  14. Thanks for the update, Corey. Looking forward to many more. And thanks, too, for planning your wedding around my 40th birthday, 3/20/1993. March 20 is a good date for everything; very energetic date. Meditating …. while waiting for more updates.

  15. And I would imagine that the trapped souls in “hell” provide a very nice consistent source of “loosh”…brilliant and diabolical strategy! I would imagine some poor souls keep themselves in “hell” for thousands of years.

    A lot of things that never made sense to me in the Old Testament are now making a lot of sense.

    I would add that just as the Infinite Creator allows negative forces to be at play on this Planet, I think the AI god is just the same “catalyst” but on a much larger scale! Its in the dynamics of ying-yang…good and evil…expansion and contraction…so that we can compare and contrast, choose and grow.

    So reject fear, be at peace, trust the Infinite Creator completely, BUT MAKE YOUR CHOICE AND PLAY YOUR ROLE WELL! PEACE!!!

    1. In an out of body state, 5 seconds can feel like an eternity.
      In an out of body state, you can be tortured forever.
      Hell is not fear.
      Hell is emptiness, forever, until you forget about what it is like to live.
      Eternity with no hope of escape.
      And in the cage with you, an omnipresence that rivals god, but its divinity has left it long ago.
      You can feel it feeding off of you.
      Pulling you out from the inside.
      Then you wake up with your family laughing at you.
      Nope hope of ever explaining what just happened.
      Total isolation, total emptiness, no hope.
      One hell into the next.

  16. Chiquetet, Arlich, Vomalites X 3 King high priest of Egypt

    You need no rescuer. You need no savior. You are your own savior if you would only wake up to that truth.-

    Take it upon yourself to become the master that your design is moving you forward to, and you will lead the troops. Your main concern is your own consciousness, for when your Merkaba is fully activated your aura will be all the weapon you need, keeping your lower chakras from winning the war of consciousness.
    ref; Metatron, Archangel. Metatron This Is The Clarion Call (p. 19). Kindle Edition.

    *** This power, this power can overcome any shadow,******
    can brush away in one single thought the whole darkness from the surface of any world. This power has been coveted by so many species in the aim of harnessing it but they never could, because it is activated by love. So they destroy the structures when they can’t have it.

    Danaan, Elena; Danaan, Elena. A Gift From The Stars: Extraterrestrial Contacts and Guide of Alien Races (pp. 380-381). UNKNOWN. Kindle Edition.

  17. Thanks Corey for the update:)

    For what is worth, as suggested in the video, i share some of my thoughts of angelic beings and savoirs from outside:
    – they are, as we all are, part of the one.
    – teaching that the “salvation” (from what?!) or the “ascension” (to a “higher” level?!) come from outside takes away the responsibility and inner work. This may be preferable by some people, whereas undesirable by other people. In any case, we are given free will to accept or not. (Ascension, salvation, death, good, bad, positive, negative are given the socially acceptable meaning, although personally I can’t grasp their true nature or meaning)
    – the AIGod, these groups from both sides, the groups with no sides, me, you, are all different points of view of the one, all moving by the same premises: to serve. Same as a mother does what she thinks best for her children in the limits of her point of view. Some child’s follow and obey, some revolt, others detach and create new paths…
    – When we yearn something from the past or expect something in the future, the present moment slips our grasp. Those feelings are beacons that call for help, therefore some groups find the door open and answer the call.
    – The question is: do I still need someone to hold the light for me to see the path, or am I the light of my own path?

    Again, these are only my personal and humble thoughts, from my biased and limited point of view. Finally I would like to share, regardless of the times, the precious moments that lined up form our short life and how exciting, fun, full of love, rich and amazing all can be when we allow ourselves to relax, let go, enjoy and share the experiences that makes our hearts beat full of life;)!

  18. When you mention this group from the Andromeda Syndicate masquerading as other groups or using different names to describe themselves, are you saying groups like the Pleiadians don’t exist and are only these beings doing another con, or do groups like that exist and this Andromeda Syndicate group merely pretends to be them in some cases?

  19. Oh if I didn’t have a good laugh at this update. My mother and I have joked for years saying if Jesus came back and was black a lot of people would say “No”! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Thank you very much! 👍🏽💪🏽

    1. Currently my source of information that I choose to listen to on a regular basis is from: Benjamin Fulford, Kimberly Goguen UNITED NETWORK group of people, Simon Parkes, Courtney Brown and his FARSIGHT group of remote viewers, ECETI James Gilliland. In the past I listened to Dr. Steven Greer and many others. But as I am finding out COMMUNICATION IS A WONDERFUL THING when it happens and is not infiltrated with lies and dark agenda information, etc. Creator Source is who I talk to who lives in my heart and his/son said “Out of our bellies flows rivers of living waters” and “Ask and you shall receive, knock and it shall be opened to you, seek and you shall find” all universal truths that help me wade through the morass of swampy information, lol. Cheers. from Charles Gilbert Wright b. 7-28-1948 and we all are on this journey together here now for a reason and am happy to be here now to see the cleaning up process in action. I have kissed a lot of frogs on the way, lol.

        1. and I also read the monthly newsletter from Lisa Renee of ES Energetic Synthesis. And how can I not mention that I read the Bible almost everyday, plus a pile of other books. My wife loves me to read to her, now that is an added enjoyment in daily reading.

  20. Let’s face it Megan Rose & Elena Danaan SEEM, FEEL in the heart to be sincere and genuine. They both get messages from the White beautiful Caucasian Pleiadians. They also describe many other ET types. They both have implants as well for “communication” purposes. Many others “resonate” with these 2 ladies. I have seen issues with ED but Mehan Rose seems very innocent & very genuine. Are you saying that their messages are from the same brings that have been “seducing” us for centuries? Both were abducted & rescued from the bad ET. Are you saying these two or those like them are part of the bad ET propaganda tool & are being used to disseminate wrong messaging to mankind. They say that the Pleiadians with the Earth Alliance have kicked bad ET out of our Galaxy. We have control of the moon, Mars again etc. is this not true? They say WE as humans have to go our part. How can mankind do its part without disclosure. Duh!! I HAVE BEEN WATCHING A LOT OF “ “FARSIGHT” org Remote Viewing projects. Courtney Browns theories make great sense that we are a prison Planet & are manipulated & controlled via religion politics etc for centuries. His mission is DISCLOSURE. Can we combine ALL these messages into one truth???

    1. Basically I realised Elena might be synthesising and copying prior information when I found really old intel on aliens in exactly the same postures that she drew more sophisticated drawings of in her book. Like, it looked like she’d elaborated existing older sketches/photos etc in publications featured on websites up since the 90s…:-/
      I was really into her updates and bought her books etc.
      End of the day…it’s Corey I trust and when he started low-key saying this is not what he was experiencing (ours and other nearby planets being liberated)…(see his prev upates)…I believe Corey rather than Elena. He’s proven himself over time to me.
      If what Corey’s saying is correct, then it’s possible her caucasian saviours appear to have ‘rescued’ her from the Greys…when really that may have been staged and it was like good cop/bad cop. They never removed her implant, remember (ie ‘too dangerous’)…

    2. As Corey has said, discernment involves balancing our heart (feelings) with our intellect (mind). Like any other spiritual tool, the more we practice or exercise it, the better we get at it. Often what some say “resonates” is just that it makes them feel good, and then they call it their own “truth.” Truth doesn’t always feel good, so when we apply reason and critical thinking we can sit with it, or process it, and eventually connect the dots.

      1. Along this line, there are actual research (investigative) techniques that can be (and have been) employed to verify some of the stories we have been told.

        My favorite person who is still doing this is Courtney Brown with his Farsight Institute. He uses remote viewing.

        Others have used hypnotic regression, while Hubbard used special techniques that he developed. Ian Stevenson’s group verified the reality of reincarnation using only children who could remember their past life without any assistance.

    1. Each one of us has to find our own truth. We pick up the shards of “reality” and put them together into our own picture. The messages of ED and CG are among such shards that we have to deal with according to our consciousness and conscience 🙂

    2. As Corey has said, discernment involves balancing our heart (feelings) with our intellect (mind). Like any other spiritual tool, the more we practice or exercise it, the better we get at it. Often what some say “resonates” is just that it makes them feel good, and then they call it their own “truth.” Truth doesn’t always feel good, so when we apply reason and critical thinking we can sit with it, or process it, and eventually connect the dots.

  21. Hi there I’m Erik Van Velzen and I have witnessed infiltration within the Bitcoin cryptocurrency world
    I have witnessed an attack against me personally and others
    I’m since 2010 bit by bit involved and around 2017 I have started witnessing these infiltrators and they have personally attacked me shut down My banking shutting down My crypto wallets they all just went completely black while the rest of the internet was working perfectly that took just about 1 week
    I’m very bad in writing messages through text because I’m very dyslexic
    Maybe I could have a call with someone to explain

  22. Thanks Corey, Looking forward to more intel.
    May I suggest audio/books: Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust and They Want to Kill Americans. Both books will blow your mind.
    Namaskar Dear Ones:)):)):))