Ep1: Timeline Updates Part 1

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

In this episode Corey & Mike discuss Corey’s latest timeline updates posted here: https://ascensionworks.tv/corey/timelines-earth-liberation-battles-and-the-solar-micro-nova/

Next Episode: Ep2: Timeline Updates Pt. 2 + Q&A


  1. According to the Benjamin Fulford Report and Real Raw News we’ve got the Cabal, aka Kazarian Mafia on the verge of defeat. The Cabal will likely abolished by this Spring. Which should free up a lot of resources for the SSP. For example, I do no expect to pay the FED’s income tax this year because the Satanic Rockefeller and Rothschild Cults will have been eliminated.

  2. God Bless you Corey Goode. I’ve sent donations. Bought the books. Attended the seminars. I met you and David at the LA Hilton Feb of 2018. Five years ago! You and David both spoke of “Oh the indictments are being unsealed! Politicians are being arrested and tried. The cabal is at an end! NOW you’re talkin’ about 2036!!! WTF Corey?!!!! ALL you folks KEEP MOVING THE GOAL POSTS. What/Who are we supposed to believe?

  3. I don’t have a magic bullet to get rid of the deep state. I don’t like this covid shot situation, and I didnt want mass arrests by an unelected new world governing body either. I mean what if you didn’t like something THAT did… God help you than because they would be prosecutor,judge, jury, and executioner. But let’s look at this strike protest idea more closely. Should ambulances still run? …they are essential services, …and it’s basically covid shut down turned inside out. But then what happens? I mean how does it change anything? Do we still vote our power over to politicians (just a different one again)? If we are going to build a holistic society we don’t need to protest we need to obstain from the old game and declare sovereignty collectively…by county or town. The sanctuary city thing always was a good idea…it was just psyopped to look ridiculous but I think it’s still catching on actually. Lol

    1. Corey seems unaware that the military “white hats”, in the USA, Russia, China, and much of the rest of the world have been working for years to eliminate Satanic rule by the Rothschild, Rockefellers, and others. Most of our leaders are Satanists, and much of our military is mistakenly supporting “Black Hats”. Fortunately, the White Hats are winning and have just about won. Here in the USA the Satanists like the Bushes, Clintons, etc. have been executed for treason. As well as the top Hollywood actors,

      Corey’s a really fine fellow. And by far, he’s the most effective, knowledgeable, and insightful prophet regarding ET, cosmological and some spiritual stuff. He really is the “insider’s insider” for ET, Cosmo stuff.

      There’s a lot going on in the cosmos, but also here on Earth. For example, Nancy Pelosi was recently convicted of treason and hung at Gitmo. And there are many like her will soon follow, including much of Congress.

      For Planet Earth’s war on Satanic elites, see Michael Baxter’s https://realrawnews.com/. Baxter’s RRN is slandered routinely by the Cabal’s media, but has never been sued to force a retraction of a single line. With the US military matters, he is an “insider’s insider”.

      We humans are in a much better shape than Corey knows!

  4. But if David wilcock’s sources are correct, than everyone who took a covid shot will be dead by 2033. Trump gave us that thing and the SSP gave us him. So I hope they have plans other than just letting it happen.

  5. Thank you greatly, Corey and Mike! I really appreciate Mike appearing in this, as well, for his conciseness and clarity, and how he helps lead the discussion in an organized, understandable manner. I have a few comments: 1) The Taygetans have explained that our Moon is a space station that emits “5th density” frequency canceling waves, most of which are defunct now, with some still effectively working toward the US area, and European area, and not at all operational in Brazil, China, etc. Is there a correlation with this and those countries being more higher consciousness thinking? 2) It seems there is a dichotomy between being service-to-others (positive) oriented and attacking and fighting our other-selves. Will you explain more about this? 3) With these service-to-self oriented (negative) beings having usurped and built out more, the advanced technologies brought to us from ET groups, how is there a realistic expectation that we, the positive beings, could hope to have a chance at fighting the negative beings and liberating our planet? 4) How much affect and effect would meditating and holding high vibes of love and peace have in this effort?

  6. Great and very insightful video as always. Thank you. I posted this comment on youtube, but it was auto-deleted in like 20 seconds. This talk about aikido principle utilized by the Zulu, made me think about something. Maldek exploded as a direct result of hijacking of one of the ‘deathstars’ forming the protective grid. Imo there are two probabilities – not really mutually exclusive – they could be both true at the same time, to some extent. One(as you explained before) – a timing miscalculation on behalf of the people who tried to hack/probe/use those defensive weapons, and they were testing them for a very long time(hundreds of years as I remember). The second one is – an intervention. I think of it in this way. If one leaves automated defensive weapons, that supposed to protect certain area(local star cluster) and the kids on the block find them with an intent to repurpose it to wage war, what will one do? Let the kids to destroy everything around them or give the kids an instant karma, thus preventing to be karmically involved with the actions of the kids. As it occurred, the whole grid of hundreds of ‘deathstars’ went down, ensuring it won’t happen again and opening the whole ‘kindergarten’ to the rest of the ‘world’. It could also mean there was a safety mechanism built-in, just following the protocol – a shutdown program, if you will, and/or the ABR was monitoring the whole situation all along, intervened with the aikido principle, aka ‘an instant karma’ – as they did in many other instances. Live by the sword and die by the sword. In other words “reap what you saw”, and we are reaping it ever since.