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Ep9: Orion Group Interference Pt 2

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

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  1. I really love this video Corey and Mike, thank you for talking about this Soul fragmentation / ‘piece’ of the soul being encoded / imprinted / copied…

    How I understand it is our Soul / and Soul Mission on Earth is connected to a mineral / crystal, each of the main 77 crystals / minerals hold particular wisdoms and colour bandwidths.

    Those ‘masses’ that are not yet walking the path of their soul (forgotten their true source of connection) do not have access to the gifts of their ‘soul crystalline consciousness’.

    Like any alchemical process it is up to us to ‘transmute’ the challenges we face (dark night of the soul) into the light (lead to gold so to speak), it makes complete sense to me that the soul can ‘fragment’ just as One large body of a particular crystal is fragmented into pieces all over the world. From my understanding – the ‘fall from consciousness’ caused the earths crystalline unified core to lower in vibration (separate / fragment) and say for example ‘Ruby’ was then split into multiple locations around the world rather than a long time ago – each crystal in our crystalline grid was ‘whole’ unto itself and we at particular times or timelines on earth (we as in our collective awareness being anchored on Earth as ‘etheric beings’) had no way to ‘anchor’ ourselves to the ‘Human body’ at certain stages (much like beings outside of physical view that some call ‘nature spirits’ or ‘earth angelic spirits’ or even ‘devas’ relative to crystal spirits. So we anchored ourselves into a particular wholistic crystal out of the crystalline grid and that ‘taint’ of colour, becomes our ‘influence’ of the ‘wisdom flame’ (crystalline kingdom represents the wisdom flame, plant kingdom represents the love flame, animal kingdom represents the power flame).

    So collecting our fragments of our Soul feels like they collect important ‘wisdom’ / information relative to a persons development (the observation of our soul as we incarnate on Earth collects deep wisdoms about our journey). If that is ‘stolen’ or ‘transferred’ or ‘re-organised’ that would really mess with someones incarnations / parallel / past / present and future. A sure way to keep someone from being on their ‘soul path’ in life, only amplifying the ‘desires’ ‘addictions’ and ‘habits’ that keep people ‘locked’ into the system that is set up as a commerce or even to be used against that person without their knowledge.

    Really interesting topic, I could keep dancing in this topic, fascinating.


  2. I remember David Wilcock saying that the knots in the body are the points where parasitic souls siphon energy out of us. Have many such knots, they came especially at the time of my peak spiritual period. Know I am living like before like the rest of the people as I not doing much spiritual work. Feels like as I am unable to do the work now.

  3. “Question: Why does the Super Federation allow planets like ours to be covertly interfered with at such serious levels of manipulation and deceit? I would like to understand why this is being allowed. Can you perhaps address this in another broadcast?”
    I’ve seen this question raised on the Internet, and it’s something I’ve always wanted to know. Corey explains at the end of the video that it’s to promote evolution, that negativity is the catalyst, the driving force of evolution. But t I always have this question, does it have to be a war, disaster, disease and other painful and tragic circumstances to evolve?

    Also, it seems to have been mentioned that the metal in the human body should be drained, otherwise it will spontaneously combust when the solar flash comes? Would gold in porcelain teeth, nickel alloy, etc., have the same effect? Let’s hope Corey makes that clear again.

    1. The combustion effect is mostly for 4th density graduates. Those graduating 5th anf higher wont need to worry. Or those with evacuation ships.

      If you want to know about the quanrantine created by light and dark read zingdad s adamu page. A website.

      The interference is due to humans inviting them in. Age old atlantis power mad cthulhu worshippers.

  4. Thank you Mike & Cory for covering the topic of energy healing and the fact that there ARE negative “healers” out there – that everyone should watch out for. As a positive “Natural Energy Healer” myself, I have always encouraged being my clients or groups to be VERY mindful of who you allow to do this. A Good and Ethical Healer will always ask you for your permission to connect to your energy or heal your energy prior to the actual healing session or when connecting/reading your energy. Also, it’s always worth researching, observing or get a positive reference from someone you trust before seeing a healer/energy healer.

  5. Greys smell and the glistening, I know this from my memory…thank you. And the Original Lie the Greys told back in the 1950’s is still being repeated today. There are some that believe the Zeta (given there are many species of Greys) are only benevolent beings trying to help their race by “learning” from us. But then abduction and forced pregnancy are part of that “learning”. Thank you for this much so far…still watching. 😉❤️

  6. Questions regarding the planet and the supposedly symbiotic relationship with the people on the planet: Do you know if the energy of the planet is increasing incrementally and if this could be felt by us the people on the planet? There is also this idea that the energy of the planet is to express the love vibration, does this play a part in the whole transition of the planet? In regards to our free will choice – did we agree to this evolutionary challenge that is overtaking the people of earth??? because it appears to be quite overwhelming at this stage of the game. It seems that the old adage “as above, so below” is actually what is taking place – slavery vs. freedom in space and slavery vs. freedom on earth. So the question now is: how is Christ involved and why is this energy state so important??? I see that truth needs to be revealed and this can all be quite shocking hearing it for the first time, so my other question is “What is the Anshar timeline?” I am not familiar with it and would like to hear from Corey what it is and what is its effects and what is the basis of such “goodness”. Thank you, saw all nine episodes and just am trying to sort this information.

  7. Hey Corey, Hey Mike!

    Corey: have you received any information about the Elemental Spirits that are evolving alongside Humanity? Since the Anshar have been here on Earth so many Millions of years , one would think that they are aware of these Elementals…

  8. hi Corey. Please talk about soul agreements that the grays tell their abductees to keep them in compliance.?i know it’s a lie .but many souls fall for that trap thanks to many regression therapists writing books telling the public that we agreed to abduction before birth.

  9. Questions for Corey:

    – Since there are many competing ET groups here on Earth, which do not have the same agenda, do you think that the reptilians were planning at some point (before the barrier around our solar system was put in place in late 2014) to move humanity (via Germans disguised as “Pleiadian ETs”) to another solar system under their control BEFORE the solar event to bypass the electromagnetic effects (destruction of transhumanist technologies) and to have the whole cake all to themselves?

    – When a soul disincarnates in the middle of a cycle, what prevents him from going to reincarnate on another planet if he wants to? Do the negative ET’s have a technology that allows them to imprison ALL souls on Earth until the end of a cycle?