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Ep12: GGLN Colony Liberation - Part 1

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

Global Galactic League of Nations Colony Liberation – Part 1. Corey discusses some of his projects & AWTV before getting into the GGLN discussion.

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Next Episode: Ep13: GGLN Colony Liberation - Part 2


  1. Thanks Mike & Corey, but please have these vids be more focused on explanations about the actual intel itself. We’re not newbs any more, and newbs are welcome to go do their homework (it’s not hard to watch a few vids to catch up). I think that the majority of us are most interested to understand how these recent happenings (like the GGLN declaring independence from the ICC and all that transpired to get to that) affect our home, stellar neighborhood and the larger galactic picture. There were a grand total of 7 minutes in this 35 minute segment that started to touch on this. Some of us are a bit disappointed. You have many other places to talk about the upcoming movies, games, etc. and we wish you all the best in those endeavors – but a bit more focus on the intel here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Mike

  2. It would be better to have Corey’s discussions with Mike separate from the SSP Alliance Chief of Operations’ Bulletins. After all, the Chief of Operations addresses his bulletins to “All Governments, Militaries, and Citizens of Earth”!!

    I ask that the Chief of Operations Bulletins be collected separately from everything else and accessible under a single, prominently displayed hyperlink!

      1. I know how hard it is to go through a public litigation because my husband and I were set up by the FDA. I will give you the same advise that was given to me. “One day this will all be over and you will be able to go on with your life” then you will be able to understand why it had to happen and play out. These Life Lessons are tough but necessary at times.

  3. Mike Waskosky should ask more question on finer details on things already stated in Corey Goode’s original report (places, people, means, etc). Outside of that, we don’t get much.

  4. Corey, you explained the reason behind the gaming projects very well. I, too, was a bit hesitant and not totally sold on this idea in the beginning, and then one day it really hit me how this will reach so many people and affect their consciousness. That’s the point, to reach those who haven’t heard your story and this will accomplish that. I think it’s brilliant.

    1. I always felt frustrated how churches and such always preach and teach only to the same people and never reach out to new people. Corey has ways to reach to regular people beyond any spiritual community or religious groups and I think that’s the way to go.

      1. Haha, yes. We call that “preaching to the choir” here in the States. But I can tell you that the door knocking Christians like Baptists and a couple others are still knocking on doors for Jesus here where I live trying to save every soul they can.