S2E4: Supporting the Disclosure Movement

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

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  1. Is this slowing of a movement really necessary? As long as we have the correct information and are working in the proper direction why would we want to slow it down? It seems that the more people who understand the whole picture, the more of a positive movement we can create. I don’t want to seem like I know the whole thing but it was so easy to dismiss Dr. Salla’s hopium juice stories. These stories didn’t hold water, anyone who looked closely at them dismissed them long ago, and have been waiting patiently for any new information. It’s starting to feel like the information is being held back, because the content is to horrific to talk about. That is the mistake that was made by our government in hiding everything from the public. If that was a mistake then, then it’s still a mistake now. Without the truth, the whole truth, we can’t move forward in understanding the karma we must overcome prior to the flash. You can usually find some truth anywhere you seek it, shouldn’t we be teaching discernment in order to find all truths, and not slowing things down because someone who has it all thinks we can’t handle the truth? That was the original mistake, if the whole truth had been put out as soon as it was found, we would be so much farther along in our journey. We would all understand the flash and it’s place in our journey.

  2. I would also like to state this for the record Corey. I assert that what you discuss is in general to be considered valid because in your combat communications surface in the US army you would have been subjected to a minimum of a secret security clearance. That is a validation that you are psychologically sound and psychologically not oriented towards lying or betraying other people. Having been in a similar field in the US Air Force I’m fully aware of the fact that you would have passed such a battery of tests which in today’s financial terms would cost approximately $100,000. So for those who wish to discredit you let’s just say they’re assertions are rather foolish in the face of your provable background history.

  3. I am truly confused. By 2027 have the planet will be fully cyber infested. Corey if you go out and examine Anyone’s blood under a dark field microscope setup, you will discover self-assembling nanotechnology… Elon musk and Apple and of course China are simply racing to force a transhumanism upon all of humanity why consent or not by consent. I have a technical background very similar to yours Corey It can be verified. If you ask your contacts to examined me, which I give them full consent to do, they will report to you that I am who I claim to be and that I have gone through serious abductions both negative and positive. I absolutely do not request blind belief. Furthermore my wife has had multiple non-hostile plasmatic teleportation based visits by a minimum of two different races. A dear friend who I have known since teenage years has literally recorded on their home security the fact that they are being teleported by unknown sources likely up to a ship of some sort or to the inner Earth. In their case they’ve got it on a home security camera… Yes Corey you heard me right. Also I’d like you to know that the sphere being alliance modified the Sun around the period of March 2012 so that they could then deflect three separate CMEs that would have eliminated life on earth on the date of July 23rd 2012. The living craft used by the sphere being was a Jupiter sized one and it appeared that there may have been more than one craft used… So in reality the Mayan calendar was essentially correct. Except for one little very big issue We are on a timeline of positive outcome and while the CMEs came directly at the Earth they were deflected because of what I would consider the balancing prospect of the simple fact that no sentient life form on earth that had any positive alignment would willfully have done what the Draco reptilians, the nebu, or any other part of the Orion negative energetic AI infestation complex was up to in this region of the galaxy. Corey, I think it would be of us at this time to start constructing advanced etheric geometry accumulators for use in concentrating positive life force during mass meditations… This could profoundly augment the process of mass meditation much like a Wilhelm Reich accumulator would simply dissolve a cancer tumor with the positively geometrically augmented ether that was concentrated and enhanced within his accumulators… So in short I think the entire process must come to a head within the next year or two maximum. Frankly given what happens in a Reich accumulator, I would guess we’re going to see the very negative beings start to simply go the way of a tumor when exposed to positively charged or orgone. I think they’re just going to involuntarily start to liquify and organically break down and the same will happen to the infestation of nanotechnology… Their ships will probably start trying to escape the planet and fall out of the sky maybe getting captured by the positive protectorate craft using tractor beams… And that sense of bliss is likely going to very rapidly collapse these intensive mind control energy structures that they are so obviously using on all of us. Corey, again please understand that I worked with combat communications just as complex if not more complex than what you have worked with and I come from a family of scientists. My father was a doctorate level nuclear physicist and at Westinghouse they completed the fusion reactor research for America’s to space fleets used for the Air Force in the Navy. Very stuff that Dr William Mills Tompkins discussed in his books that he released near the end of his life. I don’t want money I don’t need anything from you I don’t need any type of validation. I’m simply making these statements of my own free will, and hopefully they will benefit many people who have the simple ability to look up to some degree what was actually going on at Westinghouse r&d, and their nuclear research facilities in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania between the 1970s and 1980s… To wrap it up I would have so liked to have come and seen one of you talks, but I’m rather severely disabled from the first Gulf war and I could never get out to any of your disclosure related talks. I got to tell you I sure wish I could have met with you and David wilcock and I am truly sorry for what the two of you have faced from the forces of darkness and the forces of ignorance that is so unfortunately embedded and many human beings.

  4. I am worried that since there are Orion forces based on our planet and throughout our solar system, they may be provoked to violence if exposed. So why not wait until they forced out? In other words, “Let sleeping dogs lie” for the next 18 months or so. Besides, according to Benjamin Fulford’s report last week, the North Koreans are coming to the USA’s rescue. No kidding, however ironic that sounds. They traded a large amount of artillery ammunition to Russia for a state-of-the-art missile submarine and promise that they’ll nuke Wash DC, NYC and Silicone Valley if the USA is not turned over to us Americans. That is released from the banksters control in October. So the USA military is going to have to act and arrest the banksters or else, this month!!

    1. We can’t rely on truths on lame Stream media so there’s a quarantine supposedly they can’t bypass set up by the Alliance (or was as of 6-7 years ago) has it been removed ? I’m still “catching up” I trust God, the Angels and Andromenon Team, Et al will protect those of us who aren’t “in the know” entirely …🙏🏻🌍😇💫💖

  5. Thank you, Corey. This video and other recent ones cleared my questions about David Grush’s situation. Now I understand what you meant. The narrative will be spun after that come out of whistleblowers’ mouth.
    I will keep translating your every word to Japanese people to let them know what is really going on.

    1. I realize many can answer this but I feel that maybe it has to do with some “Law” perhaps when I finish “Law of One” (I believe is voice of 500 various extraterrestrial species) may know more but what they’re wanting us to do to accelerate ascension and assist any (partial or full) disclosure is to share what we know now all for “ service to others” not for ourselves or or for fame or to profit off of etc. But mostly to exercise (teach how/share how (for free not profit ) to use collective consciousness upon raising our vibrations so this supposedly is what will change humanity and accelerate all this goodness at least threats what I’ve learned from Dr. Steven Greer ❣️🙏🏻🌍👍🏻💖🌞🌈✨😇🥰

  6. I agree with Mike, the curiosity of the public should be the focal point of this new strategy of grass roots disclosure by individuals rather than large groups that are always compromised.

    – The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be lighted. – Astronaut Dave Scott

  7. I would like to see folks putting together pamphlets with focused Topics along with links etc that we can share with each other… I could see myself in the summer setting up a tent with free coffee and donuts with the tons of pamphlets, flash drives that include links… with the attempt to attract folks to engage in these topics all the while planting seeds.

    1. Once the games come out, you can write reviews with articles. There is a massive word of mouth network for good games. Reviews. Streamers. Once someone zparks the fire it will spread by itself. It is the game conventions that have open minded people. Cia targeted ufo conventions because they take it aeriously. Not even hrari takes games seriously. They underestimate my power

  8. I feel like I’m ready to participate in activism! Just need some good suggestions on what would be the most helpful…
    What is the current status of the proposed ‘23 disclosure legislation and which of our politicians need to hear from me?

    1. Great questions ! TYSM for asking these! Critical thinking skills here at work. I read recently I believe in Dr. Michael E Sallas book Insiders Reveal “secret Space Programs and Extraterrestrial Alliances” that any kind of activism from being an orator to podcasts to articles and of course internet is the fastest and they plan to shut it down for a period and I believe that’s upcoming soon so just get it out there any way you can for now and even a tent set up somewhere is a great weekend thing to do and can be published on social media …

  9. Great post Corey! Your message is always enlightening and grounding for us. IMHO, it’d seem that accepting the presence of ETs among us has the high potential to trigger an awakening to many other truths of our reality… Free Energy, Advanced Healing Technology, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Banking, Government, Religion, etc.. It goes a long way to dissolving fear. Learning the ET story is a bit like pulling one of the many hanging threads on a sweater… just pulling one (the ET story) will completely unravel it, leaving the naked truth for all to see. At first, some info may be difficult. However we have an opportunity to dissolve fear by learning that we – as a spark of source consciousness – are creators and co-creators of our reality. And that’s why disclosure is so empowering for us and terrifying for the controllers. The Service-To-Self controlling elites will completely lose control of us as we discover the truth and dissolve fear. It is said that ET disclosure happens for many of us in a personal way. And for those looking toward the Main-Stream-Media, perhaps they’ll receive it in a less graceful way. That’s why its up to us to strive for disclosure that’s truthful and at the same time focused on a positive future. Thanks!