S2E7: Disclosure Potentials of 2024

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

Here is where you will find helpful activism resources, including resources to keep the pressure on Congress and let them know you support declassifying UAP:



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  1. Corey, I am confused. I will be honest. Many subjects you have covered lay outside of my ability to verify them as truth. This is not meant as an insult. It is difficult to know who is coming from a place of integrity. Many things I have heard you speak of, I have heard from others as well. My background is medical and some military. It is very hard to hear you speak of the 20 and back program. I can not understand how the human body could endure or survive. Could you please give me more insight?

  2. Has Corey heard about the Artemis Accords that were supposedly signed by all space-faring nations on Earth to explore space in agreement with the Galactic Alliance? In addition, the major U.S. business moguls like Elon Musk and Amazon’s creator, along with others have pledged to build high tech infrastructure on Earth for the public and if they break their agreement, the Galactic Alliance can confiscate all their fortune and assets. So these tech billionaires have agreed to work for the people.

  3. Corey I really miss You and David and the many YT video’s that you guys made, they Opened the Eyes of many people around the Globe, some even in my own family. Best to You and Family–from Arkansas…

  4. Many governments have confirmed sightings and many people….we don’t need “official confirmation from the US government” for something to be true!
    That whole concept is insane, waiting for confirmation from the US government for something to be true.
    Psychologically, it’s a heavy burden where people expect something…..they ask for bread from the hungry!

    1. Agreed. Since when has government ever been about the good of the people? It’s simply another form of ‘waiting for a saviour’. Perhaps, once there are enough sightings, humanity will reach some sort of critical mass – and we will all just ‘know’. In the meantime, we must put pressure on any group that impedes disclosure by speaking out. As above, so below. As the Conscious Leaders of our own lives, we must demonstrate responsibility for our own creations. Then our planet will no longer be subject to the whims of the greedy few. Our children and grandchildren are here to build – free from enslavement. We pave the way to a New Earth through our everyday thoughts, actions and behaviours today.

  5. Since Star Wars is expected to take place in 2029-33, should the sun’s transformation into a micronova be after this? Can you understand it that way?
    Just as the Dharma says, after a thousand years, Amitabha Buddha will come to the world again, so humans will choose the time line of war, thus entering the millennium cycle. But after a thousand years, humans will choose to evolve.