S2E8: The Extradimensional Influence

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

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  1. Another very valid point is Religions dont have the tech the military does. I know they had ancient knowledge in Tibet as my father asked Akong how they moved the stone in these Megalithic structure. He told them they used two copper rods either side and would crate runways if you like with these copper rods that would levitate the stone through sound frequency. I hope that is of some use. : )

  2. It’s very controversial for multiple reasons. But I have been hearing much that aligns with the OTVIII document in recent years. This is from 1980. It references interdimensional beings that can’t come here physically, the Book of Revelations and politics. Even Corey’s reference to us being genetically made to submit to certain aliens seems there. The odd part here would be acknowledgement and admittance by some people of importance of there being interdimensional beings influencing us. I guess people wouldn’t want to stand behind this document.

    1. The 13th dimension as a Null dimension self similarates a mirror connection between dimenions.

      Connecting the Planck mass and the electron mass through a Compton constant creates a connection between the quantom and the cosmic small and infinately large… where a universe where the sclale of macrocosm and microscom reflect eachother…

      A unification of quantum dynamics and general relativity, the focus being the interplay of quantom gravity and the classicial spacetime to find a unified theory, the black holes formed in high energy moments during the early universe may explain quantom gravity and ‘gravity’ connection

      The Shadow Universe, a mirror universe, can be related to the many world interpretation of quantum mechanics where its strings which vibrate to the frequencies of ours can translate into our realms fundamental particles, moreso that other potentialities, because, of being directly tangent as a Neg/Null space interaction to us as our holographic data repository; data that ‘exists’ currently to the common moment.

      Quantom entanglement shows that particles can be interconnected irrespective of distance, and quantum superposition explains that particles can exist in multiple states until obsereved, suggessting that realities can exist as ‘potential’ realities encapsulated within the Shadow Dimension ‘potentiality’.

      The black hole being an example that incodes information of everything that falls into it where the gap between information/data and spacetime geometry merge, it can be used as a proof of translation/transition; wormholes.

      The feedback loop of higher dimenions might be the mechanism of syncronicities, dimensionally given as volume in tessuract and time as mobius, shows that time curves in the theory of realitivity allow for paths in spacetime to loop back on themselves… timeloops…

      Individual humans awaken as ‘starhumans’, they become more self aware to the universe becomming self aware, the universe understanding itself through its parts, this ties into quantom entanglement and non locality distant particals being connected throughout the universe, the interplay between the physical and metiphysicals suggests an evolving and adapting universe refining its understanding of itself; causing the quantum choices to be ‘observed’ and hence resolve quantum ambiguity (double slit experiment choice ‘chosen’).

      There may be interactions across realms manifest reality since multiple dimenioins explored in string theory could give rise to consciousness transitions into our physical world. The shadow universe is a greater encapsulation of our universe in entiretly mirroring memories and experiences as well, a ‘library’ of cosmic experiences. The feedback experiences (tessuract/mobius/ect) allow for syncronicity as we know it, which in turn, propels universal self awareness.

      As the universe evolves, the observer and the observed become more ‘syncronized’ which allows the starhuman to harnass a ‘manifest reality’ or atleast ‘signs given in life’ to that person. Universal interconnectiveness.. the nature of the universe and our place within it.

  3. 量子催眠中据说,充当三波志愿者的星际种子在地球上是没有业力的,当他们来到这里时,也会被罩上一层免除业力的保护罩。在这些催眠材料中,还提到过去地球在太阳闪现之前就已经撤离,而一些愿意离开的人会被不明飞行物接走,这是正确的吗?

    1. Translation: In quantum hypnosis, it is said that the starseeds who serve as volunteers for the three waves have no karma on earth, and when they come here, they will also be covered with a protective shield from karma. In these hypnotic materials, it is also mentioned that the earth had evacuated before the sun flashed in the past, and some people who were willing to leave would be picked up by UFOs. Is this correct?
      It is mentioned in the Law of One that a life form that serves itself cannot move forward after evolving to a certain extent, but it can easily turn to the evolutionary path of serving others. How will this change? For example, could Satan easily turn into Jesus? People who are selfish to a certain extent can easily transform into well-meaning people who serve others. correct?

      1. If Quantum Hypnosis is saying that then it can be seen as a personal bias and does not reflect the rules of this reality.
        There are only 2 rules. 1. Free Will to accept or reject this information.
        2. The cause and effect rule, and that is, the cause of your free will choice to accept or reject said information, will result in some Action taking place, and once something has been acted on then nothing can stop the effects….so….no, the star seeds are subject to the effects of their actions, but….that being said….one only needs 50% of their Soul body transformed into a Spirit Body to escape the reincarnation trap, and a Star seed would have a very well built Spirit Body, but, many selfish choices can lead to many lives, and the trap has been set….the worst case scenario is that of Lucifer and Luzbel from the original planet where everything went wrong, a planet called Saitan…. this is why we are still trying to transform this age old virus negative energy called Ambition…. Lucifer cannot exist in this reality as he, Luzbel, and all his crew are trapped in a holographic reality and can only manifest through humans that invite this thought energy to transform themselves into the anti Christ….a life of power and control over all life….as they see life as the enemy…..most people who are selfish are playing that role to keep the game going, it’s called narcissism, and they can’t see what they are doing, nothing short of a near death experience can save them….but many people adopt narcissistic behaviour as a defence against a narcissistic environment, so not all narcissists are narcissists….but the point is, without them the rest will not grow and develop themselves….it’s only through stress that anything grows and evolves, and the only things that are going in in the universe is Evolution and Elevation…. everything else is stress to push it along….and we have been helped and accelerated….

  4. Reality construct holders. Aka sixth density and 7th density entities. https://zingdad.com/publications/books/the-ascension-papers-book-2/8-chapter-2-who-is-8
    Examples would be Jeshua/Michael/YHVH, the mind of the galaxy, holding up this galaxy/superuniverse. Heyl-El, a late sixth density archangel collective, responsible for the veil of unknowing, the veil of maya, the anti spoiler system of dark and light. Still others exist, without names, such as Divine Joy and Justice. Or even Karma itself, the god above the lords of karma. These rules, physics, and reality manifestations are conscious entities at their spiritual root. They do not manipulate reality so much as THEY ARE REALITY. So instead of using energy to manipulate some sub particle, they just go ask the elemental or the collective in charge to change, and they change. THey tell a mountain to leave and go, and the mountain goes.

    1. I don’t know, I love Emery, I’m thinking that Giga TV will have a supression order on him as they now own him, like everyone they own.
      Giga TV is a classic example of controlled information. Yes they have some good stuff, but they own and control everything that goes through so as to stear the direction of perception.
      Someone in Giya knows the truth and bigger picture and does not want us looking there.

  5. Well, that new update was a doozy….😳 it throws wrenches in all the things… and reality period… just when you think you have a little knowledge of what’s really going on…🤦‍♀️

  6. Corey, one thing puzzles me. The White Hats could easily just kill off the Black Hats mid and upper level minions in a plethora of ways that couldn’t easily be traced back to them (heart attack guns, stroke-guns, “Covid-causing” weapons especially, etc…). Why aren’t they using these methods? The minions seem to be merrily living their lives without being threatened …

    1. I don’t think that would work as they number in the 100s of millions and hold key positions to the functioning of society as we know it…..I think they are the ones that will watch as we create a new society and will slowly come on side….

    2. Gary – If they are ‘White Hats’ and kill, that makes them ‘Black Hats’ also…this is all part of the process of the destructuring of duality and returning to Oneness – to reinforce duality pushes the process beyond its usefulness, creating more karmic debt (ie unlearnt lessons) in the process. The destructuring is happening rapidly and humanity’s role is to trust there’s a purpose to the process and focus on gaining those insights from personal lessons in this life with gratitude for its gifts. As we live increasingly authentic lives, Heaven on Earth gets that little bit closer – this is how reality changes…individually and for all. Increased light eliminates shadow.