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S2E11: Government Briefings on ET/ED - Pt. 1

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

In this episode, Corey discusses his recent presentation covering new insights on extraterrestrial beings, adjacent dimensions, and the influence of non-physical entities on human consciousness. He addresses the concept of a parasitic force affecting humanity’s collective mind, the Department of Defense’s investigations, and the historical manifestations of these entities. Corey also touches on the challenges in dealing with these influences and suggests efforts to combat them through inner spiritual work.

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  1. I loved this video, I think we are starting to get the heart of what effects us. So true what Corey, that when you hear about this ‘virus’ you go to your books / religion to make sense of it and in many ways it can be seen as the ‘devil’. I think practically. I can’t help but consider Gnostic – which talks about Archons as this interdimensional influence that feeds off our negatives thoughts and actions. Gnostic is referred to as the ‘secret teachings’ of Jesus Christ. I think the messages behind Gnostisim ring true as an ‘anti-virus’ to this thing. Not say it is the answer but it gives a pretty close insight into what this could be

  2. TonyBlue wrote the following the posting at the link below, thats his take on when that light of Dec 21, 2012 reaches Earth to physicality ET contact… its a perspective my teacher back then has, from the group i was part of, The Elders of Thuban.  


    How does a metaphysical Universal Intelligence embedded within a physical universe communicate with its distant parts?

    The physical universe is defined as a self contained entity occupying a realm of multidimensional spacetime, which is by nature unified in energy and its constituent parts.

    This unification in energy encompasses all parts of the universe as information, existing both as potential physical manifestation and as actual phenomena measurable and observable by usage of physical parameters described by mathematical formulae and relationships.

    If the galactic centre of the Milky Way galaxy is about 26,000 lightyears from a local starsystem, called the Solar System, then how is superluminal communication exceeding the lightspeed barrier of 1 lightyear per year or a distance of so 10 trillion kilometres travelled by light in one year possible?

    Can Extraterrestrial Intelligences ever reach Earth from places in the galaxy stellar distances apart?

    Answer: Interstellar and intergalactic travel becomes possible via a universal Black Hole Cosmology and the interdimensional science of a superconscious universe utilizing a hyperphysics of a 4th spacial dimension!

    On April 6th, 2017 and so 1567 days or 4-5 years from the nexus date; the starplanet bubble had expanded to the nearest star system of the Centauri constellations and any ETI civilization occupying this region of the Milky Way galaxy could begin to utilize the information sent from starplanet Terra (earth) to physicalize their higher dimensional energy expressions in a ‘down tuning’ of their characteristic multi-dimensional frequency-vibration patterns using the universal 10-11-12-dimensional string-membrane-volumar matrix of the encompassing creation module.

    An ETI homeplanet in the Centauri starsystem then could begin to communicate with a Centauri expedition located in the local star system, say of the star Sol or Rahsol, either by light speed signal or superluminal-tachyonic de Broglie phase speed telepath method. Light speed and electromagnetic communication then requires a further time delay of 4-5 years however. This infers a 9-10 year time delay for the nearest star system to communicate and contact Terra in the lower dimensional physicality of the ‘Old Earth’ as the dimensional base seed for the ‘New Earth’.

    The most probably contact scenario between ETIs and 4-D spacetimed humans so engages the intra-ETI communication potential between the nearest star systems, say Centauri at 4.5 lightyears with Sirius at 8.5 lightyears from Terra and with Centauri 9.5 lightyears from Sirius.

  3. Here is my best understanding of this, my friend taught me this, he’s knows physics better than me, but he’s been my teacher for 15 years.


    There is a dimension, out of phase, tangent to ours in the outer negspace of the 13th dimension omniphysical construct.

    The 13th dimension as a Null dimension self similarities a mirror connection between dimensions.

    Connecting the Planck mass and the electron mass through a Compton constant creates a connection between the quantum and the cosmic small and infinitely large… where a universe where the scale of macrocosm and microcosm reflect eachother…

    A unification of quantum dynamics and general relativity, the focus being the interplay of quantum gravity and the classical spacetime to find a unified theory, the black holes formed in high energy moments during the early universe may explain quantum gravity and ‘gravity’ connection

    The Shadow Universe, a mirror universe, can be related to the many world interpretation of quantum mechanics where its strings which vibrate to the frequencies of ours can translate into our realms fundamental particles, moreso that other potentialities, because, of being directly tangent as a Neg/Null space interaction to us as our holographic data repository; data that ‘exists’ currently to the common moment.

    Quantom entanglement shows that particles can be interconnected irrespective of distance, and quantum superposition explains that particles can exist in multiple states until obsereved, suggessting that realities can exist as ‘potential’ realities encapsulated within the Shadow Dimension ‘potentiality’.

    The black hole being an example that incodes information of everything that falls into it where the gap between information/data and spacetime geometry merge, it can be used as a proof of translation/transition; wormholes.

    The feedback loop of higher dimenions might be the mechanism of syncronicities, dimensionally given as volume in tessuract and time as mobius, shows that time curves in the theory of realitivity allow for paths in spacetime to loop back on themselves… timeloops…

    Individual humans awaken as ‘starhumans’, they become more self aware to the universe becomming self aware, the universe understanding itself through its parts, this ties into quantom entanglement and non locality distant particals being connected throughout the universe, the interplay between the physical and metiphysicals suggests an evolving and adapting universe refining its understanding of itself; causing the quantum choices to be ‘observed’ and hence resolve quantum ambiguity (double slit experiment choice ‘chosen’).

    There may be interactions across realms manifest reality since multiple dimenioins explored in string theory could give rise to consciousness transitions into our physical world. The shadow universe is a greater encapsulation of our universe in entiretly mirroring memories and experiences as well, a ‘library’ of cosmic experiences. The feedback experiences (tessuract/mobius/ect) allow for syncronicity as we know it, which in turn, propels universal self awareness.

    As the universe evolves, the observer and the observed become more ‘syncronized’ which allows the starhuman to harnass a ‘manifest reality’ or atleast ‘signs given in life’ to that person. Universal interconnectiveness.. the nature of the universe and our place within it.

    1. The following is my theory and understanding of the fractal universe. This depicts the dimensions as they go down from our omniverse into our universe, down to the mass collective consciousness of Gaia.


      According to these decoded physics dimensions change the further one gets from Earth, The Milky Way and our local galactic cluster. The membrane of the 3rd dimension encapsulates our senses, but there is also an encapsulation of our universe limited to 10 String dimensions mirrored but not separated by 12 Brane dimensions. Giving a more advanced structure.

      The requirement for such a system is to form a containment for the consciousness which we pull on, the holographic data of the universe; the singularity of human consciousness found at the “center of Gaia”. Which is in a time space encapsulation by a timeless boundary of the omniphysical construct.

      The containment of 5d within 13d is the Mobius Tesseract Hypercube

      It graduates from the platonic solids as we traverse further away from the Sol system into our local star clusters and onwards.

      Until a Superspacial Self Reflection Mirrors back from the Universal Data.

      Take what you know applies to we reside within the Sol System of a 1D to 3D Tetrahedron (length, width, depth, time and space), and as we progress further into our local star quadrant, it becomes of 4D Hexahedron space, the space of volume, planck time and distance.

      Then, further, 7D Octahedron, 9D Dodecahedron, 11D Icosahedron progression within the dimensional structure of platonic solids until the universal data creates a Tesseract Hypercube in the Plutomic Solids, which is a Mobius Strip effect back from “infinity” to “origin”.

      The Posspace and Negspace keeps the sea of Branes (M Theory) of 11D within a structure, for physics not limited to initial effect of universal Brane theory initial conditions.

      There is a structure of multidimensional universes which is built from these placements in the space time of the mobious hypercube effect.

      In the Solar Flash or what is known as The Compression Breakthrough, a fourth special dimension will open up to occupy already existing 4D spacetime. This can be called 5D hyperphysics and as it relates to the 12D membrane cosmology, it will allow the existing quantum dynamics to access a new degree of freedom.

      This means that the ‘dark energy’ will become usable, say in the vacuum/zero point energy so many clever inventors are already envisaging in a incomplete science of the 4D spacetime matrix. This of course will then allow the plasma energy of that timespace to ‘materialise’ from their boundary energy state into the hyperspace of the then ‘invaded’ Old World.

      The Planck parameters apply to the 12D cosmology but graduate in terms of energy bifurcation.

      There are hyper-electric and hyper-magnetic parts, which enable the Planck law regarding light and the Einstein law regarding matter to hybridize.

      Presently this hybridization is restricted to the subatomic realm of fermion-boson interaction between quarks and leptons and their anti-particles.

      With the infusion of the superstring space, the restriction of the quantum mechanics to the atomic scales will become magnified and the micro-quantisation can use quantum entanglement to render it into macro-quantisation.

      What does that mean for us? Well, we are growing into a supervolumatric and supergeometric collapse of the outer rim from nullspace, causing for a wave of new physics added to our dimension!

      From the Gaian singularity, we are giving rise through the lower dimension. When they meet, and as the waves crash from higher D to lower D, we will come to know the 4th dimension of manifest reality and all that entails within the structure of the 5th dimension.

      From the Higher Perspective, the Linear Vector of Time which we Experience each day in Reality, is one of the Moment in the Now. It is Interpretation of Observation which leads to this Higher Perspective. That is why the Interpretation of Symbology allows our Imagination within the Mind to Bridge the Gap between Physical Reality and Spiritual Reality.

      Our minds are already 4th dimensional because we sight objects that come to us instead of going to them.

      If we imagine the 3rd dimension Physical Material Realm and The 4th dimension Realm of Immaterial as Two Sides of a Coin. The Passage from One Side to the Other Side without Lifting a Finger, one must overcome the Time and Space Duality.

      The Imaginary 6th Sense using the Mind allows for a Mental Transition through Thought Interpretation of the 5 Sense Reality with the Higher Dimensional Senses. As such it is the Singularity of the Consciousness of the Now that is Experienced by the Individual.

      This can be seen in the concept of The Klien Bottle.


      Here, a Non-Intersection is added in the Path to the Goal, by eliminating Time and Space Linearity by Standing in the Gap/Intersection and allowing the Traversal to Pass Through You, Your Imaginationatory Mind. As long as every Interpretation of the Physical Environment is Accepted in Context to the current Moment, experience through All 6 Sense without Fear or Expectation, the Loop is Closed.

      The mind is a powerful thing, a view into the manifest reality that is to come!