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S2E9: Extradimensional Influence & The Nature of Reality

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

Corey & Mike discuss Corey’s latest earth alliance briefings on the nature of the “extradimensional” influence.

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  1. It seems good to me that there are different groups spreading information, such as Disclosure coming from this group, as well as others. This helps to corroborate information, such as Corey was talking about at 12:15. As for the AI infiltration from somewhere else, I have to admit that as I’ve learned that Earth Humans can be easily controlled because of the strong emotions experienced, especially fear, that I’ve felt it would be easier to be free and to grow and ascend faster, if we didn’t have these emotions – the extreme of which would be AI, a logical computing entity that is emotionless. I see now that balance is the most ideal and beneficial. I’m very grateful for all the disclosure happening now! (Feb. 2024) All the people I talk with or watch during disclosure moments, seem fine with it, though some are contemplative, and as Corey said, they are trying to see how it can all fit in with their current belief systems. Thanks Corey and Mike!

  2. I will add something about the Mandela effect. I remember the time when my father had “green eyes”! One day I noticed that he has blue eyes and I ask him since when he has blue eyes, he answers “always” … then I understood.
    Some event happened and I know about it, at that moment many families and many people from “our dimension” literally disappeared and everything remained a little sadder. Since then, Western civilization has been declining in population, we have a “die-off” and fewer and fewer people are being born! It’s not a joke.

    1. As for Mandela Effect events, I definitely know: it used to be the Berenstein Bears (it was so hard to pronounce it); and the Andy Griffin Show (not Andy Griffin – which one day in 2022 we saw again as a program on Tubi, and my husband and I couldn’t quit talking about how it had changed back to the new change of Griffith, but then a couple weeks later everything was back to the second version – Griffith); and Nelson Mandela being imprisoned and then died in prison, only to be released shortly afterward; and a change I was happy about: Looney Toones, I saw in theaters as a child before movies would start – which changed to Looney Tunes – the ‘misspelling’ had driven me crazy until the new timeline solved that. Many people just chalk those things up to mistaken memories, but there are too many of us that are sure we remember the previous timeline histories, that we know we aren’t misremembering.

  3. What Corey mentions in this video, about extra-dimensional influencers, I’ve actually been trying to cram all these years into what I know before. All the information that comes to me, such as Low of one, natzy fleet, other races… Hardly anything fits in it, in my past knowledge … but it does.
    This influence that Corey talks about is actually “the one that matters the most” and everything else is just a piece of the puzzle, we agree on that.

  4. May I ask if aliens are also focused on practicing and evolving like yogis and Buddhas in the region? Or are these ways of practice only specifically aimed at humans on Earth? Is choosing these practices beneficial for the whole interstellar

  5. The Unified Theory of Everything – although we don’t have all the answers, it is an ongoing gnosis.. take what resonates with you and constructs your personal timeline.

    Religion of physics? Write it off? That is your choice…

  6. I originally shared this quote in my talk at Eclipse of Disclosure because of the sphere beings.
    81.18 Questioner: Why does Ra not have any knowledge of that which was prior to the beginning of this octave?
    Ra: I am Ra. Let us compare octaves to islands. It may be that the inhabitants of an island are not alone upon a planetary sphere, but if an ocean-going vehicle in which one may survive has not been invented, true knowledge of other islands is possible only if an entity comes among the islanders and says, “I am from elsewhere.” This is a rough analogy. However, we have evidence of this sort, both of previous creation and creation to be, as we in the stream of space/time and time/space view these apparently non-simultaneous events.

  7. So my question or projection would be is that this beings can change/effect the Solar event .. unless to them its a nothing burger and we are still on that course but they already seen it???? via said map… and I guess our free will is their already predicted outcome–yeah its mind boggling

  8. Your brave efforts at disclosing the truth despite insurmountable odds and the rabid Deep State has inspired me to start posting some of my thoughts on all of this, especially about the new laws of physics which have been suppressed since even before Nikola Tesla. I will be posting these videos to YouTube sometime in the New Year and if I get censored perhaps I could post them here?

  9. my god this changed since i watched it the first time and I replayed it as soon it was over. It went from 28 minutes to 15:14 talk about Mandella. No this is way to short this time it just changed. Wow what just happened?