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S2E6: Disclosure Frontlines

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

Excerpt #2 from Corey’s webinar “Activation & Activism” (Full webinar found here)

New updates on Corey’s recent reports are coming in November 2023.

Next Episode: S2E7: Disclosure Potentials of 2024


  1. Corey, if the GGLN and their ET allies are going to enter our solar system towards the end of 2025, does that mean the Aldebaran system will be liberated before the end of 2025?

    The Aldebaran star system is another major stronghold of the Orion Group and the Dark Fleet.

  2. For Corey: (and anyone else whose interested) I was shared his channel a few years ago & didn’t go listen as I was meant to do it thwarted my helaing although I’m a Healer & used other sources…when I did go 2 years later, a lot of things he mentioned like the earth’a crystal grid & many interesting things did not make ANY sense to me as I’m not a science girl nor did I like the classes (lack of good teaching too) but now I’m super interested in things like that amd even reading about anti gravity propulsion systems 🤗 but these have specific vids customized to what I may need …even ones for clearing & cleansing lower frequencies as a light worker or Empath as we easily absorb people’s energies more than others who are not …there’re ones for helainhg from narcissistic abusove relationships to cutting off bloodline ties of poverty mentality to u name or simply riding on a magnificent dragon in and above volcanoes (one of my favs ) they all have a purpose & are effective ! He’s a great guy too! Check it: