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Ep14: The "Old Gods" Awakened from Stasis

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

Original report from Corey:
“The ICC Breakaway Civilization travels to Antarctica to awaken the ‘old gods’ from stasis”

Next Episode: Ep15: Antarctica Excavations & Pre-Adamite Rituals


  1. thank you are one of few people I listen to on disclosure.because you do not try spin the information you receive into something your ego can except.I hope you come to speak in New Jersey again.

  2. That was a powerful interview.
    I love the detail to the story, within it reveals the bigger picture, the imagination fills in the rest, and we can see ourselves very clearly from a universal point of view, we are all 100% distorted, it’s impossible not to be, even those that can see a real reality still have to participate in a retarded system and conform to a level of madness. Mass non compliance is the only answer….can we all agree that mass non compliance is what needs to happen, even if it’s the last card on the table….

  3. I don’t understand how there can be a large number of us choosing service -to-others loving, peaceful living, yet ‘the mass consciousness’ may be choosing for us that we would have to go through another painful, service to self cycle again. Is this really how the universe works? At what point can we be joining with the loving service-to-others oriented beings of other parts of the universe, or can we? I sincerely would like others’ comments and ideas about this.

  4. In review, Corey is forbidden to become a Guru. The Commander of the SSP Alliance addresses his messages to “All governments, militaries, and citizens of Earth” and entrusted them to Corey. After 7-8 months there have been 300 views of these messages. That is a complete and utter failure. Said Commanding Officer is not going to be happy. But Corey is at no risk of being a Guru.

  5. Can you please do an SSP update explanation on Corey’s follow up to this report, which he made on Telegram on 22nd December 2021 called “Antarctica – December Eclipse Ceremonies within ancient ruins beneath the ice”. There was never a video report made on this and I think many will appreciate an explanation with more details. Thanks!

    1. Also, there are Near Death experiencers on YouTube who report having contact with Baal/Lucifer in God’s kingdom. Years ago, he had returned to this universe and sought absolution which was granted. He was introduced as “He who was sent down”.

    2. Corey reported on a earlier video post that when they awakened the old gods, Emme portaled in and ended up removing them, taking them to the stasis jails on one of the planetoids they use for that. They will be no problem for us as we go thru this cycle at least.

      1. Yeah, that a remarkable report. In my next incarnation I’d like to be a Zulu, or even better a Blue Sphere. If I qualify. I think I saw some at distance at the ECETI Ranch.

  6. Please allow me to share this wonderful phrase I had read.
    “When a man who has reached the stage where he is worthy to be accepted as a Chela or Disciple by those Masters of the Wisdom who, as the Elder Brethren of humanity, serve their younger brothers with such unerring wisdom, such tireless patience, such never-failing and infinite love. For it is today within the reach of many a man who will address himself to the task of making himself worthy, to be trained by them to assist, in however small a measure, in their work for the service of the world, and it is also possible to set out, more or less categorically, the qualifications necessary before that inestimable privilege can be conferred.” written by Arthur E. Powell in ‘The Mental Body’

    1. Been lurking in the spiritual community for a while. It seems like people have forgotten that there are physical people amongst us that are refered as “Masters of wisdom”. Such humans are not in the spotlight, avoiding the collective occult influence of the masses. Have had the fortune to be in contact for brief moments with such human(s) from some years ago. Seems like ordinary people but completely benevolent and imbeded completely in the light and wisdom as they are in service of the ONE. If someone has eyes to see and have ascended a bit, then probably the light will allow for a meeting or glimpse. Have had been associated with theosophy in my previous life and have done a lot of “lightwork” some years ago. Was then allowed to see and experience , just for brief moments, natures spiritual side and a bit what we humans are capable of, but i never know for sure if i understood these experiences correctly and if for certain i can associate these people as from the ranks of “Masters of Wisdom” and their chelas.

      1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, I truly appreciated them. As Archangel Gabriel of the 4th ray (the flame of ascension) had implied, “All is perfect, all is in the process of experiencing for the whole, as catalyst for each other to create infinite experiences for the evolution of God essence, all the attributes of God rays and the ever-evolving unconditional love of God and wisdom experiencing the infinite diverse of energy combinations. There is an infinite gratitude to all for experiencing the diverse range of frequencies, all are loved with unmeasurable infinite profoundness”. As we are energy Beings make-up of the Divine God Rays, the way to balance our aura and bodily systems is to invoke each of the individual divine God rays (1 to 12, and there are more) into our aura/bodily systems/atoms/electrons/consciousness/energies/particles of light etc, to align/balance/transform/transcend/evolve/etc ourselves as guided by our high-self according to our divine blue print to evolve. Each of us are unique contributing to the whole, as we ascend, the ego and the casual body will merge with our higher-self, with mastering of our emotions and mind, transforming and developing and refining our bodily systems into higher vibrations and frequencies, with different levels of initiations for the seven different levels in a particular dimension according to the curriculum of that particular level, we ascend each level and eventually to a different dimension. Although we are multi-dimensional, vibrating at different levels of dimension, eventually we will be able to pass the curriculum and ascend to the 5th dimension officially, we will have to master all our emotions and mind and exhibit unconditional love to all. 5th dimension is a beginning to express unconditional love to all with new lessons and challenges. This is only my opinion and presumption, but thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts.

      2. Here is a summary of the attributes of the Divine God Rays that I know of.

        First Ray – Will to God, Power of God, Faith, Protection by God, Courage, Stamina, Truth, Honesty
        Second Ray – Love of God, Unconditional Love, Christ consciousness, illumination, enlightenment, Wisdom, Mind of God, knowledge to the Universal Laws, (e.g. the law of attraction), Healing, Peace, True knowledge
        Third Ray – Action intelligence, Discernment and Discriminative Intelligence, Divine Love, Charity, Generosity, Perseverance, Tolerance, Forbearance, tact, Diplomacy
        Fourth Ray – Harmony in conflicts, Artistic Creation, Healing, Hope, Purity, Peace, Ascension, abundances of God, unconditional love
        Fifth Ray – Concrete Science, Scientific knowledge, knowledge of Truth, Joy, realignment, spiritual insight, Healing, Consecration, Concentration, Psychic power
        Sixth Ray – Resurrection, Forgiveness, Mercy, Grace, Compassion, Sympathy, Understanding, Ministry in Christ consciousness, Selfless Service, Humility, Love to God, total devotion, total absolute faith in God, Peace. One can invoke the 6th divine ray to resurrect anything, e.g., to resurrect our divine attributes/virtues, to resurrect all types of abundances, to resurrect our freedom/joy etc.
        Seventh Ray – Ray of alchemy, transmutation, clearing of karma, transformation, ceremonial magic. Transmute negative discordant energy back to neutral light substance
        Eighth Ray – Deep cleansing ray, higher cleansing
        Ninth Ray – Unconditional Love, attraction to body of light, joy
        Tenth Ray – Buidling your light body, merging with your soul
        Eleventh Ray – Bridge to New Age/New consciousness
        Twelve Ray – Balancing all twelve rays, Christ consciousness, vibratory communication