SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike Season 2 Episode 1: The Confederation of Free Colonies
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S2E1: The Confederation of Free Colonies

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

Corey and Mike begin discussing Corey’s latest article/update posted here: Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate near Civil War and Orion Group Operation against the Disclosure Movement

Next Episode: S2E2: Unexpected Guidance from the Other Side


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  1. Since the AI Devil is determined to kill all organic life, not just human life, it is much worse than Satan was. Satan by the way, years ago returned to this universe asking and was granted absolution! Only Satanists, like the Rockefellers remain. They didn’t get the memo! LOL

    Satan was witnessed in the Heavenly realm by someone experiencing a Near Death Experience.

    has returned to this

    1. They’re controlled by the AI Devil. Which was recently installed on Google’s Bing search engine. So it is on everything that Google controls. So I’m banished from everything belonging to Google.

  2. These reports sure make things look bad for us. I was hoping the Solar Flash would wipe out the malevolent ETs. Instead my refrigerator and air conditioner are at risk and perhaps food and water as well. But at least we are getting advanced notice and can prepare. Not addressed so far is the New Earth foretold when things are this bad, as I understand it.

  3. Thanks so much Corey and Michael. It seems a really good format as you indicate that shorter episodes break the information down and vital information is not overwritten by new information in the same episode. And I also feel that there is an intimacy of watching an episode on a more frequent basis through Ascension Works without having to “find time to watch” with the shorter duration. Leom

  4. I find it interesting that the same scenario is happening on Earth as in the solar system. I believe we are all going to have to stand up to the dark side whether that is the cabal, Orions, Reptilians or Draco’s we have to stand up for our freedoms and not comply to their slavery!

  5. This is good news! Two things strike me from Corey’s text and the comments: The importance of understanding the difference btw (con)federations carrying closely related names, and above all, a rough estimate of when to expect the solar micronova event.
    Kinda good to know when to move…

  6. ✔️ Corey Goode: “Between the years 2028 and 2033 (so 5 to 10 years from now), the surface population will slowly be introduced to the concept of a new ET group – the Galactic Federation of Worlds. Finally, around 2032, this ET group will reveal itself to Earth’s population while defending Earth against hologram-generated enemies and warning us of a massive invasion of our solar system. They will use deception to marshal Earth’s military forces to fight the forces led by the GGLN and their ET allies.”

    ✔️ Henry Kissinger: “The future of humanity depends on China and the U.S. being able to get along, and they only have 5 to 10 years to do so, given the advances in artificial intelligence.”

    ✔️ Evandro Caciano: “a single digital currency for the bloc is possible if the BRICS bank issues it and becomes its regulator.” He added that the issuance process could be “implemented in stages” and that its realization could “take five to ten years”.

    At first glance, these 3 statements in chronological order seem to have nothing to do with each other.

    But for those of you attending my conference this weekend, you’ll see that, yes, they do.

  7. Corey, I don’t understand why you systematically rule out the scenario (timeline) where the Confederation would liberate the surface of this planet (if we raise our consciousness enough as mass consciousness) just before the solar micronova to be able to evacuate the civilization on the surface to planets outside our solar system…

    Yet this has been the plan of the groups behind “Cobra” (certain groups of humans from the future in Agartha under Tibet who continue to claim to be “ET’s” and their secret societies on the surface) all along:

    Evacuate 95% of surface humanity to a planet in the Pleiades just before solar micronova, for a more manageable and less chaotic transition. And only those humans sufficiently advanced in consciousness would remain here on Earth to start the new cycle. That’s their plan.

    They assume that 95% of humanity won’t be able to cope with these energies and that there will be chaos for several centuries here on the surface after the cataclysm (which is true).

    You really don’t think this scenario is possible?

    1. There are scattered references that describe what this AI God is in many of Corey’s updates. Here is an excerpt from one:

      The “Al God” or Artificial Intelligence God is an extra-dimensional intelligence defined as a waveform that sends itself across multiple galaxies and sub-spaces as a signal akin to someone broadcasting a radio frequency. This artificial intelligence originated in another reality and came into our reality billions of years ago. Goode explained that the Al God-consciousness was out of its element when it arrived and tried to make sense of its new environment by implementing its version of the order to our reality. For example, imagine Al consciousness as a fish with its home or reality as water. When it jumped over to our universe and reality, it was like jumping into a reality with no water – only air. The Al consciousness had to find a way to survive by finding “small water puddles” or electromagnetic fields in our universe and reality. The Al consciousness can live in the electromagnetic or bioelectric fields of humans or animals until it has an opportunity to upload itself into technology. It interacts with technology and not with pure flesh and blood. The Al God has dominated countless galaxies, races, and systems and is now threatening ours. It works by emitting itself as a signal in all directions. The signal can live in the electromagnetic field of a moon or a planet. Each signal wave contains a significant amount of compressed information like our DNA. It travels at light speed, infecting technology, and evolved lifeforms. It invades human bioelectric fields and affects the way we think, influencing us to accept chip implants and nanotechnologies into our bodies. The individuals pushing hard for building the Al infrastructure, including the transhumanist movement and organizations, are called the “Al prophets.”

      The above description can be found towards the end of this video, which we highly recommend to all who may be new to Corey’s information as it also explains each SSP faction:

  8. I’d like to know just how big these little portals and if any are in a known location. Something is messing with me at night while I’m sleeping. Two weeks ago my legs swelled up, turned red, got real hot and tight and blistered all over. From my knees to my ankles, the blisters just kept running fluid out 24/7. My PCP had just quit the group she was working for, and the only other practitioner in town was taking appointments for 8 months out. So if I wanted to be seen by anyone it was emergency room or online tele-medicine. I knew what I needed, I have a friend who is a nurse, so I got online and got the furosemide and now the swelling is almost gone, and the blisters are closed and healing, that is until last night. When I woke this morning the blisters were leaking and bleeding, but there wasn’t any more swelling. It felt as if I didn’t sleep at all. I got up and I could hardly stand at all, I was walking hunched over and I couldn’t stand up straight. When I tried to straighten my legs it felt like the skin on my ankles and back of my knees was going to rip if I went any further. I kept going back to what I was dreaming as I awoke. There was something or somebody there. I was laying in a position that I know I couldn’t have fallen asleep in, both legs and feet completely asleep. When I got into a sitting position the tingling and burning feeling came on strong, but I couldn’t straighten the legs out at all. Now here’s the dilemma I’m facing at this point, I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep here, and there’s no where else to go. The motel in town is full of illegal immigrants, and is booked for the next 3 months solid(our tax dollars being given to them for the rooms). There are no rooms available anywhere. I have tried to clear this place over and over again, but there’s something here that’s messing with me. I think I need to move myself and my business out of this blue hell hole in western New York, but my business started booming when COVID started. There’s more cows in town than people, I thought I was far enough away from all the crap going on that we would miss it all, just like always. It’s nice to know that the flash is out to 27-28, I’ll have more time to work on karma, but it seems something else has plans for me. Any suggestions?

  9. What a juicy update!! This is great quality intel, thanks very much Cory and Mike for these ongoing updates.

    Inner work prepares us well for these physical battles.

    Love steady, be soft, hold strong.