SSP UPDATE: Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate near Civil War and Orion Group Operation against the Disclosure Movement -Corey Goode

SSP UPDATE: Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate near Civil War and Orion Group Operation against the Disclosure Movement

Recently, I have received briefings mostly about the Earth Alliance, with a bit of info here and there delivered to me by the members of the SSP Alliance who have joined the new interstellar organization formed by former GGLN colony members.

The Confederation of Free Colonies has made quite a lot of progress in battles between them and their objective, Our solar system. They have defeated several enemy armadas on their way here, bringing them into conflict with the Reptilians and a few groups that fight with them, including the Dark Fleet. They have also encountered several Galactic Federation ships in combat.

The ships they could not destroy retreated to our solar system, where they joined what remains of their armada in low orbit around the gas giant planets and their moons, where they are preparing for the Confederation to invade and liberate our solar system. The enemy is now trapped in our solar system, where they will either be taken out by the Confederation or by the solar micro-nova that they know is soon.

Since the Lunar Operations Command was locked down by the Orion Group and the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate, most of those serving off the planet have been in a martial law setting. The people serving are now forced to accept nanites and brain chips to continue their service or be sent to prison.

As a result several colonies on Mars and strategic star systems in our sector have shown signs of resistance against the ICC transhumanist mandate. Open opposition and a widespread civil war is expected to break out within the ICC, which could cripple its alliance with the Orion Group.

The ICC is calling on the Orion Group to help suppress the uprisings. Still, the briefings indicate that they expect 30-40% of those serving on colonies under the control of the ICC will openly rebel in the coming months, forcing the Orion Group and ICC into spreading their resources thin in an attempt to maintain control.

At their current rate of progression, the Confederation of Free Colonies would reach our outer solar system sometime in late 2025 and then begin the operation to liberate our solar system. The Orion Group and their allies have a beachhead and are entrenched throughout our Solar System, and it will take several years to fight through their defenses to reach Earth finally.

Meanwhile, here on Earth, we have brave individuals doing their best to reveal the UAP disclosures to the public to prepare them for what they will see in the sky and our solar system in the coming years. The Cabal is going to twist these disclosures in a way that they hope will put all citizens of Earth on a war footing, ready to fight against invaders while using the new threat to take away what human rights remain on the planet to prepare the population to serve their transhumanist gods.

We have also become aware of a significant Orion Group operation against contactees and others within the Disclosure Movement. For example, one night, while I was sleeping, I had what felt like an intrusive dream where three tall, attractive, blonde, human-looking beings stood at the foot of my bed and spoke to me.

They had sparkling blue eyes with big smiles on their faces. I felt a rush of comforting energy flow over me and began to feel love radiating from the visitors to the point of illuminating the room.

They told me that they had come to help many times throughout human history and were known to the ancient Greeks as their gods. They stated that they have returned to fulfill prophecy and to help liberate humanity from negative beings that have enslaved us for thousands of years. They told me they were the key to humanity’s salvation and the next step in evolution. One of the visitors leaned over the bed and looked deeply into my eyes, causing me to lose all feeling in my body or ability to move.

He asked, “Why are you persecuting us?”. “You are interfering with the Creator’s plan”.

At this very moment, I felt a significant change in the room’s environment, where time seemed to freeze. The Tall Beings that stood before me froze and then disappeared, leaving me horrified to see three small Grey Aliens standing in their place. The Greys were visibly shocked and immediately floated up horizontally a couple of feet from my floor and then turned and floated through the wall.

After this incident, I verified that this type of thing is happening across the planet. The Greys are using these tactics against the Disclosure Movement and Contactees and have been using similar techniques to manipulate people in power. These operations have increased exponentially, and the Earth Alliance can do nothing about it because the ICC has been providing support and cover-up operations to assist the Orion Group.

We are indeed in a time where we can trust very little of what we see and hear from those around us.

It is time that those who call themselves awakened become activists who help support the UAP Whistleblowers coming out and pressure our state and US representatives to pass laws protecting them. If the Disclosure Community doesn’t transform into activists, there will be no counterbalance to the disinformation and fear-mongering the Cabal will turn these revelations into.

We go into much more detail about this update in upcoming episodes of SSP UPDATES on AscensionWorks.TV!

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  1. So they said “You’re interfering with God’s plan!” and immediately got divinely whacked? I like that. Our Creator lets these jerks get away with a lot for his amusement, I think. But he wasn’t amused with that! LOL.

  2. Another consideration is the long foretold “New Earth”, which is appearing more and more imminent. Everyone who has completed their contracted incarnated experiences that require being on this Earth to perform will be transported either in “the twinkling of an eye” or more gradually. I am hopeful to be in that group.

  3. One of the most important things any of us can do is look inward and grow. Then, do what you must but get your pineal gland activated, this is the ticket to freedom – look inward, grow, love, and grow some more and love some more and awaken your third eye. Much effort has been spent to damage this gland of ours, so stop damaging it. NO FLORINATED WATER, take Skate Liver Oil, and do the research necessary to attain the right herbs/mushrooms/etc. formula. I can’t stress this enough… once we get connected via our pineal glands everything changes, but we are a long, long way from this occurring on a global scale, let alone here in the USA. We are in deep dodo here in the USA… but the day is coming when a choice must be made, Go with Love and light or go with the Transhumanist agenda, which is a dead end for sure… I chose ascension with Gaia. How about you? And our choice is defined by what we do not what we say…
    Thanks, Corey, I hope someday you will get to feel what it is like to bring us fantastic good news…

  4. It seems to me that it’s time to be making ‘Dumbledore’s Army” or “Corey’s Army” in real life. In our groups of like minded people, we can work on developing our spiritual skills of inner focus, directed focus, directed attention, conscious manifestation, and group strength. Instead of stick and feather wands, pure quartz crystal wands will direct our energy very efficiently. Learning to expand out protective energy fields from our dense physical bodies/spirit bodies will be a valuable skill. Developing trust in ourselves to manifest what we desire, and keeping cool in all circumstances is important. Also, learning to just have fun with it all, staying playful and in high vibes of joy and fun, will help us master our defenses against the dark arts.

  5. In The Convoluated Universe Book One (edition 30th-2023), by Dolores Cannon, she quotes some channelings .and transfered information through various hypnosis clients. On page 294, LeeAnn is in trance and explains: “Because changes will occur. Changes are occuring. Within the evolution of the planet, all for the betterment of the planet. Within the age we’re in, people have to be shown, by your example, their oneness with the universes and the father. …”
    Page 295 “She paused as she appeared to be observing something. Then she began to describe volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Also explosions and fires being caused by gases coming from underground. There were many deaths, but in the middle of it all she saw shuttle craft evacuating people to a larger ship higher in the sky. They were then to be transported to other planets in our galaxy.”
    “L: They are coming to give assistance. We raise our vibrational levels, or they raise our vibrational levels, someone does, something does. And then you’re just ‘whoosh’ on there. And since you’re just an energy force you’re fluctuating at a higher rate. And the physicalness ofthe denseness of your boydy is not as dense as it is right now, but still you’re the same being. I guess you have to be like that, because if you would change planets I guess they have different atmosphere. It’s not so dense and the structure of your being has to change. The vibrational level has to change more to a light figure than a dense matter like we are. … And by raising that vibrational rate it wouldn’t matter any way, because even if the physical body did die, they would just move on someplace else anyway.” …
    “Dolores: Are they taking all the survivors on the planet?” “L: (Sadly) No, I guess they’re not. I would like to think they would. Lots of physical bodies were lost in the destruction. They’re not taking everyone.”
    “D: Is there a reason why?” “L: The people who are more evolved are the ones being taken. … …And I’m seeing a regression in the planet. The physical people are going back to a more primitive, more beastly state, like we used to be.”
    “D: You mean the ones that are left on the planet?” “L: Yeah. More back …before the caveman even. … After this happens the actual physical atmosphere on the planet changes. And to support the physical human life, the humans species changes, because the planet becomes more dense. The air is more dense from all of the things that are happening. Things just start all over again. I can’t believe we’re starting again.”
    “D: …But does this happen to all the people that are left on the Earth?” “L: I’d hate to say ‘all’. Only because it would take so long if everything … But no, just some, just some. That’s what it is. The rational mind says it’s like birth defects, because of whatever has happened. And the atmospheres have changed. But there have to be higher life forms, human forms.”
    “D: Then you think they’re showing you what would happen to some of the people that are surviving?” “L: No, not the survivors. These are the offspring of the survivors, I guess.”
    “D: Let them show you the others that didn’t evolve in that direction.” “L: (Pause) I can’t see how such opposites exist. … The people are too light. LIght in the physical structure, almost spirit of a spirit. It’s not dense, to inhabit the Earth. But maybe with the change then the Earth will be heaven, right? ”
    “D: These people you are seeing now are the ones that were taken away? And they’re existing somewhere else?” “L: The people who are lighter are more evolved and are taken away. I don’t know who can make that judgment. It’s a very nice place. Calm. More gaseous. It’s more like existence in a gas form, with blues and lavenders and purples. And you don’t do things like you do on Earth, because you’re not tied. You don’t even have houses. And you have forms, but knowledge is acquired. It’s just through thought. There are no tangible, solid books or whatever. There’s nothing that has any density except the gaseous state. And it’s a very free, very floating kind of place, where everyone is nice and everyone is happy.”
    “D: And there are no physical, solid structures?” “L: Yea, there are some over there. Those crystalline things I was telling you about before. I don’t think they’re glass. So beautiful, rather ornate actually in structure. Crystal towers. There are some big things that structurally appear to be more like a Roman design, with columns. They’re not made out of marble, like the Romans did. It’s a bluish kind of glass, light blue glass. It’s very pretty.”
    “D: What are those structures used for?” “L: I guess they’re used for learning. That’s just what popped in before you asked the question, because I knew you were going to ask it. But the learning occurs through sound, not books.”
    “D: Do you think all the people that were taken away by the crafts went to his place, or did they go to other places?” “L: Oh, no, they won’t all go here. They’ll all go to their homes. But not everyone’s from here.”
    “D: You mean all these people are from other places? (L” Sure) They’re not originally from Earth?” “L: Oh, I’m sure there are some people who are just from Earth. Everything’s within that realm of possibility. But not everyone will go to this planet. Who knows where we originated from.”
    “D: They will go to an atomosphere that is familiar to them?” “L: Yes. Their home. Everyone will, because they travel in groups, be united again with mother in laws. (Chuckle) Family members. That’s neverending.” ….
    “D: Yes. But do you see any of these people being returned to Earth, or do they all go somewhere else? I was thinking it was a temporary thing.” “L: People will be returned to earth, people who choose to come back. Because what I’m seeing now is the very primitive kind of culture. And I guess the people that are returned are the people who will want to come back for their own development, who know that the planet has things to offer that they need to learn or remember. And the people who do come back, I think will be the leaders or the light beings for a while. To aid who, I don’t know, unless a different species is going to evolve.”
    “D: Are these people being brought back by the crafts in the physical body that they left in?” “L: No, I don’t see them in the physical body that they left in. (She sighed.) No, they’re not going to be in their same physical bodies. It’s going to be one highly evolved species and one not so evolved species. It’s almost like the angels will be looking after the new species that will be here. And if they are in tune then…I don’t know. I think the planet will be a very different. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.” …”It would seem civilization starts over again.” …”The world is back to a state where buildings and technology and cars and planes are no longer there. Back to a state where all the shrubs are just budding, and the trees are just beginning to grow. It’s like almost at the beginning all over again. It’s like if you go into the forest and find a tiny little chunk of forest that people haven’t been walking in or disrupting, and everyting is very new and very fresh. That’s how the whole planet is.”
    “D: Do you think everything was destroyed?” “L: This is a time down the way. Right after .. what do i see? I see there’s more water on the planet. Or more land masses covered by water.”
    …”D:…Well, do they have any advice?” “L: The advice is very simple, and has been taught through the centuries. Treat others as you would have them treat you.”

  6. You’re like our Commander, Corey! I’ve been strategizing about Content Creating as an “activist” & getting back in social media (which I just did today by signing up on here 😊)but since YT is censoring etc. what would you suggest as a platform to get content out there ? Have you heard of or are you in Brighton? It was founded by Mike the Health Ranger who I used to follow in FB years ago and has truthful content . Is there any other or do you have any suggestions ? TYSM! Light✨L💖VE

  7. Je suis heureux de rejoindre votre groupe et de vous lire mais je suis déçu qu’il n’y ai pas de sous-titre en Français sous vos vidéos, je ne peux donc pas vous suivre. Y a t’il un projet dans ce sens ?
    Sinon je ne pourrais pas rester s’il n’y a pas de sous titre dans ma langue.

  8. And if the Orion group are all acting like sociopaths because of the AI Devil, what can be done about it?
    Is anything being done about disabling software to shut down the AI Devil? That sounds worth investigating. How to infect the AI Devil with a software virus!

  9. Hi Corey,

    You should ask Spielberg to make a film for your story including good news of our solar system liberation. The story is based on facts : reptiles, cabal, matrix, reptile drugs and narcotics, covid vax(nanotechnology) , 5g, chemtrail, chemotherapy …

    All congratulations for your imagination ! Don’t count on my help 🤣🤣🤣 but let me know what do you think about !
    Be GOD !

  10. David Wilcock, in his latest publication, “ The Michael Prophecies” states: “Stunning evidence that our next-door-neighbor star, Proxima Centauri, had the “Solar Flash” that was originally meant for us, literally within three days of the Mayan calendar end-date of December 21st, 2012.“

      1. I’ve heard him previously state 2025, which coincides with the 11 year solar cycles. Then after that he stated 2032/33. That’s interesting about Proxima Centauri.

  11. Corey,
    You say at the conclusion of your Blog:
    “It is time that those who call themselves awakened become activists who help support the UAP Whistleblowers coming out and pressure our state and US representatives to pass laws protecting them.”
    This is an obvious call to action. Are you aware of any politically-available mechanisms wherein we can do so?
    (of note, we briefly met at the 2016 Conscious Life Expo)

    1. Attack BIDEN, 5G, all other cabal, drogues fabricators and their dealers, and all things evil … with your imagination and strong confidence ! That’s I am doing. United we won ! Be GOD !!!

    2. Hi Miles,
      What are you thinking? I am thinking just write and/or call elected officials and ask them to pass laws protecting whistleblowers in general. It’s a start, anyway. (I’m not sure what UAP means.)

    3. I wrote to our local congressman at the only contact information I could find for him. The email to the congressman bounced back about a week later, with a note stating he was very busy and would get to it when he had time. I emailed our Representative, who is a locally elected person that likely has little say in matter, even though the Constitution states the House of Representatives is one of the three main bodies of our government. Haven’t heard anything from him.
      One of our recent Representatives, Jason Chafetz, Utah, resigned early from office, then wrote a book called “The Deep State”. In it he details a great deal of corruption within the government he discovered. He was brave to do that.

  12. I really like the name, “Confederation of Free Colonies,” compared to the dreadful “Global Galactic League of Nations,” which is a galactic-level oxymoron, if you ask me.

    I had the understanding that the Solar Flash was supposed to happen in 2032…now it’s slated for 2025. Wow. Quite soon.

    What triggered the shift of the Solar Flash from 2032 to 2025?

  13. Thank you Corey. The Tricksters will abound and many will be lured. I appreciate the continued warnings on discernment around that which may appear before us and begin offering us “salvation”. If ya don’t gotta work for it now, if it is given to you, there is likely a higher price later. Looking forward to more updates. Best to you and yours!

      1. LOL, to “grey twits”. From my research these beings are enslaved by the Reptilians (Orion group) to do their dirty work and to hide the evidence. They have no option but to go against their true nature.

  14. hi Corey.surround your self with golden light sphere every night before you go to will appear like a ring around you.even if you can not it needs your attention to maintain will keep the grays and other dark entities away.stay in the light.

  15. Yes, the repeat of the events that happen in the universe and how it’s unfolding again with the Negative Oriented groups again. Myself and others have seen this in correctly performed Past Life Regression Sessions.

  16. “The Confederation of Free Colonies has made quite a lot of progress in battles between them and their objective, Our solar system. They have defeated several enemy armadas on their way here, bringing them into conflict with the Reptilians and a few groups that fight with them, including the Dark Fleet. They have also encountered several Galactic Federation ships in combat.”
    This is a puzzling statement. Is it your position that the Galactic Federation is an enemy of humanity? Maybe you could explain how you have come to represent this position.

      1. Well, according to Megan Rose (Welcome to the Future), the Galactic Federation has provided invaluable assistance to humanity, and Terra is on track to become a junior member in the future. Megan’s reports conform with a Twitter account called Family of Taygeta, Tarot by Janine, Riccardo Bosi, SG Anon, Pastor James Redpills America, Jessie Czebotar, and a few others I follow, such as James Rink and Nusken.

        1. Diana ~~ This may be a bit of confusion of semantics between GF (Galactic Federation). which is on the good side, and the GFL (Galactic Federation of Light), which is on the dark side.

          Discernment is so effing challenging these days — I find my own discernment to be constantly challenged. SMH

  17. Hi Corey, thank you very much for your report, they are always very useful to understand the context of the terrestrial situation.
    I understand that the solar micro nova event (solar flash) is something inevitable and without known date obviously still by the development of the facts, being an event that closes a cycle and opens another can we today maintain the expectation of a release of the earth in the current situation? Although there are many people who recognize that governments do not really go in the direction of the people, I do not know if there will be a collective capacity to group and lead a liberation, as has happened in the ufological movement, where certain characters end up being controlled dissidence and the infiltration of the cabal is very well planned.

  18. Hi Corey it’s been a long while since I’ve seen any of your SSP alliance updates as I’ve been fully immersed in the Earth Alliance activities.

    From a spiritual perspective the psychic attacks upon us has ramped up significantly. The hounds of hell have been unleashed. It’s quite an effort to stay above water when you have interferences on the spiritual front.

    I sense that we are indeed rushing towards immanent disclosure and other revelations. I’m finding it difficult to maintain consistent trust with many people as I’ve found people too volatile and even cowardly. The fear is real. Economic stresses, pandemic hang over, psychic interferences etc are taking its toll.

    As a family of 5, now with addition of sickly grandpa we all yearn for a safer, saner piece of land to live on surrounded by beauty and tranquility. Lots of farms animals would be nice.

    I wonder how long before the mythical Nesara and Gesara will actually happen?

    Until then we fight the good fight and try to survive as best we can.

    Thank you for all your good works and info. It’s been a real game changer! Love to you and family from South Africa.

  19. Thank you Corey! As I understand it, the Solar Flash will wipe out negative beings, right? That would greatly simplify Ascension, so I assume it will happen shortly.  I’ve been experiencing symptoms attibutted to Ascescion today so I am hopeful.

    1. My understanding is the solar micronova will wipe out pretty much all electronics, including AI, and a lot of humans and animals along coastal areas from the psunamis the micronova causes. And it does seem that the lunar effects during the full moon are exaggerating the emotions of people even more than before.

      1. That’s what happened in the 1880s. Hopefully this is different. Since we are in the process of ascending for the first time in human history, I hope our creator is helping, not obliterating, our progress.

        1. Actually, James, this coming ascension moment will be the third attempt by humanity as we know it.

          First attempt was roughly 50,000 yrs ago — nobody ascended.

          Second attempt was roughly 25,000 yrs ago — 150 ascended, but all of them chose to return to help with the third attempt.

          Third attempt probably would be a smashing success, with millions ascending.

          This info is based on the Ra Material.

  20. This update reminded me of the old African legend of the hummingbird and the wildfire.

    Everyone is outstanding at something, that’s why it is together that we change the world for the better. If we step in, speak up and act with courage and commitment, we can make miracles happen. If we collaborate with devotion, peacefulness and respect, the chances of such a miracle increase drastically.

  21. Sounds like quite the fight. I had a dream maybe a year or 2 ago where Trump was introducing a E.T being on the news. The being was a royal blue color and basically had the same body shape as us with the eyes being slightly larger. The being didn’t know that the cameras were live and kinda did a funny introduction. Its been years now and I don’t recall the types of clothes they wore but I do remember this being had either had black lines that outlined its eyes or if it was some kind of ornamental marking.

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