SSP Update Explanations Season 2 Episode 3: Facing The Orion Deceivers
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S2E3: Facing the Orion Deceivers

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

Subscribers only video update from Corey & Mike, discussing The Confederation of Free Colonies, the grays and the Orion Group and their abilities to deceive and influence humanity. (Note: Some of these episodes will be made public and posted to Corey’s YouTube channel as well.)

Next Episode: S2E4: Supporting the Disclosure Movement


  1. Which “Greys” is Corey talking about? Small Greys? Tall Greys? Ebens?
    I wonder why they don’t genetically modify themselves again, so that they are able to reproduce again, then they shouldn’t feel a need to use Humans for this.
    Mike does such a great job interviewing and adding to the conversation with very insightful information.

  2. To take a step back and reset is critical – analyze the ‘contacts’ you have, the thoughts your process; is it true or promoting falseness… for without self realization there can be entities forcing the consent of free will.

    Live from within, as the internal soul not externally programmed.

    1. From personal history:

      I have been having intense dreams, vivid, yet very apparent; amalgamations of what is real into a uncanny dream situation where a response provoked towards the dream as if cause and effect; then i wake from the dream shouting and gasping, over and over, nightmares…

      Some say they can rule their dreams, yet, can the dreamer within the fantasy be the true source when input is given throughout it from an external source…(?)

      I feel like, for a longwhile, personally, I have been target of affliction from ‘entities’ as if they have been ‘tracing’ my historie..

      Paranoia perhaps, or just the normalized schizophrenia i deal with moment to moment, but, those echos know that they are defined and it causes them to move from a mode of observation and stimulation to aggression.

      I am not claiming i am special, all i can do is give my experience, does this happen to youall?

      Just know, if you silently grapple with this – you are not alone.

      1. I saw on Yt somewhere a son helped his mother be CURED from schizophrenia! It was through diet !! I believe all diseases if not injected or gmo lab manufactured can be cured naturally via diet, exercise, sunlight, balance etc . I also believe that with directional weaponry & remote viewing that we have been victims unknowingly thus the Hums, buzzing, ringing in the ears, loss of hearing, Senility, I do know that recently my personal sleep has been affected as well as my sexual drive/desires etc. And I even suspected it was being controlled remotely which blows my mind! What can I do? We can raise our vibrations & collectively meditate to change these frequencies in our environment …but what do I know? I’m just a baby …I’m here to learn & meet likeminded people but also to share what I feel led to share whenever the opportunity arises . 🥰

  3. When I first started listening to Corey it all seemed so simple to get my head around….but the more I learn the more complex it seems to become. That’s ok—I’ll work harder!
    I can’t repeat enough how grateful I am to Corey, Mike and many others who patiently keep trying to explain these things to me!!
    Peace and happiness to all!

  4. Corey, thank you for your courage in being a Truth Seeker and Truth Teller. Huge fan, have your comic book and you’re a big part of my awakening (along with Q). Grateful and hopeful!
    We are God Sovereign Free!

  5. I was taught to go into the heart and look and feel and the one time I was approached even though they were so beautiful and flowing love I went into my heart and saw that something was not right. I heard “She sees” and I never saw them again. More people should learn to look through the true heart and not the mind.
    Thank you so much for this.

    1. I believe this is using our 1st brain Doctors call our “Intuition” I don’t think it’s just a gift for certain people but doing our part to ensure we meditate, open our third eye 👁 by tapping on meridian points to stimulate the parasympathetic system as Dr. Rashid Buttar (one of America’s top 50 Physicians ) and Retired Special Forces who was unfortunately poisoned recently for his “whistleblowing.” We can listen to solfeggio scales, do yoga to help expedite the process. I presume that’s the 3D way but if there’s more perhaps we can be enlightened with the tools so we can be at optimal sharpness for our minds so we can use our critical thinking skills and be prepared better to deal with all this shocking information and levels of deception . So grateful to learn this and to Corey for offering this platform & risking his life to come forward & share so bravely ❣️👍🏻👽👍🏻🛸💫🌞🌍

    1. Challenging them 3 times to name their loyalty to the true gods and principles will expose a flaw. Also they can present warmth to you but it is only skin deep not heart deep