SSP Update Explanations Season 2 Episode 2: Unexpected Guidance from the Other Side
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S2E2: Unexpected Guidance from the Other Side

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

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  1. I’ve experienced the same thing in my family. In my experience we all end up switching places if not by empathy then by experience. Where does the cycle begin, and where does it end? Yes be vigilant for fraudsters.

  2. Thank you Corey for sharing some of your personal experiences about the “other side”. There’s so much relative information written by Rudolf Steiner, who describes in some of his 160K published lectures including “Life between Death and Rebirth”, and can be summarised thus: after physical death, almost everyone spends between 25 – 30 years reviewing their life in reverse order and experiencing back to the moments they were born and all the pain they have caused others, or not, as the case may be, while they are still attached to the Earth’ plain, the lower chakras, one by one begin to slough off as these “organs of the Soul” have less and less hold without the physical body, until all the lessons of the just lived life are realised, and this is described as a period of Karma loka. These lessons are transferred from the soul to the “I” or higher ego, which is the true identity, not the astral body which holds us to our desires for sensation and excitement. Then their Angel helps the soul/spirit to summise their lessons of life and a case is made by their Angel, in what may be described as an appeal to a higher being an arc Angel, and a suitable future incarnation is planned to give the give the greatest opportunity for growth and to learn essential lessons, where agreements are made for the possible location, a future timeline, along with the appropriate culture and usually a change in opposite gender to balance the development of the soul. But before the next incarnation, that individual spirit/soul may spend a long time residing outside of Earth space and time in an appropriate higher plane or Devachanic layers or of the Earth. Of course, there are people alive today who do so much evil falsely believing they have impunity as they have no healthy belief in life or afterlife for that matter, and there may be only astral planes at various levels of descent, perhaps on other planets where lessons can be learned. I’m looking forward to hearing more from you about these experiences.

    1. Do you miss your loved ones? I feel as if one has to have experienced (somehow) the suffering of the lost loved ones and the suffering of the survivors to understand, and you sound like you understand.