Ep10: Addressing Recent UFO News

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

Next Episode: Ep11: Alliance Intel Status Updates


  1. The information you give us, Corey, is despair-making, as well. Solid direction how to overcome this would really be helpful. ‘Unplug from the media.’ ‘Watch the media, but don’t get emotionally involved.’ aren’t helpful. If we are at peace within ourselves, will be have power over the negative (who are also at peace within themselves – just with a negative orientation), or will it help simply help us to move to higher densities and exit this negative density?

  2. Good video, Corey. I don’t know why anyone would complain about video quality. That seems pretty irrelevant to me. The video looked good though. If the government admits that aliens exist and are real, does that mean we can have open contact? I am aware that the government will try to steer the narrative, but wasn’t part of the reason the Blue Avians chose you because you were “authorized” by being in government programs already. Will admitting aliens are real “authorize” the whole human race for contact from multiple civilizations? Seems like they might be opening a Pandora’s box with this scheme.

  3. Everybody looks washed out against snow. Doesn’t matter what you look like it’s the info that’s important.
    I can’t believe people thought it was a ufo. It looked like a balloon lol. It’d be nice if the govt admitted to extraterrestrials so we can have an open discussion with them but noo.
    Is this agenda with fake ETs part of agenda 2030?
    Stay human! 😁

  4. Agreed, clearly we cant make sense of what they are doing given all the even sound perspectives I have heard, but what I can make sense of is how I am feeling at any given moment cuz Im in charge of that… responding emotionally is like giving your power away… I do feel though if we are looking for answers it will come if we calmly ask the Universe and calmly wait for an answer… as the Universe always responds…then eventually you will get hit with that Aha Moment – they you will know that was your answers

  5. ‘Real Raw News’ said the same thing, not Chinese but USA made and released nearby relatively wise. Starforce has cut the Blackhat’s off from using Satellites. Will not be much longer for this aspect of human experience and history, One other thing I heard was 2 roads before us, one wobbling greater and greater to pole shift great quakes etc. oceans going crazy tsunamis rising seas US divided by this etc. OR we get it together within ourselves and this does not complete this path. Was in a NDE on YouTube was first one of such outside of books on time saying many multiple timelines later down to 2 a good one and a total disaster one. I also heard it from you many times but is nice to hear from a different group not related. Hope you feeling better. Ahavah/ Aloha William