Ep11: Alliance Intel Status Updates

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

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  1. So the reason we’re not getting SSP Alliance reports is they’re not doing much relative to us? That does line up with their message to expect them in 2025, if I recall correctly. So, my question is will the Lizard squad spend the time before the 2025 arrival of the SSP Alliance clearing out of our solar system or digging in to make a stand, preparing for the SSP attack on them? If they’re digging in, how much of a Space War can we expect and what will be the affects on us??

  2. Corey I am so happy for you to move forward with your video games I know it is a huge business and a fantastic way to reach the young people! Don’t get discouraged . If you never give up you will always succeed;)

  3. Congratulations Corey on all the projects and wishing continued success! Just before the pandemic I unfollowed and stopped researching into the majority of the UFO / Alien / disclosure communities. You are the only person I heard talk about how these communities had changed / collapsed, something I had noticed too.

    For decades I observed the proliferation of worldwide drugs (pharmaceutical and street) and knew a lot of our population would become permanently brain damaged (am a hospital worker) but there’s also been a rapid rise in what can only be called “insanity” across the planet. In Canada, more people are wandering around homeless (by choice), committing random crimes, screaming non-stop, and behaving like primitives (cannot compare with animal species because humans are worse) with no self consciousness.

    It’s taken a lot of intent on my part (I am Portuguese Canadian / fiance is Afghan) to persist, survive, thrive throughout these particular time period clumps of weird energies and keep working on manifesting what is good for our lives. We, both, have had to affirm divine protections around us many times. I’m sure there are other people, like us, who have also been feeling / intuiting a mix of energies (less stable than in past decades) along with observing many humans literally losing their minds.

    As a healthcare worker, life-long student of sociology, psychology, criminology, and a natural artist / creative I know that drugs and our socioeconomic world systems have tipped more humans over into the domains of dark / negative / hellish energies, forces, or entities. Shockingly, there are also positive humans standing stalwart amidsts great chaos and evils (wars, crimes, etc.) all around the world. It’s almost as if two polarities of a continuum of existence are stretching / sometimes tearing in places / and sometimes diverging. The human words would be “turbulence” and feelings of “chaos.”

    For us – this has been a challenge calling us to stay grounded to earth but tethered to the Divine. It has also required that we be much more cautious about who and what we allow into our lives, and be more alert and awake at workplaces, shopping, and travel routes. I’m also more wary of the information circulating across all media platforms because we are living in a time of multitudinous bubbles of “reality.”

    Like you and your family, we are also middle of the road politically and while the situation is less polarized in Canada, we too have increasing numbers of right wing extremists AND left wing woke extremists both pushing out their “insanity propaganda.” The people in both of these groups concurrently have very disturbing physical appearances and energies. It seems like both groups are fighting with each other and we, in the middle, are just watching.

    Thanks, Corey, for mentioning being middle of the road. When I listened to your testimonies years ago I was not sure if you were on the extreme right like many in the so called “disclosure communities” who keep pushing conspiracy theories. I am still listening to your testimonies and updates several years later. We are also pleased that, in the end, your marriage and your family survived all the bumps and challenges along the journey and you have all thrived. Blessings!

    1. Thanks for the analysis from Canada. I’m pretty well politically insulated from a lot of the turmoil you’re experiencing being in central Florida, thank heaven. I personally am asking for and experiencing more divine assistance than ever before.

  4. Hi Corey, good video. Don’t stress about the video and sound quality as much. Its not all that important IMHO. Substance > Style I’ve always wondered why the light warrior community is so fond of the term “my truth”. It always sounded like exactly the same thing as saying “my perspective”. Perhaps the point of it is to disguise the truth in a subtle way? As far as those selling hopium in order to trick the mass consciousness, I think they are simply finding an excuse to engage in denial and fantasy, which are pretty basic concepts. People know they don’t work. Someone should let them know that intent has a lot to do with what you create as well, and if your intent is to deceive, you don’t have good intentions.

    1. Cool. Thanks. I’m centrist on politics also and feel there is nowhere for us. Agree with what you said. I am training Reiki students and bodyworkers/lightworkers and writing so busy on that end. Goodluck with your gaming projects!. Lisa T.

  5. Corey, I think there is a bug in the app. When I click on courses and then I click on an individual course, then there is a message that says I need to restart the app. I f I click cancel the app totally shuts down and there is just a blank screen. I’m using an iPad if that has anything to do with it. Also I did just download the latest version of the app on the App Store.