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Ep4: Spiritual Warfare Paradigms + LOC Update

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

Next Episode: Ep5: Implications of the Solar Micronova


  1. I think it’s important to help the other real secret space participants come forward, there are other real people with Dr Salla and Elanna Dennarn coming out, and I like James Rink supper soldier talk, but maybe attracts some fakes.
    But the important point is, that we get disclosure of these other break away civilizations as they are the ones that can help us with the release of suppressed technology’s that we will need to survive the coming earth changes.
    I won’t rest till I have my own free energy device and my own anti gravity device that can move my small kingdom around, at least my motorhome to start with.
    Maybe the reason they backed off, is they couldn’t feel or see a path of Joy Peace and Comfort and the last step into the public light did not seam like the light.
    Maybe we need to create a perfect path for all real super soldiers and secret space participants to walk straight in with full protection and confirmation and validity all coinciding into an acceptance from the critical majority that propelles the release from slavery to petroleum and negative electricity. That alone would save everyone.

  2. Greetings friends! I really appreciate you guys, Corey & Mike, and our Ascension Works Community!

    Corey, is it possible for you to share the instructions you received from the Anshar and Zulu with regards to the Ceremony that you carried-out? I have been under considerable attack for decades. Partially from an entity attachment that has been very gnarly and also negative gateways opening all around me and even in me. I have it pretty much under control now but I certainly welcome any new insights. I would be very appreciative to receive the particulars about that ceremony. I do use Sage and Himalayan Salt and I appreciate those reminders as well. Frankincense has been very helpful as well as well as a regular Qi Gong practice. Crystals, Sacred Geometry, and Mysticism of the Light have also been very helpful. I did reach out to a Blue Avian energetically but essentially my Higher Self blocked the interaction. The Blue Avian told me to contact him again when I am ready. I’m sure that means when I have control over all my spiritual faculties which, honestly speaking, I still don’t. Gnarly stuff.

    1. I’d recommend that you look closely at your triggers, this is fast healing if you can catch yourself before you react, and just let those emotions flow without reaction, the emotions cannot hold you for long and they will disapate, and so will the situation, and then with a calm mind and emotions gone you can walk away, and then, the magic happens, two things happen, first you move into the highest form of meditation called Dynamic meditation, it’s when you’re doing something and not needing to think about it, like driving or walking, and second the emotions will convert back to the feeling of understanding, and that will show you the picture of the truth of the situation and you will not need a thought to know and understand.
      Also, unresolved issues that pop into your mind that replay those unresolved issues are your demons. You need to let go of anything that keeps you replaying a situation.
      Take care keep smiling.

  3. Question (Q&A): How did those little demonic beings (projections) behaviour? Are they walking around just trying to spray you or do they all behave in a certain the same way?

    1. I had dream invasions or actually after I woke up, I saw one little one with a big tongue licking on me with a grinning smile. The tongue was thick and conic. The hight was maybe 70-80cm. And another one shadowy figure tried to jump on me and put me down make me paralyzed (it was bigger maybe human size). It was not successful. But I felt the pressure. It is good to be prepared like Corey said. Have faith in your strength but also use the tools we get (prayer, etc). I think I only was able to see them because of my recent wake up, where you are still between realms. This was my first and only encounter with them I know of. A month or two ago I think.
      You certainly feel or see them or their intrusion.

  4. Thank you, this is very informative and actually goes along also with around page 300+ in DW’s Michael Prophecies where he goes into detail about the interferences with the L/L Research group. I’m also watching the videos on protection and finding things to add to my daily/weekly protection protocols. Keep updating, please ☺️

  5. Thank you for this series! It is reminding me of Cosmic Disclosure and I am looking forward to new episodes.
    5 min into this video I had a “shadow being” pop in front of me and I could feel it touch my chest, see my clothes moving and I jumped up and screamed. I’m going to sage and salt right now!
    Thank you Corey & Mike