Ep8: Orion Group Interference Pt 1

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

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  1. Question: Corey, if you yourself saw so many abducted and chipped, they deserve to tell their stories how they were violated and manipulated. Our planet needs to be in an uproar regarding all our governments have done to its populace for false promises. We did not consent nor do we now. Even when these things happened to you as a child you had no understanding of the full consequences. Our streets should be full of protesters of the abducted. The numbers must be in the tens of thousands. Shouldn’t their voices count?

  2. Corey, did you have some kind of poltergeist activity going on in the background of the video? Sounds like some bumping and knocking happening between the 15 and 18 minutes marks.

  3. Question/Comment:
    Is it the fact that as a population, a culture even, in the U.S. that “votes” and believed wholly that our “votes” counted back then … that the tall grays could/would consider the consent of the leader of the nation as the same as consent of the all? High manipulation for sure, and not something they will get away with anymore, especially once the Zulu arrive… but was that kinda it? A slippery slope to not violating free will which is utterly violating our free will…but I can see that and see why exposing elections has always been about more than 1 election. It’s also about eventually exposing this level of violation against us and our bodies. 🤔

  4. Questions for Corey:
    Recently, I thought of a new question and hope to get a reply in the Q&A:
    1. The previous video mentioned that there are hundreds of millions of interstellar seeds on Earth? But why didn’t I encounter it in my life? Even for those who are interested in interstellar information there are still many differences and contradictions. Is it because of a different mission on Earth? Or is it because many interstellar seeds have yet to awaken?
    2. How was the family of the Star seed chosen? Is there a negative deliberate arrangement in addition to their own past karma? What if the star seeds were deliberately reincarnated into the homes of severely negative people in order to suppress the star seeds awakening and functioning?
    3. After the solar flash, are the star seeds staying on Earth to help build together, introducing friendly aliens to Earthlings and staying on Earth until death? Or can they leave in a ufo after completing their respective missions?
    4, after the solar flash, now high-rise buildings, residents of the house can still live? Will money be used?
    5. Is Corey’s reply in Q&A based on Corey’s own understanding? Or the answer given by the ssp? Or zulu ?
    6. As mentioned in the previous Q&A video, someone asked: Should you protect yourself and your family by attacking the other person when you encounter something more violent, such as robbery or theft? Corey replied that what action to take depends on the circumstances?
    I would like to share my understanding of this problem: you can refer to the nine observations of benefiting all beings from Mapeng Rinpoche in Buddhism, namely the nine observation methods of Bodhisattvas when they benefit all beings. It can also be used as a reference for whether or not to do something, so that you can know whether or not to take certain actions. According to the Mahayana Dharma, one should not harm sentient beings even when endangering one’s own life. Of course, people on Earth follow different teachings, they can follow their own beliefs, the above is just for reference.

    1. Hello friend,thanks for your reply,I think maybe I can answer the first question(and sorry for my poor english I have to use the translation apps.. There may be some mistakes)
      Star seeds come from different densities and for different purposes, mostly to serve others through the supernova event, but before that, interstellar seeds have to pass through the veil of oblivion, and whether they can be activated depends on themselves or with the help of others, and there are indeed more and more of them. In recent years, as they get closer and closer to solar flares, More and more star seeds are being activated. We can try to find them. If they feel lost, we should help each other,that’s why we should build some communities…but it still easy to be infiltrate which is pretty annoying

      1. 朋友你好,英语也不是我的母语,我也是用软件翻译的,所以表达不是那么准确。我希望我们能尽快回到心灵感应。
        在准备建社区的过程中,我也走访了很多地方,翻译了相关文章,试图向人们解释为什么要建一个社区,但收效甚微,很少有人能抛开物质世界的诱惑,与离心机,选择服务社会,追求意识的进化。因此,在 2022 年,根据我观察到的情况,我会说人们并没有走在积极的时间表上。因此,另一个千年周期几乎是不可避免的,但值得庆幸的是,它不会比这更糟。
        Bless you, my friend, and thank you for your reply. In my country, the public account is blocked, and no one replies or communicates with us when we post on Weibo. We really need to communicate and cooperate with each other.

        In addition, regarding Star Seed, I recently read that the original body of Star Seed is resting in a ufo and will return to its original body after its mission on Earth is completed. I wanted to check with Corey if that was true. Do we return after the death of our bodies on Earth or after our mission is accomplished? To be honest, up to now, I feel like I can only do so much. The next step might have to wait until after the sun’s flash. So maybe Ufos can play a bigger role?

  5. Questions for Corey:

    – Since there are many competing ET groups here on Earth, which do not have the same agenda, do you think that the reptilians were planning at some point (before the barrier around our solar system was put in place in late 2014) to move humanity (via Germans disguised as “Pleiadian ETs”) to another solar system under their control BEFORE the solar event to bypass the electromagnetic effects (destruction of transhumanist technologies) and to have the whole cake all to themselves?

    – When a soul disincarnates in the middle of a cycle, what prevents him from going to reincarnate on another planet if he wants to? Do the negative ET’s have a technology that allows them to imprison ALL souls on Earth until the end of a cycle?

  6. Questions for Corey:

    – How many ET’s groups are using physical/energy implants on surface humanity?

    – What percentage of humanity is implanted? Is it all humanity or only the starseed (to circumvent cosmic law)?

    – How many ET groups are making treaties with governments on Earth? And how many governments on Earth make treaties with ET groups? Only the big nations ?

    1. Okay… we’re not kidding anylonger. Brillant episode – if not the best to date in the series. I’m amazed at what can be achieved with such a simple set up – thanks Corey and team.