Ep5: Implications of the Solar Micronova

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

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  1. I expect that there will not be a big dying off of people caused by the solar event because we shall have ascended to the 5/6/7 dimension and will be able to manifest what we need to live lives of abundance and prosperity. So, I’m staying place and have sold my bug out destination. And good riddance to our electronics.

    1. Please explain what you mean by 5 Dimension, 6 Dimension and 7 Dimension. Not really sure from the terminology you use, is the relevance to 4th Density which if you have followed anything related to Ascension on this platform, is the transition from the current 3rd Density (not dimension) to 4th Density.

    1. Mine is at 10 feet, 6 miles from the gulf coast. Before the micronova I plan to either have a way to survive on the water or move to the mountains. I don’t expect anything major to happen during the current solar cycle. I am more concerned about society breaking down in the short term.

  2. I am unable to access the first few minutes of this.
    Which seems critical. What are they talking about? What is the solar event going to be like? Are we supposed to be back to the stone age with no electronics or vehicles?

  3. This may sound crazy at first, but is there a way that this platform and the series could be offered to become available to people in jails and prisons? There are so many people confined, looking for answers, wondering how situations in life brought them to that point many of whom would be of great energetic help if enlightened. I see offering this as a viewing option as a great opportunity yo raise their awareness and vibrations.

  4. Aloha,
    If the advanced ETs be they Guardians or Blue Avians or Zulu can predict specific dates to do battles on the moon and Mars in our solar system, then why cannot they give a date for the solar flash?

  5. There is nothing that would convince me to come back to this reality field or this planet.My evolution will have to continue in my soul body.I will not take that risk of coming back here again.

  6. Also, you have warned us about tricky angelic beings. How do we know that your life has not only be a dream or vision or planned by bad guys to deceive us into thinking negatively because of all this coming? Simple answers, please. What is the WORK

  7. corey I belived you and gave up my Christian life because of truth from other places. History evidence is exposing things. Is there others that can say what you say and show us because Ismael Perez tells us totally different and so do other channelers. I know you talked about this but HE is so specific as to no more reincarnations… and a good life coming like President Trump tells us. They seem to have so much proof going for this it is hard to believe all the negative you have. can you put it together? Good life and then flash what?? Where the heck is God in all this and you should bring in more back up or evidence if you can. can you guys agree on anything???why would anyone want to keep humanity going in a world you have described???? maybe its time to end it all and let al have it.God can deal with it then?

  8. All is one. One is all. ❤️

    “Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Heres Tom with the Weather.”
    – Bill Hicks

  9. Yes, inner work at this time, is 100% what to focus on now. I am also doing this, and am uncovering memories and traumas that had actually been wiped out, giving me a better understanding of myself and my life and how I reacted to certain situations.

    Great video, looking forward to the next episode ✨

  10. One spiritual guru came in canada in 90’s in Vancouver. Told to peoples don’t be proud if you have big house expensive cars . Everything will be burn down . You might have to come back to Punjab india . Because nothing gonna left to eat here can’t grow food in 2020 in india had farmer protest against big corporate. They wannna take there land . Farmers protest more then year on road . By the time of extreme cold hot and Covid-19’s time . More then 200000 . Farmers on roads not even single person died with Covid-19.not physical distance not mask . Farmers win. Only 4-5 place will left where food can be still grow . Punjab is one of then . You can grow almost every fruits and vegetables. Wheat rise millet . Latin . All vegetables . Corn sugar potatoes. Thats is the reason big corporate want that land . Also had under oil in it . Five river of water .

  11. Corey is 100% right. I do meditation. I have lots of experience with déjà vu. Many event i saw already in my dream. Last month i have dream about solar event . Fire come from sky burn my house. Another dream peoples hungry panic killing each . other. Energy is changing getting more and more positive and more psychic experience. Im sikh live in canada . Lots of our spiritual. Master aware us something big is coming. We not gonna have anything to eat . Please pay attention

    1. Please share more details. Was it really bad? Panic, chaos, killings, no electricity and no running water? If this happens I would rather die. Fighting to survive is too much. I would prefer to be dead.

  12. Hello Corey/Mike,
    One question for the next Q/A maybe:
    – How would you differenciate from AI technology and non-AI technology? I would think that AI technology is based on external “help” and non-AI technology is based on tuning our existing body/mind/spirit complexes. However, for all of us ignorant of the coming very evolved technologies, it seems to me very difficult to differenciate the two;

    Par exemple Med beds based on:
    (1) injections,
    (2) sound-frequency technology or
    (3) a piece of rock with marks…
    A priori seems easy to judge from ignorance which one is probably which, however i would argue that with sufficient level of technology any of the three before cases could be either AI ou non-AI technology.

    thanks in advance for the response:)
    Kind regards,

  13. Thank you for the amazing video Corey! May I just say though that this video felt very negative in nature. I understand that you are merely explaining the harsh truth and that’s great, however I noticed that even when there were positive aspects, they weren’t mentioned. While there is much hardship to come, there is also much love and joy to come as well. I feel the positive aspects should have been explained as well. This event is supposed to be overall beneficial and forward leaning spiritually… even for those immature and negative spiritually. I don’t mean to be a troll or every critical, I love you and your work Corey, but a more positive demeanor could be had, even while explaining the negatives.

  14. Aloha , Mike is doing a great job and we feel he is more accommodating than David Wilcock, as far as giving Corey a chance to respond to questions. David is a bit talky talky, and doesn’t always give Corey a chance to respond. Keep up the good work Corey and show your Texas courage.

  15. Aloha Corey, We want to thank you so much for your information and your bravery to speak about solar flash coming. My husband and I have been listening to you for several years from the big island of Hawaii where we live and have benefited greatly from your valuable information. We garden and grow food daily. Our question is this; will we be safe at 6500 feet on the slope of Mauna Kea when the solar flash comes? There is an army base very close at 6100 feet. Our housed is at 2900 feet in Waimea would we be safe from the ocean flood here?
    Mahalo and aloha, Kurt and Jeanne Baker

  16. So basically i need to prepare before the flash:
    – Buying land outside the city
    – Acquire skills to grow own food
    – Buy a gun against the looters
    – Positive attitude

  17. Much like the lockdown (Confinement), “Choas as Change” has done lots for people to discover which side of the light there on. I expect more of the same in 2023, as narratives really begin to boil in the next six months.

  18. Great video! Thank you Mike and Corey.

    I think it is important to learn to connect with nature to prepare for this future. Natural building, farming, self sufficiency, learning off grid type of living is quite important. Dehydrating and storing food.

    Rainwater catchment/ storage and filtration systems is another key thing for water.

    As many dive deeper into advanced tech, we need to dive deeper into nature and learn how to live in the natural world.

  19. Thank you Mike and Corey. Great show with great information. A few questions:

    1.) I’m trying to understand the “collective manifestations” and if we can collectively create demons and Hell how is our discussing the Solar Micro-Nova different? Is it that we do not discuss it in fear? Fear being what manifests the negative?

    2.) David Wilcock recently put out part 1 of his Michael Prophecies where he states that he believes Michael is saying that due to our “dark night of the soul” during lockdown that enough had awakened that a “human extinction event” was not necessary. Do you see your information in anyway conflicting with his and if no could you please clear up the difference, thank you.

    3.). The event in 2012 when Polaris had it’s micro nova was not the same micro nova as intended for Earth’s sun? Or did it take some pressure off galacticaly perhaps?

    Thanks so much for the chance to ask questions. Love, Light and Gratitude!

    1. Number 1 is answered with the S2 Ep1 Zulu video, thank you for going into more detail on that.

      Number 2 is really about the difference between what Corey says is the push for a “more positive narrative” so forces are wanting to lie about our progress to trick us into manifesting it’s potential…so far as beating the reptiles goes I think. And that a solar micro nova is indeed still coming. While what David is saying Michael says is that there won’t be a need for a “catastrophic” solar event due to the “dark night of the soul” awakenings occurring since 2020. Neither says that the micro nova isn’t happening. But is what David is saying conflicting in any way with what Corey says…I don’t think so but it is a lil confusing.
      Just clearing up my thoughts…or making them muddier but whose counting ❤️😉

  20. I am guessing anyone in California is going to need a new place to live after the flash. My question is when will be the best time to migrate out of California and what would be the best type of place to go to?

  21. Hello gents,
    One thing I can’t really understand is why are they pushing the technology (nanites etc) when it’s all going to be useless when the solar flare happens (which they obviously know about).

  22. Thanks again for this video! Having to deal with all Corey has/is/will be going through…you are indeed quite remarquable mind-body-spirit complexes 😉

    I feel the same about the attitude towards these uncertainties, healing yourself first dissolves all anxiety and fear. It is therefore quite easy to see where each of us needs to work on just by looking at our reaction to any of the current and potential situations. As you say in the interview, the work is as different as the number of different people in this planet.

    My point of view is close to Corey’s and Mike’s, most of these insecurities and fears come from two sources:
    1) the attachment to things (physical, emotional or spiritual) each of us has created in this lifetime… as you mention briefly we all have lived and will be living multiple lifetimes experiencing all possibilities.
    2) our fabricated expectations.

    In case it may be useful for someone else:
    For the first one, in my case, it helps to keep a clear perspective of my position in the universe (physical, emotional and spiritual) with respect to the one infinite creator, the law of one gives some useful insightsoin this in my opinion…
    Regarding the expectations, in my case, it helps to dissolve them with empathy, understanding and gratefulness (easier to say it than to do it! hehe).

    Kind regards

  23. Since Cosmic Disclosure 1 & 2 I’ve felt a connection with Corey and have put 100% trust in him with unwavering knowingness in all he says and does. I try and connect as many others as possible with his knowledge and messages and hope he understands how very grateful we are for his service. Love you very much…you and all those who support you and work hard to bring truth and unity to us all,
    Rachal 💖

  24. From what I have seen so far, the design of this “website”, all developed by Mike, is EXCELLENT! From organization to display, it is truly well done, truly professional, clearly laid out. If I had been given this assignment, I wouldn’t have know where the heck to start. THANK YOU MIKE! Your attn to detail really stands out.

  25. Thank you for this update on the micronova / solar flash. I liked the idea of joining together with other families to purchase a safe bug out place with supplies. that is a really great and do-able idea.
    thank you to Mike for building this platform !
    thank you to Corey for being courageous enough to tell us your life story. I still 100% support you.

    QUESTION: What are you going to make certain you have access to fresh / clean water?

  26. The phases of the moon have changed…for example the half moon used to be straight up and down like in the old textbooks. Now the half moon could be to the left or right of up/down. The angle has changed. I think we already experiencing the earth tilt…

    1. By what I have learned , it is my opinion that it is the same with animals, as humans, some will ascend, that is, when they pass over, their next incarnation will be in third density at a third density planet. Others that have not evolved to third density consciousness will remain in 2nd density.

    2. I think Corey addressed that in a fairly recent video and said that yes, the animals are also having the opportunity to ascend.

      There’s so many videos of extraordinary animal behaviors that I think demonstrate higher levels of consciousness and how they’re interacting with each other and humans.