Ep7: Help from Local Stellar Civilizations

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

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  1. I have two questions. My first is will the positive ETs still bring us the new technologies? The next , I have 4 titanium and plastic joints because I got joint replacements due to my rheumatoid arthritis . Will this be a problem during the solar flash? What will happen? I know I heard Corey say a few years ago that we need to cleanse the metals from our bodies. Thanks

  2. (1) So I would guess Books, especially those pertaining to Health etc will be sought for after the solar flash.
    (2) I have asked many but not getting clear answer.. Will Ammo work after solarFlash not sure if there is a flashpoint?, not that I am looking forward to using it on a fellow being..
    (3) It should go without saying that storable foods are gonna be Really needed… and those who did not prepare will go after folks who do have… not sure how well consciousness will come in to sooth that kinda of behavior given the severity of this event-just wonder what that may look like? Or will this Help from the E.t. Friends come with some kinda of temporary nourishment up until we can start growing our own food