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Ep6: Cosmic Trials Proclamation at ICC Gathering

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

Next Episode: Ep7: Help from Local Stellar Civilizations


  1. Hey Corey you and David talk about the presence of God in us just like the teachings in the Science of Mind textbook used at Centers of Spiritual Living worldwide. Be Well, Be Happy Be Blessed!

  2. The Galactic Superwave – a new manifest reality, thoughts to matter, some call it ‘The Compression Breakthrough” – spiritual up within the oniverse… compoundment of the higher densities and dimensions upon the lower ones…
    These are the Times of Great Metamorphosis!

    We are collectively humanity – a place in of the dream of the one infinite creator – the dreamer within the dream… the stage of life.

    Trials and The New Guardians – very interesting
    Hey Corey – i feel that your energy is more calm and clear than some other instances – less rattled and easy to pick up on the big picture

  3. Wondering if, “Just so you can’t say the devil made you do it.” was directed towards the folks who didn’t drop to the ground. The ones still standing had no entity attachments. They had no excuse for their complicity.

  4. There is a case to made that we Terrans are mentally ill, I suppose. However, White Hats have forced the Satanic banksters to withdraw to Switzerland, France and Germany. The leaders of the banksters are meeting in Switzerland. The are contemplating wiping them out with a neutron bomb. I hope so, maybe several to be sure.

  5. Thank you for this interview! I would like to make a suggestion. The focus of video changes to the one person speaks but that bears some issues for viewers. At time frame 10:30 Mike was questioning Corey and Corey seemed to had only a response with nodding or else but we did not see it. The viewer should always see the one who is being interviewed, even better is if both are seen at the same time -> a picture in picture overlay or side by side, so we always see Corey’s reaction to the questions.

  6. That was really great info! Thanks Corey and Mike! I’m hoping that we can field some questions in tomorrows’ livestream event. There are a few questions I’d like to ask. I’m sure many others have questions as well. In regards to the information shared in this update, I personally believe that the institution known as the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) that somewhat regulates International Trade is associated with the ICC that we refer to, in that the the Trillions of Dollars generated via these International Trades (or at least a substantial portion of it) makes it way to supporting the ICC’s off world activities. Also, most likely, the Central Banking System is most likely the puppets of the Off World ICC. Would you agree, Corey?