Ep2: Timeline Updates Pt. 2 + Q&A

SSP Updates Explanations with Corey & Mike

Note: This episode is scheduled to be released for FREE on Christmas Day

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  1. I’d like to get info on whether there are any protections to put in place that will protect from the burst of solar radiation and where to be on earth to survive the solar micronova. It seems to me we will have to survive solar radiation as well as the tectonic activity set off by the tilting of the earth. We need to get through all of that before we plant our victory gardens and learn how to make wells, etc.

  2. This may be the least efficient website I frequent. I cannot find the very important report to Corey from ETs on 10/23/2022. A glossary of terms would be of great assistance. Near Death experiencers on Youtube give glowing reports of living beyond the veil between us and the afterlife.

  3. Viewing this has helped in broadening my understanding. Corey, you provided some of the pieces that I had been seeking so to have a deeper and more meaningful understanding of what you have been teaching us.
    However, I’m afraid that it is only left me standing here with even more questions.🤓
    It’s all good.. I love it.
    Forward on I march,
    seeking Truth,
    and Justice.

  4. Corey, Greetings my Brother in Love & Light from our one True Creator.
    I Would Really Recommend you read, if you haven’t already, “The Kybalion” Published in 1908 by the Three Initiates. It is available on YT as Audio as well, You can Read along. I bet You will be Pleasantly Surprised. “All is Mind” It Breaks Down 7 “Universal Laws” and/or “Principles” that were Passed down through Time from Long Ago. And yes they still hold Very True Today. A very short read only about 4Hrs. Please let me know Your thoughts after you have read it… Thanks Your Brother in Light & Love Robb…

  5. Corey seems unaware that the military “white hats”, in the USA, Russia, China, and much of the rest of the world have been working for years to eliminate Satanic rule by the Rothschild, Rockefellers, and others. Most of our leaders are Satanists, and much of our military is mistakenly supporting “Black Hats”. Fortunately, the White Hats are winning and have just about won. Here in the USA the Satanists like the Bushes, Clintons, etc. have been executed for treason. As well as the top Hollywood actors,

    Corey’s a really fine fellow. And by far, he’s the most effective, knowledgeable, and insightful prophet regarding ET, cosmological and some spiritual stuff. He really is the “insider’s insider” for ET, Cosmo stuff.

    There’s a lot going on in the cosmos, but also here on Earth. For example, Nancy Pelosi was recently convicted of treason and hung at Gitmo. And there are many like her will soon follow, including much of Congress.

    For Planet Earth’s war on Satanic elites, see Michael Baxter’s https://realrawnews.com/. Baxter’s RRN is slandered routinely by the Cabal’s media, but has never been sued to force a retraction of a single line. With the US military matters, he is an “insider’s insider”.

    We humans are in a much better shape than Corey knows!

    1. *I believe Corey is describing the recent past where the “white hats” mission degraded and allowed for negative forces to make significant progress in their “global plan”, which is true! For the last 5-7 years the WH have been rebuilding their numbers and networks to create a formidable comeback. ie: US Marines, global secret services cooperating and participating, ancient societies coming forward supporting the positive change, factions of government agencies breaking off to take a stand against corruption and these crimes against humanity. *We are finally seeing progress along with a weakening hold on the financial control and medical tyranny that has had us in a death grip for so long.
      *As Corey mentions, humanity is being awakened on an exponential scale and this of course provides a great deal of forward momentum that this benevolent movement needs to free our earth from nefarious beings/entities. *I also have faith that Corey and the people he associates with do their due diligence with continued correspondence and updates regarding progress. *Sometimes it’s difficult to gather clarity in meaning from such a narrow picture such as this video. I’m sure when you look a little further into Corey’s appearances and gathered information, you will grasp a wider/more complete understanding of his knowledge. *Best to you for 2023!

  6. I live on the eastern coast, Virginia. With they earth events coming about can you give me a plan for the next 10 years before the event, how do I protect my family, should i move inland to the mountains, what about food and feeding my family. Thanks for your help.

  7. Anyone know how Corey feels or what he knows about how the “other beings” feel or think about CERN and what they’re doing?  Wouldn’t this group working at CERN , playing with “dark matter” and timelines and dimensions affect ALL SORTS of everyone else besides us???  

    1. when a person throws themselves into being a deeply loving and forgiving for all life and themselves, they also affect timelines and dimensions as well affecting everyone. Our power from the passion of our hearts, the willingness and decision to surrender to total forgiveness is more powerful than any CERN tomfoolery.

  8. I’m not so much believing the earth alliance failed as I am that it was a psyop to get the patriot demographic to take the covid shot…and generally passify it. And this seems rolled into the SSPA. Corey has done a 180. He was preaching saviors until about a yr ago. And really kind of still is. Not that I don’t want help but it’s hard to trust the guy who said Trump was good and there would be mass arrests…and who’s side seems to know how to cure the shot but…won’t tell anyone. What can be expected from an organization who’s first name is “secret”. But I agree that we should disregard governments and reorganize. Still, if we do and have no help at all…than weapons of all kind will be unleashed and most will die. But fuck it, the only way out is through, I guess.

    1. Corey’s message has always been about saving ourselves… always! He explained the Universal Laws and how they forbid outside intervention. Once we reach a particular level of success at ridding our earth of these evil entities then, and only then, can benevolent beings offer help and healing. This has consistently been included in Corey’s message.

  9. Thank you very much for this Q&A.
    If possible I have a question for the next one if you consider it may help to other people as well:
    – Could you please comment on the meaning of “standing up” for ourselves as humans? Considering the infinite reincarnations and our nature as one only being, how does the fight against the Orion group would help for the service to others path? I mean, how can balance and compassion being achieved through conflict? I have quite a difficult time to understand the polarity wars and this “liberation” of our planet, even if this would be positive, how can a liberation be allowed considering the law of confusion and the respect of personal liberty to choose their path?
    Thanks in advance

    1. You have to live as God intended. I benevolent creator. Live without creating the seven deadly sins. Preach Jesus’s gospel of activating your inner kundalini. Yoga, meditation and love and kindness. Staying healthy eating high vibrational foods. Plant based diet and abide natural law & universal law. Do not cause harm or injury to another. Seek like minded people and live off your land. Grow your own food and herbs for medicine. Completely detach from industrialization.

  10. 2009 I was bigger after pregnancy, I bought a size L expensive wool coat, they had size S and L only, one was too big the other too small. Lost much weight afterwards, had to keep the coat in storage for like 13 years. Stumbled upon it recently, suddenly fits again not because I gained any weight but because it suddenly reads size S. This is most certainly a Mandela effect.

  11. When I awakened to my being a wanderer I thought “oh shit, this is gonna come with some responsibilities…I never thought of it as being special so much as being that “I have work to do”…

    Thank you Corey and Mike, these shows are very good.

  12. good job, I have been trying to spread the message that if ships land right now do not get on them, it’s a trick, do not get into med beds, the real ones from the good guys cannot get down here right now, no rescue coming, treaties are real, they can not interfere and they will not interfere, we must save ourselves, no one will listen, I am burning out, I try and get others to walk outs at work, if enough people did, USA is sitting on their butts watching TV programming, the rest of the world is fighting, I will be joining a group off grid one day, I will go today, but have to take care of a family member, so I work on ascending which by the way takes years, but keeps me sane while I get ready to leave this state, so much confusion going on, people are falling for a rescue coming, the star seed community’s I stop chatting with, ego in people, this is a long process and so many are becoming tried due to falling for these traps, waiting, what they wanted I do believe is wear humans down, then they can jump in land and give hope when all hope is lost, nope not me, people that are seeing ET chatting with them, if they really are, are not the good guys, now I met someone, not from Earth, very grateful, now he has been here for years, and even him will not tell me anything about who i was or anything about my future, why? because he knows we must learn ourselves, with the very little he has told me I can connect dots by doing my own research, enough said, I do not want to be blasted with frequency every time I write things like this, or even start talking to others, I feel I am hit, and for what no one listens?

    1. Good answer and we have to realize our own power within. Ignite our kundalini as Jesus intend and the Alantians and Arcturisans tried to teach them about the temple within our bodies and to rise through love. Raise our frequency and love vibration and to share knowledge and never give up. Rise to Christ consciousness and pray.