I am an Integral Shaman, visionary and student of universal knowledge.  I was born in the Caribbean and raised in Latin America, Europe, Hawaii, and the United States. I am trilingual (Spanish, English and Light Language) and multicultural.  I have years of experience in the healing and transformational arts.  I have been influenced by many of the world's ancient Wisdom Traditions, including Buddhism, Taoism, and esoteric Christianity, as well as some modern traditions such as transpersonal and somatic psychology and shadow work.  I have studied and practiced permaculture, Integral Philosophy, health and nutrition, yoga, conspiracy analysis, extraterrestrial literature and of course, shamanism.  I have BA in Environmental Studies with a Minor in Health and Healing from Naropa University. Some helpful resources: Website:  https://www.ramsesalexander.com Blog:  https://www.ramsesalexander.com/blog-1 My favorite spiritual tools I use in daily life for meditation, work, charging my water and food, for healing, for spiritual protection, EMF protection, etc--Quantum Resonance Technology from Subtle Energy Sciences:  https://subtle.energy/ref/155/ My primary health supplement--boosts immune system, repairs DNA, restores the whole body to optimal functioning--Nano Soma:  https://www.magicdichol.com/store/mdusa/?aff_id=12497 When I'm in intense EMF radiation zones, like 5G areas, for example, I use Bloqed Silver Clothing for added protection:  https://www.bloqed.com/?atid=8