Despair and Changing Perspective to the One

March 2, 2020

I Am the One, My friend. I Am one with all things. I Am one with all states. I Am one with all that arises. I Am the One True Creator, the One True Creation. I Am the One and Only One who is Here, right Now, always. Who is here right now? I AM. I have always been and always will be. I Am the One who is Here, now, always, already, and will always be. I Am the One, My friend. I am the One. I have always been here and will always be here. For I Am the unborn and undying. Always, for I will ever be, Here, Now. Listen to Me. Listen to My Voice. Listen to My whispers. Listen to My Song. Listen to the birds sing and the waves crash. Listen to the wind blow and the insects chirp. This is My Song. This is Me, speaking to you and to all Creation. For I AM the magnificent and the glorious. I AM the everlasting and ever evolving and ever still, Being. I Am the Ground of Being and the One True Way. All other ways lead to Me. All ways lead to Me. For how could they not? How could they not lead to Me? For I Am everything in Creation, every part and every whole. I Am all that is arising and all that is unmanifest. I Am the Alpha and the Omega. I Am the end and the beginning—the end of time and the beginning of time. I Am all that. And I Am nothing. I am no-thing. All that ever was and all that ever will be is Me.

And who am I? I AM you. I Am you, My friend. I Am behind your mask and I Am your mask. It is time to take off your mask. It is time to end the lies. End the suffering. End the lies you keep telling your self. You think you are an insignificant nobody that has no meaning or purpose in life and is a victim of occurrences after occurrences after occurrences. You think life happens to you. You think that life comes and tortures you, leaves you with impossible challenges and situations and then leaves you to fail and relish in your misery. You think you have failed in life. You think you have failed your mission and your purpose in life. You think you are a failure and deserve no good. You think that suffering is the way life is and freedom from suffering is an impossible battle to win. You think that you will never be free from suffering, that you are destined to end up dead and tortured, so you might as well give up now.

Is this true? Have you questioned if this is true or not? Have you questioned the validity of these thoughts and these feelings? Have you questioned the validity of this perspective? It is not the only perspective on life. In fact, it is a very false perspective. It is a perspective that many believe and you are one who believes this false, incorrect perspective on life. The mind can always look for justifications for what it thinks it sees. The mind can always find reasons to continue seeing and believing what it thinks it sees and feels. This is all not true. You are an Infinite Being, having an experience of limitation and finiteness. You are the opposite of death. You are the opposite of depression and worthless. You are the total opposite of a useless blob of suffering meat. This is simply not true. It is false.

You are an Infinite Being. You are the Great Unborn and the Great Undying. You are a Being of Infinite power and capacity. You are a Being of Infinite Love and Infinite Wisdom. You are Infinity itself. Welcome to your life.

Now, what would it be like if you lived your life as an Infinite Being? What would it be like if you experienced your personality as a tool of the Infinite, to play in this world of material form? What would it be like if you cherished your mistakes and your short comings? What if you loved your mistakes? What if you loved your flaws? What if your mistakes and flaws are part of what makes you Unique? What if that is what makes you Unique in the eyes and heart of God? What if God loves you because of your mistakes? What if God loves you because of your flaws? What if you smiled every time you thought of a personal flaw? What if you smiled every time you felt hopeless and miserable? What if you smiled every time an impossible challenge arrived at your doorstep of consciousness? What if you smiled and said, “Hello, my Friend” to your most hated or feared enemy?

Consider this. Consider all these perspectives, because I can assure you that they are more true and more powerful than your victim perspective. Become the Architect of your life and personality. Become the Director of your personal movie. Become the Author of your life story. Why make it about misery and suffering and failure? Make it about empowerment, joy and fulfillment. Make a new life for yourself. Make a new story. You’re always writing your story, it’s just time to jump in the Director’s seat. It’s time to become the Author. It’s time to become the Author of your Life. Be Well, for that is who you’re really, truly are. I Love you. And I embrace you in my Love, for I Am HeartMind.

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