I Will Not Be a Student of Fear Today, I Will Be a Student of Knowledge (Gnosis)

Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Relax, My Friend. Do not push or force. You must allow the natural flow of things. Allow the natural flow. Do not fall into fear and worry and doubt. Do not become a student of fear. Say, “I will not be a student of fear today. I will not be a student of fear. I will be a student of Knowledge, of HeartMind. I will be guided and ruled by HeartMind. This is my answer, this is my salvation, this is my solution. This is my Light in a dark place. This is my peace in a fearful place.” Always choose HeartMind. Always, stop, breathe, rest, and be with HeartMind.

Always return to Me. Always return to HeartMind. I will tell you everything you need to know and everything you need to do in the correct order and at the correct time. Do not fall into fear. Do not listen to your doubts and your concerns. Do not listen to your worries. What have they ever brought you? They have only brought you inner chaos, despair and insanity. That is the only thing they have actually contributed to your life. That is the ONLY thing. Do your hear that, My Friend? The ONLY thing. Chaos, despair and insanity. That is their only contribution to your life and that is their only result in your life. Take heed. Listen to this. Remember this. Be aware of this. Ok? Do not become a student of fear. Say to yourself, “I will not be a student of fear today.” Say it again, “I will not be a student of fear, today. I will be a humble student of Knowledge, of HeartMind.” That is your mantra. That is your mantra, every time you begin to fall into the insanity and doubt of fear. “I will not be a student of fear today. I will be a humble student of Knowledge, of HeartMind. I will not serve two masters. I will only serve my True Master, HeartMind. Sovereign Master HeartMind. This is my true Ruler.” So remember that, My Friend. Remember that. Remember to focus on that. Every day. Communicate with Me. Connect with Me. Become Me.

Relax your energy, My Friend. Relax your anxiety. Relax your worry. Relax your doubt. Stop believing your doubt. Stop believing all the horrid visions and feelings you have. Relax your fear. All of this is just fear. It is fear trying to take control and destroy your nervous system. Relax your fear. All is well, My Friend. All is well. Rest in that. Feel that. Be that. Be, All Is Well. Be in your intrinsic Wellness. Deep Wellness. Deep Wellness is your natural state. Deep Wellness. Deep Wellness. Deep Wellness. Tune into the Deep Well of your Wellness. You have a deep Well of un-tapped, un-used Wellness. Use it. It is sitting there, waiting for you to use. Use your Well. Use your Well of Wellness. Feel the Deep Wellness running through your body. Feel the Wellness running through your mind. This is your natural state of being. Wellness. Feel that. Use that. Be that.

Be in the vibration of what you desire. Be in the vibration of what you deserve, what you desire, what you are. To do that you must be relaxed and at peace. Peace is one of the most powerful forces of the universe. Peace is truly powerful, it is the neutral charge that grounds the polar opposites. Rest in the neutrality of Peace, of HeartMInd.

Allow your creativity to flow. Out of creativity, all your needs and all you desire will manifest and be clear. Choose your creativity. Feel your creativity. Be your creativity. Flow in the river of your creativity because that is your natural state.  

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