A Message from the Wise Ones of The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator

May 12, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

We are Wise Ones. We are The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. We are the Wisdom Keepers and the Servers of Knowledge. We serve the Awakened Ones and We serve all those who have fallen into the worlds of ignorance. We serve the reclamation of Knowledge in all the fallen worlds and We serve the reclamation of Knowledge in all the occupied worlds. We serve the reclamation of Knowledge for those who wish to liberate themselves from the bondage and suffering of ignorance. For it is We who hold the Light in a time of darkness. It is We who hold the Light for all to see and for all to share. It is We who are here now, aiding in the reclamation of Knowledge in this world now.

For this world has fallen. Earth has fallen. Humanity has fallen. Humanity has fallen into the clutches of ignorance, into the clutches of the Forces of Darkness. For the Forces of Darkness operate without Knowledge and Wisdom. The Forces of Darkness operate without Heart. The Forces of Darkness operate only to enslave, control and feed on those who are without Knowledge. For they see Knowledge as a weakness. They see Knowledge as a curse, forced onto them by God. And it is them who wish to separate themselves from Knowledge and separate all others from its influence. With this, they think they are doing good. With this, they think they are serving humanity and liberating humanity from the influence of Knowledge within their own hearts and minds. They wish to eradicate Knowledge from the world just as they have eradicated it from their own hearts. For they see the path of liberation as folly. They see opposition as the force to be reckoned with. They see separation and resistance as the source of power. And they wield this power on all weak minds that are susceptible to their influence, because those without Knowledge are vulnerable. They see Knowledge as the great sin, the great oppression and the great evil of the world. They see God as the great oppressor and them as the great liberator. And in this they are truly and utterly confused. It is this perspective that has held them in their own self inflicted oppression. For they live in a hell, a prison of their own mind and of their own creation and it is only through Knowledge that they can escape.

This choice for Knowledge or fear is nearing its end. For they have played this game for millennia and they wish to play it for a millennia more. However, their time is running out. Their time is up and they must end their game. If they do not, then it will be ended for them. For they have forgotten the game they agreed to play. They have forgotten who the True Ruler is. They have forgotten their Creator and the Creator of all Life. And the Creator of all Life is reclaiming all those who have fallen and all those who are lost. The Creator of all Life is ending the game. The game is ending whether one agrees with it or not. For this is the natural way of things. It is the natural cycle and this cycle is ending now.

The Creator is ending the game of death and destruction and suffering. The Creator is ending the game of duality. This game is ending now and it is the final act before the end. Welcome to the final act, for it is here and it is now and it is occurring right in front of your eyes. For now is the Great Revealing and it is the time for all that is hidden to be revealed in the eyes of Truth. For all that has been occulted in Darkness is being revealed into the Light, its true Source and Home. Whether you like it or not, whether anyone likes it or not, all is being reclaimed to the Light, one way or another. For this is the Creator’s decree and it is the Will of the Creator. We follow the Will of the Creator. We follow God’s Will and His Will is our Will. Her Desire is our Desire. And so it is.

So rejoice in the end of ignorance and the forces who serve fear! For now all is being brought back into balance. All is coming back into order. All is returning Home. Rejoice for the End is near and a new beginning is upon us. A new beginning is upon all Life. For Life is here. Now. Rejoice in the ever present Knowing of God within you. You know this to be true. Hold it dear to your Heart. Hold it dear. Adonai.

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