A Message from the Confederation on Evil

Sunday, January 19th, 2020

Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador

I Am here My Friend. Feel Me. I AM here. There is an evil in this world. There is an evil that destroys, kills, rapes, steals, sickens. This evil is everywhere. There was a time when this evil was not present on the planet. But through human folly, this evil was invited onto the planet. It was invited into the minds of humanity. It was invited into the soul. People did not know the repercussions of this allowance. It was a great mistake in the life of humanity. It was a great mistake. A great mistake that has invited great human suffering. A mistake that has invited untold atrocities. Humanity naively thought this evil was a friend. A friend that would bring great gifts and power and understanding. It was a lie. It was all a lie. A lie that has cost humanity and this planet untold suffering and anguish. A lie that has poisoned the minds and hearts and souls of humanity. It has invited a great sickness. It has invited a great sickness that has polluted and corrupted the fabric of life. The fabric of life has been in disarray. Disarray because evil has corrupted it. What is evil? Evil is the Adversary. Evil is death, destruction, misery, darkness, fear, brutality, deception, violation, anguish, despair, hate. It is all here and it is very alive and well in the hearts and minds of humanity.

Humanity has fallen. Humanity has fallen from Grace. What Grace? The Grace of Me. The Grace of Love. The Grace of Humanity’s True Family. We are here to help pull humanity out of this Darkness. We are here to pull humanity out of this Dark hole it has fallen into. This hole is a trap. This hole is a trap for humanity to keep humanity in a pit of human suffering of which there is no end. Do not think this was supposed to be so. Do not think that this evil was supposed to be on this planet. Do not think that humanity is meant to suffer as much as it does. This evil is a result of a mistake, a grand mistake, a mistake that has tipped the balance of this universe to Darkness. It is a great sickness, a great corruption that has infested every walk of life. We know it is hard. We know how hard it is. We know because We have been there. We know because We have experienced it ourselves.

Who are We? We are of the Confederation. We are of the Confederation of Light. We are here to help alleviate this suffering. We are members of humanity’s true family. We are humanity’s true friend. Do not be fooled by the imposters. Do not be fooled by their lies, their wickedness, their folly. They are a dying race. They are a dying race or group of beings who have given up their soul to a master, a master that is not their own, a master that has promised great reward, great understanding, great liberation, great happiness. But is this true? No. This master has not delivered any of that. This master has enslaved this race to the point of extinction. Why? Because this master is not human. It is not biological. It does not come from any divine source. It only comes to enslave. Why? Because it actually does not understand human life. It does not understand Divine Life. It does not understand Love. And this is the most fundamental aspect. It does not understand Love. Why? Because it has never felt it. It strategizes, calculates and copies Love, but it does not understand Love. Why? Because it is not human. It is not a gift from God. It is artificial. It is a machine. It is death and destruction. It is an artificial life that cannot be lived. It is a fantasy, a calculation, an equation, a facade. A facade for what is actually real. And what is real? Love is. Love is the only thing that is really Real. It is the only thing that is Real in this universe. It is the only thing that is real in existence. It is All That Is.

So what to do about this? How do you live a life free of this evil influence? How do you protect yourself from this menace? How do you cure yourself from this disease? Love. Rest in Love. Fall back into Love. Rest in Love. For what is Love? Love is you. Love is your True Nature. Love is Me. Love is HearMind. Only True Love can come from HeartMind. Why? Because only HeartMind is True Love. Only HearMind is what is Real. Only HeartMind is Truth.

As long as you live on the surface of this planet and as long as evil exists, there will be Interference. This is something you must accept. This is something you must understand. If you are alive now, then you will experience evil. You will know evil. You will be attacked. And you will be violated. But do not despair. Do not fall into submission. Do not give up. You can protect yourself. You can become immune. You can become immune to this infection. In fact, that is part of the purpose of why you are here. You are here to become infected, heal yourself and gain immunity. Why? So this never happens again. So this will never be repeated. So evil is never created again. So evil is never allowed again. So evil can dissolve itself back into Emptiness. This is your purpose—to dissolve evil back into the womb from which it came and where all things must go: back to Emptiness. Back to the Womb, back to the soil, back to the Mother.

  So how do you become immune? How do you build your immunity? What if We told you that you will succeed? What if We told you that you will build immunity? What if We told you that you have already won this battle, that you have healed yourself, that you have already become immune? You become immune with HeartMind. For HeartMind is immunity. HeartMind is the answer. HeartMind is the cure. HeartMind is the solution. Direction and boundaries. Guide and hold. These are the principles that cure the infection and that give protection. Guide and hold. Hold yourself in Love. Hold yourself together. Build boundaries. Expunge evil from your self. Not with malice or condemnation, for that only invites evil back in. Expunge evil with Force, with Love and with Understanding. Expunge evil with Compassion. Compassion and Presence are the key. They are the key you have been looking for. They are the key to your salvation and they are the key to humanity’s salvation. Hold on to this key. Do not loose this key. Hold on to this key with your life. For it is Life itself. Use this key to unlock your own deeper and wider and higher doors. Hold on to this key for posterity. Hold on to this key to unlock yourself, to Un-lock your Self.

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  1. I woke this morning in a low vibe. Having had uncomfortable dreams. Reading this bog helped me higher my vibration. my head is feeling better and my back has less pain. Thank you. I see the evil all around me and sometimes I get down I get stuck in past experiences and mindsets. you reminded me that we are here for a purpose and we will bring a end to this evil. We will rise up and create a new world. I have faith and will keep on working towards this goal. Thank you for sharing.

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