Surviving the Transition - Solar Flash, our Future and Ascension - April 2018

Talks by Corey Goode

Presentation from April 2018 by Corey Goode covering Earth’s future from the standpoint of the Anshar timeline which he was shown shortly prior to this talk.

Learn about Corey’s 2022 Surviving Ascension Course here.

Next Episode: Cosmic Cocreation - Corey's Presentation from May 26th 2018


  1. I personally found my way to the law of one because of psychedelics. I thought that through reincarnations and life experience that you start to realize that you are it and it is you. Let’s say if you could have every experience that you ever wanted let’s say your god for example an omniscient omnipresent And omnipotent being for example you would get bored with doing absolutely anything you wanted so in turn you split yourself into infinite experiences what you mite call the multiverse to experience all the different possibilities of experience imaginable and that through that web that connects the multiverse you are connected to that very same source energy my initial belief was that through these incarnations you slowly get glimpses of the truth and after so many you catch onto it as you start the ascension process and through that process you start to return to the source and I was talking about these things one night and a dear friend of mine brought me to Corey because what Corey was saying sounded a lot like what I was saying and to my surprise it was exactly what I was talking about but of course through my own Lens.

  2. You mentioned there isn’t a way to predict earth’s magnetic pole reversal… Suspicious0bservers is an online community of aware scientists and researchers monitoring the magnetic pole reversal signs, solar activity, earthquakes, astrophysics. We should have some amount of warning, and have some great information available. There is a YouTube channel and website

    1. Yes, London Cherie, I agree with your comment, about SuspiciousObservers. Ben Davidson is a great teacher, consistent for many years now, sharing a 4 minute spaceweather report every day. I’ve found helpful education and timely warnings, during intense solar activity, so that travelling wasn’t the plan.

  3. I just stumbled over these three video messages from “The Guardians of The Lookin Glass” no Bitchute:

    And I thin, they are true but I can’t verify them. Only my heart lets me know, that it’s true. But go and watch for yourself what to think about. But do it before April, 18th 2022, because one message contains an outlook of what could happen on that date!!!!