Ancient Aliens, Cataclysmic Cosmic Cycles and Ascension - Corey Goode DOD 2019

Talks by Corey Goode

Corey Goode’s presentation from August 2019, Dimensions of Disclosure event.

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  1. It seems the longer our kids went to school they forgot how to be critical thinkers. I’ve been awake for years maybe because I never watched msm plus I have discernment

  2. HI COREY, I’ve been learning sooo much since I knew your story about 5 or 6 years ago… until you guys disappeared. So glad that you guys are successfully reconnecting with all of us again! What an ugly battle, but finally I can see LIGHT AT THE END OF THIS DIFFICULT TERM 😄 🇺🇸 👋

  3. Have heard 2 different avenues about the exploded planet theory
    The exploded planet was called Tiamat & Mars is Maldek


    Maldek is the exploded planet…

    Any being able clarify or confirm between the 2


  4. About the planets Mars and Maldek, as far as I’ve understood their fate, Maldek became what’s now the asteroid belt, and Mars lost its atmosphere and turned into a fried planet, because of the effect of the sun. The civilisation on Mars, before that event, needed the use of gold for the purpose of protecting the atmosphere of Mars.

    Since planet Earth was known, by means of Martians’ expeditions through space, by its amount of gold in the crust, its inhabitants were (or maybe they were created?) forced into slavery, mining the gold. The gold was transported to Mars, and distributed throughout the outer layer of its atmosphere. Until conflict arose, or shortages, or both.

    The disappearance of this gold layer in Mars’ atmosphere seems to have caused the barrenness.
    (although there’s an activity of all sorts with probably a human and less humane beings’ presence on it or in it).
    An explanation in the 90s of the purpose of chemtrailing, placing alumnium in our planet’s atmosphere, is somewhat similar to the one where gold was used in Mars’ atmosphere.
    The reasoning in the design of chemtrailing, is that the expectations the plan-makers have about an increase of solar activity and even the awareness of changing nature of its radiance arriving on our planet, were moving into the direction of a need to preserve our planet’s atmosphere. How?
    By placing a layer of aluminium in our skies that will reflect the sunlight, so that it bounces back.
    I’m not at all sure if this is true, I present this info as possible food for thought, or even, recognition.
    When others who read this may have received similar info about the fate of Mars, Maldek, and our planet’s atmosphere, plus the impact of our Sun, a certain Solar event, in due time.

  5. Ouch… shiver.. shiver… that motivational speakers’ duet by these weird behaving guys, it’s dripping with suggestive emotional triggers and mood-building strawbales that fall apart quickly. Stop it, please. It’s toe-curling, and entirely superfluous. Let’s not join an artificial group energy that way.