Secret Space Programs, Aliens, Inner Earth Civilizations & Atlantis - CLE 2017 Corey Goode

Talks by Corey Goode

Corey Goode: Full Presentation at the 2017 Conscious Life Expo in LA. He speaks of his time in the MILAB & SSP Programs as well as interactions with Non-Terrestrial and Inner Earth Beings.

Next Episode: Cosmic Cocreation - Corey's Presentation from May 26th 2018


  1. Courtney Brown if reports that we, indeed all living things are immortal. We humans are continuously on a reincarnation cycle here on Earth endlessly by “soul capturing devices and returned to Earth by malevolent ETs. I think all of humanity would benefit from you, Corey, and Courtney Brown collaborating. It is of the utmost importance.

  2. Elon Musk was photographed in Satanic festival attire shown in Benjamin Fulford’s 11/14/2022 report. I’ve also seen a photo of Trump as a young man in Satanic festival attire. So there’s no telling for sure what’s going on.

    1. Hey. COBRA says that Elon Musk used to work no the light side but not right now. COBRA mentions that Trump got supported from both sides. CRBRA’s blog “portal 2012” gives us many good information to us. Hope it helps!