Cosmic Cocreation - Corey's Presentation from May 26th 2018

Talks by Corey Goode

Finally released from the archives, a presentation from Corey Goode at an event with Gerald O’Donnell.  Watch Part 2 here.

Next Episode: Global Galactic League of Nations, 22 Alien Genetic Experiments, and SSPs (Sept 2017)


  1. Thanks Corey, some of us enjoy the discussions on deeper levels as it causes us to go there and get trigger in a good way. You have been through the meat grinder and I for one am happy you stuck it out for us as much as your own family too, humans need to know we are all in this together. Unfortunate that some people jump from one trap into another. You have to be pretty grounded in your truth to not get knocked off it like you have been able too. Not everyone is as strong at knowing their inner guidance they are born with. Thank you for this space to speak higher learning.

  2. I think the Big Bang is big BS. If everything originated at the same point and moved out from there, everything would be getting further from everything else, obviously. There would be no collisions such as the Andromeda Galaxy and the Milky Way Galaxy are now experiencing.

  3. Thankyou for this re-upload and your work lately. I’ll have a go at forecasting. Take a long weekend if you can. September should allow more time off for you by 6 weeks.

  4. Thanks for the video! Every single one of the people who spoke in the QA spoke about themselves and asked questions regarding their personal interest/focus 🤭 I can’t help to think about myself falling into that behavior often as well … still far off from that 51%😅

    1. Hello my friend, it is clear that this is part of information warfare, because in fact there is not always one truth. Whether the earth is round or flat depends on your perspective and cognitive model. For those of you who have been exposed to the ssp program, I think this question is actually a little bit meaningless isn’t it , I think using the mindset of people who want to replace other people’s ideas with their own to create confusion and waste time is the main purpose of