Ascension & End Times Prophecy - April 2019 - Corey Goode

Talks by Corey Goode

(April 2019 – Cosmic Waves event) End-time prophesies can be found throughout the myths and legends of every major culture and religion on Earth. Are these prophesies based on actual events from the past? Is there evidence that these prophecies are connected to a micro-nova from our star approximately 12,000 years ago? Could these solar events be cyclical in nature and would we be able to predict when the next one may occur? Join Corey Goode as he discusses these cataclysmic solar events and how they tie into religion, ET Contact and humanity’s ascension process. Corey will also go into detail on his recruitment into and service in the Secret Space Program, his interactions with extraterrestrial and multi-dimensional beings, and his connections with members of the Earth Alliance.

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  1. Really loved watching this again…I keep picking up a little bit more!
    Wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what u r doing—because of your movies w/ David I started looking at all the videos where you gave talks. Thanks!!!

  2. Thank you Corey.
    This was an amazing lot of information which is actually confirming other information I gathered from the “Hidden Hand” tells all. And then to imagine I just finished that book right before I watched your presentation here. I am happy and looking forward to how this plasma forcefield surrounding our solarsystem is gonna be lifted gradually and looking forward to our long awaited Ascension.

      1. You can press “CC” then go to the Settings icon and select “Subtitles/CC” where you can then use Auto-translate and select your language. It’s not the best option but it helps. You can often find these videos in Corey’s YouTube channel (SphereBeing Alliance) and get the transcript there, which would then have to be translated to your language of choice. We hope to improve on this in the future.