Mystery School: Spontaneous Evolution

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  1. Superbe présentation thank you. I suggest the cone heads skulls are genetic descendants of the watchers who engendered Homo sapien-sapien, to be their slave race. However despite part of that species who’s goal was to enslave and dominate us, other members of the same species gave us knowledge. At the beginning the tall hats were to make the dominant species appear not so different from us BUT later on, a tall cone-hat became a symbol of graduation from some kind of superior knowledge training, a form of a graduation cap. I suggest the cone hats were then earned with graduation from a « mystery » school. As the domination model became more and more prevalent, eradicating the féminin caring-economics based society model imposing the service to self warrior model (such as Rome was based on) became the only model people were educated in. So the cone hats became diabolised, a symbol of « evil » knowledge. The « evil » knowledge graduation cone-hat evolved into a dunce hat, a wicked-witch hat, a wicked wizard hat, not even associated with any particular hermetic knowledge school. The Roman church has kept the almost cone shaped fish-head hat (now in gold) while our symbol of knowledge has become a flat, square, almost 2 dimensional graduation hat. As for the yamaka, (sorry for the spelling) it was made obligatory to all Jews living under Roman church rule to indicate that although they were free to practice their Jewish religion, that in that particular roman church state, the wearer accepted that Roman law prevailed and that they accepted the Roman domination. Today we just perceive it as a symbol Judaism. As for divine feminine knowledge, the halo has been transformed symbolically to a veil. It’s always been safer to « go underground » with hermetic knowledge in order to preserve and transmit it than to rebel and openly reject all the symbols of submission to a domination model.