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  1. I know this recording is about Healing etc… Chris used the reasoning behind some of his responses was Anger… based on his Astrological Sign… which I totally get… my question would be are these planetary influences only an effect of 3 density beings or will this birth effect continue in other Densities as to me it kinda of poses a limitation … for example getting Angry to me is limited response to a situation can be a view of a Person’s Not accepting another or a situation, or not taking in an overview of why something is, or a person desire to insert of their own personal direction of what they expect which can be construed as control cuz really the question is are we here to Change the Conditions or offer ourselves as an example and be allowing for others that creates a situation for One to decide for themselves what changes they want to create that then makes an overall change person to person. But then this evokes the question about the Masses Standing UP or does Standing up a position of “I will Not Comply”…. which is peaceful but yet demonstrating a resistance based on Natural Freedoms to BE.

    1. Hi Todd! There are many good ideas in your comment… In general I believe that the main (and arguably, the ONLY) things each of us can do is release our samskara everyday, accept the help of the Master (Spirit, God, etc.), develop a good character, and remain in constant remembrance of the divine. Everything else will take care of itself, though it can be fun and productive sometimes to investigate various phenomena of life to uncover deeper answers/truths. I appreciate you sharing your ideas here 🙂

      1. Sure I appreciate your reply… yeah I kinda of pack a few things in there… but the other point that should be understood as well is we are moving into the Aquarian AGE coming out of the Age of Pisces which was about reflecting others mostly a higher power.. now we are moving into the Age of I KNoW… Technology whether A.I. tech or Consciousness Tech go inward for answers… Our society will change more and more… things are gonna be at a FASTER pace and its the time that more and more folks are gonna part from religion and move more in group think tanks…as its already happening.