Ep4: Freedom from Attachments with Andrew

Ascension Workers

Author mentioned by Andrew at 26:30 min: Paul Selig | Books & Audio Books


  1. Good work Mike.
    Bringing together these studied minds of knowledge books.
    People who can express their understandings.
    And this is exactly what these books need, a light through a human mind that has experience and can project that vision. And where we can correlate information and see how it all fits into a bigger picture. I think that once we have a nice view and a focused picture, that’s when we get collective consciousness on the planet. Nice job we are on our way.

  2. Identity. Is an individual seperate life experience, governed by the placement of the stars of the soular system, and is only one of millions of lives previously lived. Identity gives rise to ego. But who you are is the accumulation of everything that you have managed to convert into a positive understanding called wisdom, and collected as your Spirit Body, and that is what we are trying to integrate into our life as the Spirit Body is gestating growing and is what you will become.

  3. Technology. We need to understand that there are 2 forces at work, one is called evolution, and that relates to technology, and the other is elevation, and that relates to the inner work and aquired knowledge and understanding through life experiences. The 2 are ment to advance hand in hand, but that doesn’t happen due to the one energy that we must overcome, and that is called Ambition. Ambition needs to be directed towards the benefit of everyone, as long as it is directed towards the individual then evolution and elevation will always be split.