SOS They're Taking Us - Ep 1

Watch the earlier report referenced by Corey

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  1. Thanks Corey. Lovely to know this is all available.
    Didn’t realise there were 5 episodes completed.
    Have been aware of these dudes since 1956,
    and always been onto what’s happening. Adamski and Tesla were a joke then.
    Have a whole library of info, from Lobsang Rampa to Bill Cooper and the huge Matrix printed originals , I and II. Hundreds of well-read and passed around volumes. So pleased to see you out there. Think there is a bigger following thank you can ever imagine.
    Followed you for ages and love your whole
    involvement. Thank you for having to go through all you went through for mankind.
    So excited about all the other planetary, cosmic,
    and galactic news. Can’t wait for it to all happen here.
    Near the end of my journey, but who knows may get closer and see more after leaving Earth.?
    Bless you. Love to you and your family.
    Thanks again to you and all the Team.
    Yvonne. xo

  2. Is there a transcript available so we can translate into other languages? Seems like the content leads to the history of how the AI God was evolved and I guess many non-English readers would be interested.

  3. “This is a story that needs to be told” – YES…and…Corey is THE person (above all others) that is brave enough to publicly pass us this information. IMO…the butt-wipe regressives that come into ‘our realm’ to adversely attack humanity IN SO MANY WAYS…are ‘primarily’ existing in the lower 4D realms. I know…there are many exceptions. I have been at this since 2009 & have listened intently to Corey’s contributions since he went public. And…WOW…he (and his family) has been attacked!!! The mere fact that he is STILL here & is unwavering in his resolve is TESTIMENT to me that Corey is the REAL DEAL. FYI…I follow & have followed Kim Goguen, Drake Bailey, Alex Collier, Kent Dunn. Juan O’Savin, Q, Trump & soooo many more. Today…more than ever…Corey’s information…rings TRUE! Positive & Negative…Insectoids, Grays, Reptilians & others…make ‘inner-standing’ our journeys & our roles…a real challenge to wrap our minds & hearts…around. But…’we’ ARE Multidimensional Beings, tethered to our Higher Self…and…are capable of using our individual gifts of…discernment…to do exactly that…’wrap our minds & hearths around’ the truth’…of our & ‘others’ existence! We had better…because…where we are headed next…IMO…is the ‘Home Realms’ of the very ET Beings (most of them anyway) that are responsible for the degraded Human Condition of the Earth Surface Walkers. Corey’s CURRENT information on events going on TODAY…on the Moon, Mars, Antarctica, on & off planet Militaries, etc…IS GREATLY VALUED & APPRECIATED by many of ‘us’! THANK YOU COREY!!!

  4. ok but when you had these chips in your head,why.when you retured home.. your parents didnt bring you to the hospital ,the doctors could have removed your chips was the first move to make baby !!!,yes..why?

  5. so, time travelers who fucked up everything thinking they didn’t need natural spiritual ascension, returning to harvest ours. Welcome being abducted, i’ll kill every last one , use their ship to go to the mothership , kill every last one there , return to our time , wait for another abduction. I consider it an honor , to serve the trillions of souls enslaved , an honor.

  6. Wow , that’s an amazing story . Thanks so much for sharing. It’s nice to hear the truth Corey I’m very grateful your sharing the truth . Some people think all aliens are good , I believe there are bad aliens out there and I they should not be messing with us . Amen Corey I’m so grateful you speak the truth

  7. Thank you for this video!

    Here is my personal comment after watching this video to try to share with you my reflexion.

    I felt the compassion I feel for all other beings that suffer on this earth and beyond. Without justifying the actions of anyone, they greys could have been experimenting or researching for their own sake, just as we do with animals here on earth.
    I couldn’t help but picture the animals in labs, farms, slaughter houses, etc. we have and do use for different applications including medicine, research, food, clothes…
    Some may argue that it is not the same, humans are not animals. Yet, the bar of what/who (earth, plants, animals, “intelligent” beings, “lesser” beings…) can be used/abused for the sake of our survival/confort/pleasure is for each of us to place.

    May those experiences help all of us to reconsider our relationship with the rest of the universe; to help us become more compasionate with “lesser” beings and with those who create their suffering. This is an opportunity to make a conscious choice in our lives that will echo into eternity.

    Kind regards,

    1. So agree Alejandro! Many many people consider it acceptable to do these kinds of things on animals! So karma isn’t!!! However the aliens should only do it on the ppl who does such things to animals though lol.
      Violation and abuse on whatever being, totally PISSES ME OFF @$@&$+=§÷¥€ _ This must END!!!

  8. Thank you, please put it on YouTube, because the language translation cannot be shown here.

    Are the subjects of alien abductions, like the cases of psychic problems, fundamentally individual? After all, we are all creators at heart. Like the Zulu, discovering that their collective subconscious created the race that attacked them? Is it only by ASCENDING ONESELF THAT one can free ONESELF from THIS attack AND NOT FALL INTO KARMA?

    We know there are alien abductions, just as we know there are hell and evil spirits or spirits. But we also know that where you place your awareness and focus, you increase your energy there. So, we know these negatives and low frequencies, but we still choose to focus on the light. In this way, the negatives can be reduced rather than increased. Instead of being fearful, we can be compassionate, compassionate, and use tragic events as motivation for ascension.

    Disclosure, to go beyond disclosure; Expose, with a positive solution. This is very important. Because some people see these frightening events and fall into fear because they don’t know why they happen, how to judge them and how to resolve them. Therefore, when releasing such information, people should be guided to increase their judgment ability and informed that effective ways can be avoided and solved. This achieves the purpose of disclosure without subjecting people to the fear and confusion of the unknown.

    It is very important to guide people not to dwell on the phenomena of external words and deeds, such as the emptiness in the Dharma teachings, that is, to recognize and realize that everything is impermanent, that everything is empty, that it is not real. Nowadays, many people fall into low-frequency emotions, have a lot of trouble, and hurt themselves and others, precisely because they take nothing for something and fail to realize the nature of all emptiness. The COURSE OF MIRACLES ALSO LEADS PEOPLE TO LOOK BEYOND SUPERFICIAL WORDS AND DEEDS TO SEE THE BROTHER. Only by recognizing the truth of the brother can we recognize our own truth and move on the way to God.

    Also SHARE INFORMATION, NOT IN THE material itself, BUT in the VIEWS and feelings of THE practiced mind. You can choose to take the fake as the real, fall into fear and not know how to solve; Or you can choose to see that there are some negatives, not just to see the light, not to be idealistic or blind objective, but to use those negatives as catalysts, not to let yourself fall into victimhood, to take responsibility for your own life, to show compassion, to do your part to help. Instead of attacking the negative, promote yourself beyond the negative, learn to see things from different perspectives, and learn from experience.

  9. I really felt the anguish in the readers voice, it made it seem as if I was there with him. So terrifying. I met Travis Walton and his story ,you know as he tells it is real also. The visuals of this were very realistic . The alien was so lifelike with the texture of its skin. Very well told and done. Am looking forward to the next one. Unfortunately, these stories are real life, and are not like in the movies where the good guy always wins. Some people once they know the truth, will want to go back to sticking their heads in the sand, turn on tv and watch Andy Griffith rerun’s.