SOS They're Taking Us - Ep 2

SOS They're Taking Us by Fabio Santos

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  1. Oh my goodness. This is scary stuff. I love ET’s, but the good type not this type that conduct experiments without our consent. I used to see luminious beings (2 adults and 2 kids) when I was young but do not know if they were good or bad as I had no interaction with them other than seeing them regularly and them beckoning to me to join them. They would be having a picnic or tea party as everything was luminous even the table, chairs and tea pot. All I would do is shake my head. That activated my interest in ET’s but they never bothered me and extremely glad that they did not.

  2. I just signed up for this website. I watched the first part on YouTube and had to listen to more. I can not wait for the rest of this story. I’m so sorry to whoever went through this but am so proud at how brave they are for telling there experience.

  3. Well the right time to open those files is now as we are literally one second to midnight. The negative ET alliance which is responsible for the abductions and ensuing reproductive manipulation of humans do this in order to created hybrids and clones. Today 1% of the human population is either a hybrid or a clone which computes to 800 million entities. The negative ET alliance’s plans are to annihilate humanity by 2026/2027 and this is to be carried out by the SSP assets as well as these hybrids and clones. One of the reasons for the COVID vaccines is to insert a tracker into as many humans as possible so that humans that are in hiding should be easily found.

  4. Not sure how to respond on this video.
    I know the E.T.s have been watching me for a long time. I was taken once when I was in the USAF MILITARY in 1986. They were in my house as recently as 2021. I was taken aboard their craft in early 2020. I loved their technology because I’m such a tech lover. I got to go through their transporter system from the Craft to the ground. I was wide awake. I don’t remember that my abductions we’re bad in nature. I left feeling good & accomplished. Since then they come back from time to time to check on me. One E.T. had fun by pulling my left sock off my foot. I’ve seen these being open portals and walk through & the portal close. I love their technology. So far all I’m left with is ALOT of questions. Part of me likes the E.T.s, the other part is upset that they erase ALOT of my experience so I can’t remember it all.

    1. E.T.s have a paralyzing & complete black out technology if they feel threatened by anyone. I rather be blacked out. It isn’t fun to go through their paralyzer. E.T.s aren’t all bad. I’m 6.7 tall & the E.T.s have ALOT of respect for me. Just learn what you can if the do take you. You won’t get to remember everything but they leave you with a whole new way to look at your life. I guarantee it.

  5. I had 3 miscarriages. No foetus were found, just alot of blood, even if I was 4 to 5 months pregnant. I always felt a very frightening feeling and sadness of course about my babies. Is there a way I can verify if I was abducted. I know one night I had an encounter with a ship but I don’t think I left my vehicle.

  6. A tall Grey alien showed up at my window right after I finished reading Communion at 3 am in the morning. He said to me telepathically, “It’s time to come out now.” He returned three months later to test mind control device he implanted; what it looked like.

  7. Like i have told you before i have the whistle in my head from touching a ship in a mountain hanger. I died at 18 months old and watched as a soul left the body and 2 guides pulled me in too the body. I am sure i was the pilot of this craft and used this method to get back. The craft is alive in a way and opened when i touched it my first instinct was to get inside but 2 men pulled me back.(men in black ?) Can the singing be controled med beds perhaps, there is a lot more as my guides open the memories up but i do know of the things you talk about. There is a glass pad in the museum aboard the colony ship but another tail.

  8. Thanks for your contribution. This helps bring balance to the perspective of our exposure to both negative and positive catalyst as part of the journey and process of choosing our path.

  9. I may have been abducted as a child, because it would explain some of the weird dreams I had as a kid. Or maybe I just had weird dreams. I don’t know. If anything, I hope I was not abducted.